What Was The Silliest "Offense" That You Were Counseled For?

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  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    In the early 90s I had a part time job in a reputable video store....we didn't even have a video player at home at the time. ..but I got counselled abd warned I could be bringing demonism into the cong!

    Why? Because of some of the films contents that people might be renting ....duh I argued back saying that as the store had a strict policy of only playing suitable family movies in store and I had no video it wasn't like I was watching it lol .....

    This elder had me crying alone in his car with a pile of watchtower articles for over an hour when we were supposed to be on ministry. .when my husband told him off he said I was overeating and it was only a friendly chat.....a blatant lie as he made me pray with him before he started the CHAT

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    When I was 18 I left home to pioneer. ..got my own flat etc.. even had the group held at my flat.....except we had a stand in oversear visit and he called me to one side at hall...I thought he wanted to discuss my upcoming pioneer school attendance. ...instead he counselled me from the scriptures. ..the one that says

    "The stupid one is isolating himself"

    Because he had heared I left home and was living in a flat. ... i was in the same book study group as my parents so it was pure crap and I told him so lol

  • minimus
    I'm so glad I do not have to listen to their biased counsel any longer.🔚
  • park ave boy
    park ave boy

    Wearing sunglasses out in service and a tie with too much color! Chewing gum at the hall.

  • ttdtt

    For owning a 2 seater car when I was 18 (bad for services) and for buying a motorcycle when I was 21.

  • dbq407
    side burns too long, hair too long, hanging out with my best friend (who was a jw) too much, and i'm sure there are other things.
  • freeman

    I think I have posted my story before, but here it goes again as it seems to fit what you are asking for.

    The Silliest offense that I committed and was counseled for was working too hard to provide for my family. Yes I missed some meetings and my field circus slacked off because I was busy taking care of my family, that was my high crime.

    It was on the 4th of July weekend almost 30 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday, because it literally became my Independence Day, the day I got off the WatchTower,Treadmill.

    Long story short: out of the blue I was chosen by NASA to test and validate the security systems that protect what would become NASA's most valuable and high profile asset, the Hubble Space Telescope. At the time of my selection, my occupation was as a lowly TV / VCR repairman. I was in debt, and struggling to make a living.

    Literally overnight I went from barely making a living to earning $50.00US per hr. plus all expenses paid. I should also note this is before I earned even my first college degree. In fact I had to be granted wavers because I did not even minimally qualify for this position academically.

    I can't over emphasize how life-changing this was for me and my family or how much faith NASA put into my assessment of their systems. NASA could not launch the Hubble until the security shortfalls I uncovered were fully resolved, and my testimony before the Inspector General became part of the Congressional Record. It really was a big deal! Incredible is it not?

    But I digress, I am forever greatly indebted to my (catholic) parents who so strongly instilled in me by their wonderful example that family comes first and foremost and that anyone or anything that prevents you from taking care of your family is not good, is not to be followed, and is certainly not from God.

    I am also indebted to a lesser extent to those two elders that pulled me aside in the back room of the Kingdom Hall at 1647 Heckscher Ave. Bay Shore NY 11950 on Sunday July 5th 1987 and said in no uncertain terms “Kenneth, you have to make a choice between NASA and Jehovah's Kingdom”.

    Well Kenneth made his choice that very day, and continued to work for NASA for some years on many projects. In reality, It wasn't a choice between NASA or Jehovah, that's a false dichotomy, but it was a choice to continue to do the will of an evil cult and neglect my families needs or do the correct thing and care for my family.

    To my atheists and agnostic friends, and they are many, while I respect your views having my own serious bouts of doubt along the way, it is because of what happened to me, first hand, directly, and not something I read in a book written by nomadic sheep herders and tent makers, but was something that to this day I am at a loss for words to explain. All I can say is that tt shook me to my very core, and I believe I experienced the very thing that the character Dr. Arroway (played by Jodie Foster) experienced in the movie Contact. But this was not a movie, this was real.

    Yes even now at 60 years of age, being a trained scientist and engineer, convinced beyond all doubt of the fact of biological evolution, the great age of the universe and the earth, and the plethora of seemingly contradictory things that should logically put me in the atheist or at least agnostic camp. I however can never truly join your ranks, for I have had the red sea parted before me, I experienced something that just does not happen, and it can't be explained logically, but it was real. It was life-changing to say the least.

    I absolutely believe that I was rescued by nothing less then the hand of God from this cult.


  • freddo

    As a teenager I had a tiny little 1100cc old banger of a car. (Anyone remember the Austin 1100 like the one Basil Fawlty/John Cleese gives a "damned good thrashing" in Fawlty Towers?)

    I was quite happy to pick up people for meetings and take them in the ministry. But I also had a Honda 750cc motorbike which if I had no-one to pick up for the meeting on a warm summer's day I would ride to the hall and this really irritated my group overseer.

    He would often make snide remarks about bikers being rebellious and danger-seeking. The elders even announced that those with motorbikes (that was directed only at me) needed to park at the bottom of the car park so that we didn't take up a car space. Trouble was the bottom of the car park was soft ground and the bike's side stand would dig in and make the bike unstable so I disobeyed.

    However we had a circuit overseer who was working with me and he confided that he had a Honda CX500 tourer and he loved bikes and his advice was to "respectfully ignore" this particular brother. His bike was parked at the circuit flat next to a Kingdom hall shared by 3 congregations.

    Word soon got around and the next time this brother had a go at me I just asked him if he would be counselling the CO about his motorbike? Silence and a red face was the response.

  • Finkelstein

    For myself, it had to be having a half an inch of hair over my ears. I was told that I couldn't give talks or go out in service.

    Wouldn't you know it this elder who was lets say folliclely challenged and any man who had a full head of hair was deemed to be watched carefully and that's what he did.

    The real pertinent reason to why the WTS wants everyone looking so righteously wholesome and honest is because you are their sales representatives toward the public, so your looks play a vital importance to the organization as a whole.

  • Saintbertholdt
    Loud laughing.

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