A STUNNINGLY simple question about JOHN 3:16 "For God so Loved the world."

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  • myelaine

    ...sooo...let's contemplate...

  • Terry

    But if you want to know, about you to me, it is not about what is distorted in your ways and arguments (and about arguments I just need to read and think objectivily to get the point on that) the only question is aboutwhy your ways and arguments are distorted but that's about you exactly and I don't know you for real (I may have an idea but nothing will tell me if its right or wrong without knowing you for real and even then not sure I could have the answer either) but I won't make it something I need to know.Still I feel that the reason(s) is/are deep, I just hope for you that it is not painfull.

    I'm sorry, RAF, I just have to give up on this one. There is a language/syntax barrier I personally am unable to penetrate with understanding and I have only myself to blame.

    Our "disagreement" (if it is even that!) must have to do with language.

    I value langauge and try to be precise when I speak or explain my own views. Sometimes the words and reasoning I employ might be outside the conversational boundries and that can cause problems. If I've created a problem for you because of the different way I speak or express myself I apologize. It is not my intention.

    But, I assure you, I'm not trying to "fool" anybody. People here on the discussion board are too intelligent for that.

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  • RAF

    Langage barrier ? ...

    This post Terry is to let know that I've read your answer ... I feel that I shouldn't go further on this after what you've said (in a very nice way) - I was about to give up anyway at some point there no good to insist ... Still remember it's not a personal matter, I truly like to scrutenize arguments (it's a very good exercice) ...

    Read you soon probably (on an other thread)

  • Terry

    To conclude this thread (which has been lying in a pool of its own blood for days now :) I'll attempt to answer my own question by resorting

    to a "still small voice" out of a whirlwind.

    In the book of Job we find that an "upright and blameless" man, named Job, has done nothing DESERVING of affliction. This man is not guilty of inherited guilt, sin or blame (apparently) and so, Job becomes a target for a tug-of-war between the Supreme Being and a kind of devil's advocate call The Adversary (Satan.)

    The Supreme Being is told that the only reason this upright and blameless man worships Him is because God has provided wonderful things for the man.

    This tale is completely at odds with the rest of scripture which goes out of its collective way to persuade us that man is afflicted (by various misery) BECAUSE his is sinful, imperfect and DESERVING of suffering!

    The only way John 3:16 can be supported by a BASIS (Justice) for God's love in rescuing man is as follows.

    1.Man does not inherit sin. Each individual human is dealt with by God on a fair and just basis of merit alone. Nothing bad is IMPUTED to him as being born unworthy of salvation.

    2.God loves the world (of mankind) because there are so many humans really trying their hardest (each according to whatever values they are given by parents and society) to be good people.

    3.God overlooks their errors of worship and misunderstanding because they are merely unfortunate in being misinformed. They err because "they not not what they do."

    4.Jesus became like Job, afflicted and tempted to sin, yet remaining righteous. Because Jesus was not serving God because of what good things he was given (Jesus gave up heavenly splendor and such) his rescue of man's reputation was elective and not venal.

    5.Jesus rescues mankind from Satan's accusations before God.

    Therefore, God's basis for LOVING the world is that each human has merit in and of themselves.

    Satan cannot accuse people of worshipping merely for gain.

    Do I believe this? No.

    But, at least it is an answer that operates on the basis of Justice.

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