What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    This thread is hilarious! Made me think of so many ridiculous things over the years. What a petty, petty bunch these "counsellors" are.

    So here's mine:

    I got counseled for not counseling someone else. What?! So here's the situation. I was a 20 year single pioneer sister. The 4 pioneers consisted of me, my younger sister, and 2 elders wives. Well, the 2 elders wives both had typical middle-age elder wife, queen bee issues. And so the rivalry between them began. The one was a true loud mouth bossy bully and the other was awesome at quiet sniper moves, slamming (my) car doors, unending silent treatment. This went on for at least a year and continued to escalate to the point that most other publishers would not come in service during the week because it was so miserable to be around these 2 women. My sister and I also started just going out in service on our own or with nearby cong about half the time. So one day before the meeting, an elder tells me that he and another elder need to meet with me after the meeting, but doesn't tell me what about. So through the whole meeting I was freaking out trying to figure out what I'd done and why I was in trouble (funny to me now😉). When they sit me down in the "doom room" they start with "We have to talk to you about a very sensitive issue...", then they bust out some scripture about keeping peace. At this point, I'm still thinking this meeting is about something I had done, so I'm racking my brain and totally baffled (I am a "live and let live person", so I rarely have interpersonal conflict). Then they start to talk about the situation with 2 rival women. They talk about how discouraging it has been to other people in the cong, and that people avoid service because of it. And then I agree that it has gotten really out of hand...so why am in this meeting? Well, they next tell me they want me to mediate and manage the situation, and they have told those 2 sisters that I would be doing all the meetings for service (no brothers went out during the week), and I would be in charge and they would have listen to my direction. These brothers then complimented me on my maturity and easy going nature. I then nicely told them, I would not be doing this and they should talk to these sisters. They said they met with the sisters and their elder husbands and no resolution was achieved. I told them I doubted I would be key in resolving this and I was floored grown, "spiritual" women could act like this. They just shook their heads and begged me to get in the middle. So I get home (still lived with parents) and tell my parents about my "meeting". My elder dad was livid, he called both these women and their elder husbands. He said, "When my kids were little, they learned that if you don't play nice, you don't get to play. Same principle applies. This ends now or a time out will ensue." The next Sunday, the one couple (the passive aggressive one) announced that they bought a house on the other side of the city. They moved away 2 weeks later. And within a couple months the bully sister had a new arch nemesis....


  • BelleStar
    Someone grassed myself and my brother up for going to a Rock Concert, but we hadn't been so the counsel was based around the fact we might have wanted to go ! and all the drugs we would have taken if we had been there.. ffs, it was a nasty experience, then I was laid into by an elder who saw me out in our town wearing trousers, and I was told NOT to wear them EVER ! I cried for a week. I was a young teen and it was such horrid bullying.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I was told by Bethelite Mike Smilnak in the early 1970s that my sideburns were 1/8" (3mm) too long.

    Maybe in his own way, he was trying to show me what utter bullshit the Watchtower was. Probably not though.

  • talesin
    My mother's friend was counselled for having erect nipples. Even though she wore a heavy bra, she couldn't wear a sweater in the summer, and was already self-conscious. They told her it was immodest and 'distracting' to the poor brothers (boo hoo). This sister pioneered all her life - last time I saw her, she was still (in her 70s or 80s), walking along with her bookbag - she was MORTiFIED, too ashamed to look anyone in the eye. So she put band-aids over them. I kid you not. Me, I was never counseled, being the Pollyanna type. Then one day, after fading, they df'd me, just for spite. *sticks out tongue at JWS*
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I was 18, just married, had a 2nd hand wool navy blue skirt suit that I had found at a thrift shop ... looked like it was from the 40's / 50's, shoulder pads on the jacket, covered buttons, straight skirt with a slit in the back... darling!!!! I was so proud of it....

    "Cut your skirt or you can't pioneer" It was only 3 or 4 inches below my knee... I cried as I cut.... grrrrrrrrrrr..... I loved that outfit!

  • Yogapants

    Wearing a colored shirt. School overseer wouldn't allow me to give a talk

    I was also counseled for riding in a car with my boss to a meeting who was of the opposite sex I was 19 she was in her 50's No joke

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    Counseled for breastfeeding (completely covered with a blanket) in the main auditorium because it was too tempting and distracting for the brothers carrying the mics. The elders wanted me to nurse in the ladies room. I told the elders when they started having lunch in the mens room, I would nurse my baby in the ladies room. We compromised, and the second school was turned into a baby care room.
  • wolfman85

    Two elders took me to the back room for counseling because I invited two brothers to my house to watch the movie "The Incredible Hulk" from Marvels. It wasn't appropriate for Christians.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    1970s: Counseled by CO (CS then) for wearing corduroy sports jacket in service.


  • Dunedain

    I was "counseled" by the dip shit elders, when I was in my teens, for DEMONISM. You see, us "evil" teenagers, saw the movie "the good son", which had a young McCauley Culkin and Elijah wood, and it was about a "troubled" child. We also listened to rock, and metal music, and went to a concert or 2.

    Taken as a whole, this meant we were "inviting" demons into our lives, and the "theme" of all we did was demonic. This was serious shit to these elders. I mean, local needs talks, and backroom meetings. Our parents were spoken to, notes were compared. It was absurd.

    Well, you know what the eventual outcome was? Pretty much, we figured, if we were being "crucified" for trivial nonsense of a rated R movie, and some heavy music, we might as well do some REALLY bad shit. So we decided NOT to see rated R movies, and go to "demonic" concerts anymore.

    Instead we took up TONS of fornication, and recreational drug use, lol. What these scumbag, sicko elders don't realize, is that when you BERATE, and BROW BEAT the sheep over NONSENSE, and especially when its teenage children, you are basically driving them right out the door. The way I looked at it, is if Jah hated me for R movies, and music, I might as well have him hate me for having some good old fashioned SEX too. Best decision I ever made, lol.

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