What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • Satanus

    Sideburns, mustache, colored shirts.


  • minimus

    My ex wore makeup, real fur coats (minks), and had lots of fine diamond jewelry (big 3 ct. solitaire). She was very helpful to those that were elderly, ill and of little means. Yet an elder told me how I might want to tone it down because people are "talking". I told him it's too bad so many are jealous and I used a couple of talks that month that I was giving to highlight how we should not judge others over personal matters. I never heard anything about that directly again.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Here is another funny counseling at bethel. This wasn't me it was a friend of mine. For those of you that were at bethel you know that twins pizza was the shid. So my boy orders a pizza and the attendant calls him to tell him his pizza is here. when dude gets downstairs, the pizza guy left the pizza while he made a delivery across the street. My man leaves the money for the pizza but doesn't leave a tip. Now at Bethel in the newbie lectures they stress the need to tip (they dont want to look cheap in the eyes of the local buisnesses.) So the attendant ask him if he's going to leave a tip? My friend responds 'here's his tip, tell him to be here to make change next time.'

    So my friend gets called on the carpet and is told not only does he have to pay the tip to twins pizza, he has to pay for the pizza all over again. Well making $90 a month, you dont have much extra cash. So the overseer walks my friend down to twins pizza like a little kid, loans him the money to pay for the pizza again and leave a tip.

    Another one. Someone mentioned shaved heads. The trend in bethel was, because the barbers had a tendancy to jack your hair up, alot of brothers (meaning black guy's) started rockin the bald look. The crusties at bethel wanted to counsel them but how could they? Also there was a time when a lot of the brother's ^ started wearing bow ties. Needless to say on sundays it looked like a nation of islam meeting. Once again they couldn't really say anything, because several bethel heavies wore bow ties.

  • flipper

    MINIMUS - I was told I had to wear dark colored socks to carry the microphones or be used ; not white socks. Weird

  • sacolton

    Passing out wedding invitations in the foyer. Elder came up and said, "You can't conduct business in the KH. This is God's house!" So, my fiance and I waited after the meeting and passed the invitations in the parking lot. Same elder approaches me and says, "The parking lot is still part of Jehovah's house. You'll have to mail those invitations!"

    The next month, I'm standing to get my new magazines and on the counter are a dozen pens that are advertising one of the Brothers businesses. I was so furious.


  • LisaRose

    I was once counseled for letting my child give a friend a lifesaver candy. "We don't eat in the hall". This, despite the fact that an elder always had candy to give out to the kids. In my time as a flaky JW, I did many things that probably I could have been counseled about, but didn't, so I didn't get this one.

  • stillajwexelder

    wearing a dodgy neck tie

  • minimus

    I love it when I hear how a person is told they can't have a breath mint or a lifesaver.

  • oompa

    Elders bashed me for starting to play Georgia Satellite's "Just keep your hands to yourself" at a wedding reception. It was very popular at the time....funny things is, the bride and groom wanted me to play it, which kept me out of more trouble. I pointed out that the actual song was promoting no sex before marriage....what they hey is wrong with that?????????...................oompa

    oh and about 25 years ago I was scolded for wearing shorts from my hotel (Standish I think) across the street to play indoor basketball with a good friend of mine up there.......I could not believe it then, nor now. But I still do have very sexy legs!!!

  • dinah

    Crumpet, I love you!!!!!!! Going out in field service barefoot? What did you tell them you didn't have any shoes that wouldn't offend them?

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