What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • confusa


    My outfit was very decent and conservative. I was so in shock and speechless that I never got to tell him off like he deserved, but later on, I did report him to two elders and they told me he was way out of line and his comments were very insulting.....don't know if they ever approached him though.

  • minimus

    I was looking at gauchos online and not one pic looked immodest.

    When someone wears an ankle length skirt and it has a slit BELOW the knee and it is considered inappropriate, you have to wonder what the hell is wrong with people.

  • ssrriotsquad

    I never got counselled for anything (as I was in a favored crowd with the elders - though I didn't do much wrong though) but I had friends that did.

    One brother was counselled for giving out his home number to a sister at a DC (pre-mobile era). He was grounded by his father who was also an elder for 6 weeks!

    A brother got counselled for breaking into a brothers car as the brother had locked his keys in the car. The brother was in within 10 secs and you would have not even known it on the street. It was not like he was there for about 3 mins and visible for all to see. Mind you, a few months later went the KH had new locks installed, the elders accidently locked the new set of keys in the hall. Guess who they called? Elders do suffer from Selective Alzhiemers as this brother told them.

    Having a car that wasn't cleaned when going out witnessing. The brother lived on a farm at the time and had a dirt road for a driveway.

    A sister was not "hospitable" when the CO and a Elder dropped in for a cup of coffee while out witnessing. She was on her way to work and told them she was leaving there and then!

    A brother went to a football game on the day of the Special Assemby and went to a neighhbouring circuits the following day. The following year, the same elder was going on a boat trip and was going to a neighbouring CA. The brother reminded of him what he had said to him the previous year. Another case of Selective Alzheimers.

    I wish I could remember more.

  • confusa

    Counseled by the CO for speaking too animated and smiling too much. He told my friend and I that we should look serious when preaching to give a good testimony to the outside......We could not believe it! We got counseled for looking happy in service and we were speaking low!!! Unbelievable.

  • stillajwexelder

    The TMSO once counseled me on Appearance - I had a ballpoint pen in my top pocket -TRUE!!

  • misspeaches

    oh goody! I love these threads..!

    It's a toss up between these two for me:

    1. We had a MS wannabe elder in the congregation who was very tall. I got in trouble by the elders. Apparently he'd gone to them and explained that from his height he felt he could see too much of my bosom/cleavage whatever and he felt that it was distracting him... Mind you this same dude used to be an elder until he shagged a pioneer and got relegated to publisher... Going by his track record one would think that it's not me who was in the wrong but possibly him. What a perve!
    2. I got in trouble when a stupid little fool in the congregation confessed to the elders that I had touched his earlobe! He wanted to get baptised and felt that I had corrupted him somehow or other and it needed to be addressed. WTF???
  • SirNose586
    My sideburns ... The elders thought they were too long. I answered back, "Didn't Jesus have a beard? So what's wrong with sideburns?" The elders didn't like that...

    Yup. I got that same talk too.

  • alamb

    A sister in our hall got counselled for putting a flower in her hair. "You look like a harlot".

    My brother lost all privileges for filling a sister's coffee cup while on break from field service. Looked like an affair to them. 20 years later he's still a dub but refuses all positions offered to him. (related to me ya think?)

  • boyzone

    A "dear" highly spiritual sister councelled me on my son. He had ridden his bike to the group one evening and the chain had come off. He'd fixed it but by the time he arrived, his hands were covered in grease. After washing up, his hands were not greasy but a little grease stained. This sister watched him closely throughout the group and as soon as the amen was said, she turned to me in a hushed angry voice and said it was disgraceful for me to allow him to sit at Jehovah's table with dirty hands and that she would NEVER had allowed HER children to have come to a meeting in that state.

    Now considering I was on my own, tired, and had a lively 2 year old to control at the time. That was the last thing I needed from her. I packed up the bags, got the kids shoes and walked out of there without a word to her or anybody. I was so furious I didn't trust myself to speak.

    I got the feeling there were a few words said to her after I left as she was very sheepish with me after that.

  • kairos

    I was working the stage at the FF assembly hall in Ca.
    The edge of the stage has a raised surface.
    From anywhere in the auditorium it would very difficult to see anyone's shoes.

    The CO gave me the boot, because my shoes were not shiny. ( nice black suede shoes ). I was dumb and went into the audience and traded shoes with a friend that had shiny ones...

    Years later, when I was trying to figure out what I doing and how to escape "privileges" first and the cult second, I remembered how to get booted off the stage. I wore slacks and a sports coat instead of a suit. ( ooops! ) They never saw me again.

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