What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • minimus

    When I was a teenager, I was told by an elder that because I smiled a lot and was known for my good sense of humor, that I should come across as "more serious". so before I was appointed a MS, while in my late teens, I transformed myself into a much more "serious" Brother.....This pleased the elders greatly and I was given many wonderful "privileges" from that time onward.

    Were you ever told that you needed to work on something that you knew was stoopid?

  • Casper

    I was told I was too "Aggressive" and needed to tone it down a bit........ LOLOLOL

    Really now.... do I seem all that aggressive to you..???

    It was just plain stupid in my book...


  • crazyblondeb

    In jr. high I received a valentine from a new boy in school. It was a heart in puzzle pieces.

    They actually had an elder's meeting for that!

  • Tuesday

    Telling people that I didn't have a good time in unassigned territory. We stayed in a trailer, I had to sleep in the same bed as my mother, it was the middle of August spending all day out in the heat preaching. To top it all off one day we were locked out of the trailer for 3 hours, the only thing to drink were 2 of those Teenee drinks. My friends asked me how was it, I told them. Then I was counselled for telling them, as I should've only related the good parts of the expirience.

  • R.Crusoe

    Silly and sinister!

    I had no clue about the reality of apostacy! Bible study for me was amidst my working around 50 hrs and wifey home doing lots of door to door so getting the inside on the WT which she never ever discussed with me - that was a general trend in our relationship that always perplexed me and I put it down to being a woman thing cuz my mum had always been the same!

    I & wifey had been a few months baptised and were at a summer football stadium convention where apostates were doing a march with banners outside the event!

    Feeling full of holy spirit I decided to go witness to them and was having a good chat when suddenly I was shouted to by some guys outa the Matrix wearing shades and after my soul! My first counsel!!

    I suddenly realised I could not always go forth and preach gods kingdom!!

    That was my first Awake as to the Watchtowers reality!

    Then I went inside and heard talk after talk saying how evil humans were and how they were all toast!

    So I kinda was feeling pretty crap as a newly baptised member though wifey was in a world of her own and keeping quiet cuz others were advising her about me talking with apostates! So it was an anti climactic period amidst a numer of others that preceded it and were to come.

  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    i was passed over for promotion<thank you god>to be an MS because they said i sat by myself too much and i came off as unfriendly, although i was among the most outgoing, funny, popular guys in that crummy hall. they had it in for my dad, and they felt like paying it forward a bit.

    but i got counseled for that. i told the elder counseling me how ridiculous it was, and that he knew it. he agreed, but said that was the elder bodies decision and he had to stand by it.

  • lost_light06

    Sitting next to my girlfriend at meetings (she later became my fiancé, then wife). We were told the older ones in the congregation viewed that as a sign that we were engaged and we might stumble them. I was a bit confused because I was always under the impression that an ENGAGEMENT RING was a sign that we were engaged….. silly me.

    Along the same lines we were counseled that our courtship should last no longer than 6 months before we were engaged then our engagement should last no longer than 6 months before we were married. This, of course, was to protect us from our horny selves. Didn’t work, mind you, but they tried.


  • Irreverent

    I was counseled by the bookstudy conductor (PO) for bringing my handicapped nonwitness brother to a book study picnic and his wife was offended by his behavior. Hey, min; you rock!!!

  • Sirona

    Cordelia and I were standing in the hall bitching about some guy who was wierd and he had bad skin ( Ok we were young and what else is there to talk about)....

    Nobody heard us....

    Then we got counselled cos this guy's wife thought we were staring at her husband (eye'ing him up!) LOL

    The elders actually said "we noticed you looking at XXXX at the meeting"....I remember thinking ARE YOU FOR REAL?


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    When I was at Bethel I got a really bad haircut. I looked at the guy after he finished wrecking my doo and I told him 'You will fix my hair after I get back from lunch. I explained the situation to my floor overseer and he calmed me down and after lunch another barber tightened me up.

    I get home and while going up the elevator to my room in the 107 bldg, I see a guy I used to work with who was now in the barber shop. He asked How my day went and I said 'fine till one of your boys jacked my hair up.'

    A week later I am called into the factory offices. I am running thru all the possible offences I have commited and I could think of no reason for the summons. Than they ask me If I remember the comments I made in a crowded elevator. The bulb went off and I said son-of-a... The beauty of bethel is not only do they counsel you on the offence at hand they like to bring up past transgressions. So not only am I counseled on talking against the manna of the bethel barbershop, I get reemed anew for all the other stuff I did.

    At the end they ask me what I learned from this and I say 'to heed the advice given at the beggining of any AMC movie silence is golden. I was out of there in 6 months.

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