What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • Simon

    I'd just given a talk in the main KH (I think the #2 "bible reading") and the elder taking the school gave me counsel from the platform about how my jacket didn't match my trousers and I should wear a suit in future. I was 9 or 10 with a single mother at the time (so we weren't spending money on suits). The same elder's son gave a talk the week before wearing jeans and trainers.

    I think it pissed a few people off - It went very quiet and felt tense. One of the older outspoken sisters "whisper shouted" (like Homer Simpson) from a few rows back "ignore him Simon, that was a great talk and you look very smart".

    I didn't realize how fucked up it all was until looking back at it years later.

    I was also counselled for "refusing to help stack and put the chairs away after the meeting" (when we had a rented hall). I had actually helped like I did every week but had to leave when the family went home because, well, I was a kid and it was an hours walk home in the dark.

    What a bunch of morons.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Counseled by an Elder for watching BraveHeart when it came out in 1995. I just turned 18 and was literally my first R rated movie I watched at a theater. So glad I left around that point in my life. He was such an asshat, and it was hard for me to say nothing. The reason was I knew his 15 year old daughter was changing clothes in the girl's locker room when she got to high school, and was having sex with her "wordly" boyfriend. It was three years later and she ended up pregnant, and was forced to marry that guy.

    So many of those giving "counsel" had tons of family issues.

  • Sabin

    I was always getting told off for being tactless, I always say exactly what I think, actually I generally say it with out thinking. Got no filter between my brain & mouth, I'm what's commonly know as verbally dyslexic, it just all comes out round the wrong way. One elder called it honesty & said I had to much of it. LOL.

    Funny enough my poor husband got counselled, shouted at to be specific by the CO for buying our girl a new mobile phone as a graduation present. She may take nude pic's of herself & send them to brothers. What a wanker. Oh & his wife told the sisters what underwear they could wear, G-strings were for prostitutes only. I remember it cause when they told me I said "I didn't think prostitutes wore any knickers".

  • zeb

    I have put this on my "favourites" list. So many situations I can relate too!

    I had a beard and at the Service meeting I got blasted for this Oh the horror of beards! I was the only one and no-one had said a word to me before hand.

    My wife one freezing winters night wore an ankle length woollen skirt by one of the dragon-class and was told it was 'worldly' while others wore knee length but wrapped themselves in football rugs at the meeting.

    this thread is priceless!!

    A serious sociologist would have a ball with this mine of information.
  • snugglebunny
    Silliest counsel - my ex-wife blacked my eye once (several times actually) and the PO and his assistant came round to see me to tell me to get her into subjection mode.
  • tiki

    A couple from my history.....my now husband and the bro he studied with always say in the same place...and we're advised that wasn't proper...like it was "their"pew and what if someone else wanted to sit there... After that they made a point of always sitting in those particular seats.

    One very self absorbed elder insisted my husband put his eyeglasses in the inside pocket of his suit...not the outside one ..before they hit the doors Saturday morning because the glasses might be distracting to the hh.

    The usual skirts too short...neckline too low....

  • punkofnice
    I had the audacity to still believe a previous truth(R) because it was on the CD Rom and I hadn't noticed the 'new light(tm)' that slightly changed. Feckin' eejits!
  • sparky1

    Two things that I thought were silly:

    1. At Bethel when I was a newboy, I left a few scraps of food on my plate. I got an ass chewing from the table head

    that I must scrape my plate clean and eat every morsel of food on my plate. My Grandmother would have rolled over in her grave. She taught me that it was bad manners to scrape your plate clean because it made you look like a pig.

    2. I had very curly hair and when I was a young Pioneer in the early seventies and I was counseled by the Circuit Overseer. He told me that my hair was too curly and that I should get a haircut, keep it short and use Brylcreem to keep it looking neat.

  • Vidiot

    minimus - "What was the silliest 'offense' that you were counseled for?"

    Using logic and reason to defend the historicity of Ice Ages.


    BTW, I've lost count of how many stories we've had posted here about hottie sisters being counselled for being too hot.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    Singing the songs too loud.

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