What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • aquagirl

    Going braless,and wearing black eyeliner when i was in my early teens..later,cause i drove a barracuda convertible..wasnt a proper christian maidens car...shoulda seen it coming,eh?

  • dawg

    Fornicating like a wild naked barbarian! I know it's supposed to be stupid things, but the elder that df'ed me was having sex with whores at the time. He told me I was unrepentant!

  • oompa

    Are you serious dawg? Anybody every say anything to you once that came out? What a damm hypocrite..........oompa

  • Honesty

    Our young PO called my ex and I into the library.

    He was pissed because my ex told his wife that we didn't have our son's foreskin cut because Christians aren't under the Mosaic Law.

  • Rosie Angel
    Rosie Angel

    I was counseled for "Independent Thinking" many times. During one of my last kerfluffles with the elders, I told them that their brainwashing tchniques would not work on me. They told me that brainwashing was a good thing, because "it washes the brain of all of the filth inside." Freaky thing is, when I told my Mom that the elders admitted to brainwashing, she parroted their exact words.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I have been "counseled" many many times. Some of the above responses sound familiar to me. Probably the most idiotic one was about my moustache. I was told that brothers in betHELL were not allowed to wear a moustache unless they were either Arabic or Hispanic. I was counseled to cut mine to look like Brother Melendez' stache.....

  • WTWizard

    (1) Being told to look and act happy about being rejected by all the "sisters" at the big boasting sessions, via a "Local Needs" talk. That should have been broadcast onto all the mainstream news networks and put in every newspaper and news magazine on the planet (the Internet was not yet mainstream).

    (2) Entertaining a particular family's children (by providing pens, candies, and letting them use my calculator). It was in full view of their parents, and they appreciated it (one of those children had a particularly high drive to explore and create, which I helped fulfill to the best of my limited ability). The hounders got envious and made one rule after another to ban those activities (and I hope the result is that they are all apostate by now).

    (3) Walking in a robotic way while out in field circus. That means no play-sliding in the ice and snow, no dropping back or getting ahead of the group, and standing still like a soldier while at the door. Everything that could have provided a little fun was banned (even where it caused no problems).

    (4) Being hounded to start field circus for the new service year. It was only September 3, and they wanted me out in field circus (at that, a weekend--and I didn't normally go out in field circus during the weekends because of work).

    And, if they are going to have a stroke about that scarecrow, I would recommend telling them that I wasn't originally planning a Christmas tree, but now I think I will do one.

  • deaconbluez

    Aside from receiving "counsel" for "independent thinking" and omitting things from public talk outlines, I think these 2 top them all:

    1. I got pulled into the back room for "counsel" one night after a meeting because someone told the elders that they heard me promoting a blood drive on the air. It turned out to be the announcer that came on after me.

    and then

    2. One night, a couple of elders get me in the back room because one of them had heard me say on the air, "good stuff from Shania Twain", as in when we play songs we'll sometimes say "hot new music from so-and-so" or "good stuff from so-and-so". The elder said that saying "good stuff" in connection with Shania Twain might be considered a sexual reference. After he said that, I just said, "This is a joke, right?" I really thought they had to be pulling a prank. But they were serious.

    Ahh good times.

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    I was counseled for greeting an MS with a handshake at an assembly. I was told that it was physical contact with the oppiste sex and not appropriate for a single sister.

  • brinjen

    An elder's wife saw me in the school playground with a boy, he handed me a peice of bubblegum or something, she told her husband we were holding hands....

    Wearing yellow nail polish to the meetings, so I wore black the next time.

    Using a certain brand of hair gel which, I didn't realise, when combined with the flouro lights in the hall made my hair look a little greenish....

    Telling someone in the hall my grandmother woke me up the night before belting me, I was spreading gossip.

    Having my ears piereced too many times (3), might stumble somebody.

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