What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • new boy
    new boy

    So they say it's not a "Controling Cult?"

    If the question is counseled then...

    At bethel we were hauled in because we forgot to wash the dishes in our room. Then there is my "bull fighting poster" story about Curtis Johnson that you can read on "My Bethel Experinces" thread.

    When I was at bethel, only blacks and real dark latinos could have a moustache only one white guy out of 2,000 bethelites had one, his name was Greg Strugger. The reason he had one, is he had a hair lip so they made and exception for him. Everyone else got "Counseled" if they tried to grow one.

    My friend was "counseled" for puting too much butter on his bread.

    Gary Kennedy was counseled at Bethel for owning a pair of "bell bottom" pants.

    In the 1970's no one at Bethel was allowed to wear "Blue Jeans" (around the Bethel home) Knorr thought only gay guys did that.

    Now if your talking about comittee meetings then.

    The time they hauled me in the back room for "clicking" glasses together at a wedding and saying "We shouldn't toast?"

    Then a mouth before I left, a young sister Heather W who was f....ing half the circuit, turned me in for saying the F word... Nothing happened to her for doing it....I got in shit for just saying it!

  • minimus

    Blue jeans are gay.

  • brinjen

    I think this thread needs to go in the 'best of' section. Great for lurkers.

  • loosie
    Then a mouth before I left, a young sister Heather W who was f....ing half the circuit, turned me in for saying the F word... Nothing happened to her for doing it....I got in shit for just saying it!

    how ironic!!!!

  • berylblue
    My friend was "counseled" for puting too much butter on his bread.

  • BabaYaga

    I was counseled for wearing heart-shaped barrettes.

    The elder told me that it was a pagan symbol and he said that wearing those in the Kingdom Hall was like "bringing a loaded gun into (his) house." He started enumerating all of the brothers and sisters who would be stumbled by it... a couple of uneducated obsessives in his inner circle.

  • brinjen

    I wonder if an elder ever counselled for giving too much counsel.

  • odie67

    I had a sports car and the CO told me that it wasnt appropiate because I couldnt fit the "friends" in it for field service. I was like "uh duh thats the point"

  • confusa

    I was counseled for wearing dressy Gaucho pants to a party. After I get home from the party an elder gives me a 45 minute lecture over the phone. He told me: "He was really bothered and uncomfortable by what I was wearing that he had to leave the party early and he could not even stand looking at me, reason why he did not greet me that night. If I was to go to his old congregation dressed in that way I would have stumbled people. He had noticed me wearing a similar outfit on a previous party and did not approach me then because it was my first time wearing it, and he thought it was a "one time" bad choice on my part, but when he saw me a second time dressed in Gaucho pants he had to counsel me on it....blah....blah". Back then I was so afraid to speak my mind and I was just in shock and so embarrassed by what he told me. I actually apologized for making him feel so uncomfortable and had I known he would take it that way I would have never worn the outfit. And I did not considered it inappropriate, since I recall seeing a few of the older, mature sisters wearing the same style at other parties. He tells me: "Those sisters were obviously not spiritual". I tell him as a matter of fact two were married to elders and another was a regular pioneer. He asks me for their names and I was brave enough to tell him "No, I am not going to give you their names, I don't want to involve them or point a finger at anyone since they were not the ones being counseled, it was me and only me". Don't know where I got the nerve to tell him that. This same elder and a few others were always pounding on the young boys in the congregation for getting a "fade" or very short haircuts, mind you, when you went to Bethel most of the American bethelites had those exact same haircuts the teenage boys will get in trouble for. Never understood that double standard when those same elders were in Bethel and saw their own will were the same haircuts in the "house of God". I was also counseled a few months before my wedding, for not getting the brothers and sisters up to date with my plans. That I should include them as they want to be a part of it and I should consider their feelings....blah...blah. (What the hell! Can't I have privacy in my own wedding plans!) Out of 21 young ones in my old congregation only 5 remained in the organization, the rest walked out in their late teens and early 20s. I saw it coming long time ago. Too much depravation and the young ones did not have any respect for them, they did not feel the love from these elders and they were only there to see the bad on any stupid little thing. A group of these young ones had the audacity to take these elders to back room and give them a piece of their minds! Priceless, I don't think any group of young people in JW history have ever done that.

  • confusa

    Of the topic question: How do you enter paragraphs. I just posted and I meant to have 4 paragraphs for easy reading, but is not doing it.

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