What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • confusa

    I was counseled for wearing dressy Gaucho pants to a party. After I get home from the party an elder gives me a 45 minute lecture over the phone. He told me: "He was really bothered and uncomfortable by what I was wearing that he had to leave the party early and he could not even stand looking at me, reason why he did not greet me that night. If I was to go to his old congregation dressed in that way I would have stumbled people. He had noticed me wearing a similar outfit on a previous party and did not approach me then because it was my first time wearing it, and he thought it was a "one time" bad choice on my part, but when he saw me a second time dressed in Gaucho pants he had to counsel me on it....blah....blah". Back then I was so afraid to speak my mind and I was just in shock and so embarrassed by what he told me.

    I actually apologized for making him feel so uncomfortable and had I known he would take it that way I would have never worn the outfit. And I did not considered it inappropriate, since I recall seeing a few of the older, mature sisters wearing the same style at other parties. He tells me: "Those sisters were obviously not spiritual". I tell him as a matter of fact two were married to elders and another was a regular pioneer. He asks me for their names and I was brave enough to tell him "No, I am not going to give you their names, I don't want to involve them or point a finger at anyone since they were not the ones being counseled, it was me and only me". Don't know where I got the nerve to tell him that.

    This same elder and a few others were always pounding on the young boys in the congregation for getting a "fade" or very short haircuts, mind you, when you went to Bethel most of the American bethelites had the exact same haircuts the teenage boys will get in trouble for. Never understood that double standard when those same elders were in Bethel and saw their own will were the same haircuts in the "house of God".

    I was also counseled a few months before my wedding, for not getting the brothers and sisters up to date with my plans. That I should include them as they want to be a part of it and I should consider their feelings....blah...blah. (What the hell! Can't I have privacy in my own wedding plans!)

    Out of 21 young ones in my old congregation only 5 remained in the organization, the rest walked out in their late teens and early 20s. I saw it coming long time ago. Too much depravation and the young ones did not have any respect for them and were just not feeling the love from these elders. A group of these young ones had the audacity to take these elders to the back room and give them a piece of their minds! Priceless how cards were turned! I don't think any group of young people in JW history have ever done that!

  • confusa

    Baba it worked! Thanks again!!! Have good night everyone.

  • startingover

    As I read this thread, I just can't help but wonder how we all put up with this BS, I can't imagine ever putting myself in that position again.

  • Cc81

    walking on the grass in front of the Kingdom hall when i was 9..

  • XOCO

    Oh this brings back a memory of mine. When I was in middle school i had 7 period classes and each of those teachers would give me a ton of homework and projects to do. i had a hard time keeping up with my grades. so a nice sister of mind suggested that i talked to the teacher in advance before homework was due or about to be due, well needless to say that plan failed because the teachers did not (except for 1) want me to get ahead of the rest of the class with grading homework and all the other junk with the Florida school system .

    So a kid at the KH told me to bring my homework to the hall and do it in the back or in the bathroom. I thought wow how come i never thought of this beforeBTW the kid was doing the same thing to. So i did what the kid says and what comes next a counseled from 2 elders, telling me I'm not allowed to do HW @ the hall and thats its disrespectful to Jah.


  • minimus

    Confusa, I guess this elder kept his eye on you, huh? I'd have asked him why gaucho pant wearing is unspiritual. He sounds like a total dickhead!!!!

  • tijkmo

    for not wearing a white t-shirt while baptising

    you would think they may have had a point if i was wearing an iron maiden one but no i was just wearing a plain neutral coloured one.

    the real problem was that i had been told by the c.o. to wear a white one so i was 'rebelling'.

    few weeks later i was asked by a different c.o. to move to a cong in another circuit...so my p.o. and the other c.o. wrote to the new cong to 'warn' them of my offence and attitude. the p.o of the new hall asked me about it and when i explained he threw the letter away without showing it to the rest of the body.

    good times

  • Quirky1

    I never was really counseled so to speak but I did witness a small JC interrogating all the teens in the hall, 16-18, one by one and in small groups to get them to tattle on each other. They then brought me and the misses in and were asking us questions about if we let our children drink at home. My answer was, "Yes I let them have one or two beers once in awhile". They then began reading me all this info from the FDS why wasn't supposed to and that they were under age and it was against the law. That's when I turned around on them and redirected it back to them for drinking and driving and other elders and their wives would give them drinks when the kids went to their house, that I seen personally and the children freely admitted. One of these that I spoke of was on this committee and he knew it!

    That's when the meeting was over.

    Hypocrasy at it's best!


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