A STUNNINGLY simple question about JOHN 3:16 "For God so Loved the world."

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  • Perry
    Legitimate reasons for showing leniency is a willingness on the part of an accused person to make restitution, admit guilt, enter a program of rehabilitation

    Do you know how many people are pardoned each year that don't fit any of your criteria? At the end of most President's term, they pardon sometimes dozens of people that don't fit your criteria or reasons.

    So, according to your answer, you really don't know why a compassionate judge would show compassion do you? You can only guess. It could be for all of the reasons that you guess at, or maybe just one, or maybe none of them. You actually have no idea do you?

    If I could provide just one example where none of your guesses were criteria for leinency, which there are many, would that falsify your guesses or just prove that you haven't expanded your list far enough? Your answer seems woefully lacking and unsatisfying to me because it is unprovable, and at this point disprovable.

    So, I ask you again, why would a compassionate judge show compassion? And, please try to keep in mind this time that the answer is not what some people think.

  • Perry


    I'm curious why you avoid my other question?

    Why does a man who loves fishing, go fishing?

    I admit that this one is far more difficult for some, since no laws are involved. But, I was just wondering what was your take on this?

  • hillary_step


    I find this answer dauntingly unsatisfying.

    The whole point that you seem to be unable to comprehend Perry, is that EVERY answer that does not fit in with your little theological paradigm will be to you 'dauntingly unsatisfying'.

    Like all fundie loonies, you have a conclusion that is unmovable. All facts, philosophies, viewpoints, and ethics MUST fit in with this conclusion or in your own delusions be found wanting. When you are asked uncomfortable questions, as I did with your 'all are called few are chosen' fairy-tale, you sidestep them in favor of nonsense questions that do not even pass the test of basic critical thought.

    I made up a little award for such a debating style which I called, 'The Knocked Out Boxer Claims Victory Award'. A poster called "Scholar', a JW apologist, used to win the award with worrying regularity, then you came along.....


  • Perry

    Hillary! Mr. Sunshine himself.

    Do you miss those committee meetings you held when you were an elder where you could control people? You won't find that environment here bubba.

    Would you care to answer a stunningly simple question that many have been contemplating?

    Why would a man who loves fishing, go fishing?

    The answer isn't what many think.

  • hillary_step


    Hillary! Mr. Sunshine himself.

    Ad hominem

    Do you miss those committee meetings you held when you were an elder where you could control people? You won't find that environment here bubba.

    Ad hominem, though I have to admit that the ramblings of a religiously fundamentalist loonie trying hard to convince athiests and critical thinkers that they are missing the unhealthy religious life that they left behind and in which you are still imprisoned, is ironic to say the least. In your deluded mind, where questions that have no basis in philosophical reality take root, you actually think that they give you some sort of moral superiority over others. You are far closer to the sentiment that you express above than I have ever been Perry, not that I would ever expect you to understand how, just as I would not expect a JW elder in full flight to understand any criticism of his religion.

    Would you care to answer a stunningly simple question that many have been contemplating?

    It seems strange that you would demand answers to one of your own questions, inane as it is, be answered , when other much more valuable and pertinent questions posed to your good self are repeatedly ignored. Why are we not suprised.

    Terry has eaten you for breakfast Perry, one day you might understand just how.

    Why would a man who loves fishing, go fishing?

    To get away from your foolish, inane and philosophically naieve questions?

    The answer isn't what many think.

    As if you would have clue what you are talking about Perry. Your mind is a jumble of shrapnel trying to unite itself back into a bomb that even when united, only blows off your own foot.....again ;)


  • Perry


    Please try to stay on topic. Put your elder bag down, take a rest and read the title of the thread. Try to say something wise next time, eh?

  • R.Crusoe


    When you order water do you pi$$ ego?

  • toreador

    Lev. 1:

    he shall offer it of his own voluntary will at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation before the LORD. 4And he shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering; and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him.

    When first the priest and then the Jew laid his hand upon the head of the sacrificial animal, the sin of the offerer was transferred onto the innocent (and costly) animal. It was the sin that was slain, not the animal. The lesson was that you cannot get rid of your sin by yourself. It must first be transferred onto an innocent sacrifice and then slain. Let the blood flow.... rivers of it, over and over again. Don't like it? Then stop sinning. You can't you say?

    This was never taught to us in the kingdom hall because it would only be a short jump to willingly placing our sin onto Jesus..... Satan would never allow this teaching in his Halls.


    1. how is the sin transferred to someone innocent?

    2. How do you slay sin and how is sin slain and not the animal? You said the animal was not slain but sin was.

  • fifi40

    Perry to quote Henry David Thoreau

    "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not the fish they are after"

    This could be compared to you and your approach to your 'God belief obsession'.

    Why do I say this?

    Because the bible informs followers of Jesus or God to follow in the footsteps of Jeus; to teach others and to display the fruits of the spirit. To remind you they include 'love, joy, peace, long suffering, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS,faith, MEEKNESS and self control'. 1 Corinthians shows how love 'does not parade itself' 'does not get puffed up' 'does not behave rudely' 'does not think evilly'. Colossians emphasises the need for christians to clothe themselves in 'tender mercies, kindness,humility, a heart of compassion, gentleness and patience'

    Jesus instructed his followers to be 'fishers of men' and from the above quotes from the new testament we see the attitude and demeanour required for doing this.

    Throughout the pages of this thread it is difficult to recognise the qualities described in the new testament, abundant in yourself.

    So maybe it could be said that 'Perry went fishing (for men) all his life without realising it was not fish (men) he was after.

  • Terry
    The whole prison mularkey is one one which punishes offenders brought up in a society due to its placing responsibility and expectation on one group of humans over another to an extent that it predisposses them to angst, stresses, conflicts and ultimate breakdowns respecting all the expectations placed upon them by said society - hence falling into veritable 'sin' 'crime' deviance' perversionas' or whatever you thesaurus!

    All men are not created equal. In America we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    All citizens are equally required to pull their own weight. The pursuit of happiness is effort, ambition and an active participation in self-betterment. Expectations? It sounds as though you expect to be the victim of crime and the perpetrator needs a free pass.

    It sounds like you are saying there can be no consequences for crime or injury against others unless and untill everybody has the same income, education and talent.

    Is that your idea of a workable solution?

    Where does PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY enter the picture?

    I'd say you have a convincing argument if no poor person ever achieved success. But, countless number have and do. Abraham Lincoln wasn't born in a condominium with a satellite dish, internet and a set of encyclopedias. He didn't have free tuition to the best universities. What he was born with was the commitment to better himself through personal responsibility, effort and ambition to succeed IN SPITE OF his humble origins and poor surroundings. He refused to give up. That is what marks character in a person.

    Making excuses for yourself only makes a person pathetic, weak and needy.

    Excusing those who don't achieve doesn't help them.

    Back to the Topic Heading...

    "God so LOVED the world...." John 3:16

    God showed UNdeserved kindness.

    God showed UNmerited favor.

    Since God's standards are clearly the best, why would He lower his standards to those who do not DESERVE or MERIT it?

    That's all I'm asking.

    On what basis would God give what was undeserved? Why ask, on the one hand, the best of people while, on the other hand, grant them the best reward for failure to merit the prize?

    How many Super Bowls are awarded to the loser? What if merit were set aside?

    How many companies could run successfully if they went broke by hiring the worst employees and failing to achieve goals?

    How many medical students who fail competency exams should be permitted to practice medicine?

    You see, there are natural and practical consequences for the deliberate failure to apply standards, rules and expectations for the very best.

    What can you be thinking?!!

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