Men - Do You Know What Women Really Want in a Relationship ?

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  • flipper

    Thanks for all your replies ! Very interesting responses. We all learn from each other ! I'll reply.

    R. CRUSOE- I know you as well as other men may have been hurt before. I myself have been hurt before in relationships - so I understand what all my guy friends on the board are going through. I understand pain - been there done that. But, the right woman will come along in time - someone who sees you and understands you. Give it time.

    COGNAC- You get bored easily ? Perhaps you could spice things up with your husband. Take up some hobbies you and your husband both enjoy - golfing, hiking, camping, go out listen to music and dance . Anything you both enjoy ! Anything to keep him occupied so he doesn't take his time up reaching out for the MS position ! LOL! Keep him busy !

    JEFF T- Pretty funny stuff. I do feel one man can have all the qualities you mention though.

    DH- " Shoes, chocolate, orgasms " ! Hilarious . In that particular order ? I think women would like the orgasms best - depending on how good the man involved is bringing it though ! LOL!

    KURT BETHEL- I don't believe all women hurt men intentionally . I'm sorry you have been hurt , there are great, lovely ladies out there - don't let it jade you .

    BERYLBLUE- I agree with you. Honesty is one of the - if not THE most important thing in a loving relationship I believe.

    FLYING HIGH NOW- You are a very caring and mature woman and a realist. Very kind of you to recognize that some men here have gone through deep pain and say that to them ! I appreciate it, and I'm sure they do too ! Good job sis ! Peace

  • kurtbethel

    KURT BETHEL- I don't believe all women hurt men intentionally . I'm sorry you have been hurt , there are great, lovely ladies out there - don't let it jade you .

    Ya, I know. That's why I said "Your mileage may vary." I recognize and take delight in the fact that there are better results. It is my responsibility to develop better radar and stay away from the drama queens and Jezebelles.

    Men are from Earth. So are women. Deal with it.

  • FlyingHighNow

    For the fellas: it's important to know if you're really ready for a relationship before you get into one. I personally am not up for one right now after what Andy and I went through the past couple of years. I have a lot of work to do on myself and my life before I can really be there for someone. And if I get into another relationship later, I am going to be sure the guy is ready for one, too. It really takes a lot of introspective thinking to know if you're ready.

  • R.Crusoe

    I have passed all the 'ready' stages and got into a 'never never' state of mind - not because I dont wish to but because I'm broken down inside and dont wish anything or feel I'm anything!

    Like I've treid and not tried and all the bits in between and finally am done even thinking!

  • dawg

    OK, fellas... I can't tell you what women want, I don't think the subject is that easily addressed, but I can tell you what you should do... Don't worry about it. Chris Rock is right, distance and irritation... your ability to understand that a woman usually isn't happy no matter what the hell you do will go a long way in your happiness...Don't let her have distance and can control that shi$

    If things are going great in your relationship, good... keep doing what you're doing... but when the lady starts to act like a nut job (some don't do this by the way)listen to what she's saying, be nice to her, but don't worry about it and don't ever let her make you's a mind game and as a man, like it or not ladies, you must lead.

    Will your relationship fail? 55% of the marriages end in divorce, so the odds are against you. Don't worry about it; do the freaking best you can to make her happy, be honest, be faithful, but never worry about it.

    Funny story, one of my best friends calls me the other day, says he wants to set me up with a nice gal... tells me how happy his marriage is; dumb bastard goes on for about an hour describing his bliss... his wife calls me a few days later, wants me to fix something I repair. I ask her about blank, she says they're getting divorced, she was having an affair... dumb Mr. Blank, he thought he was pushing all the right buttons.

    When a woman wants to leave you, she will... the same goes for when a woman wants you... she'll let you know.. but never, and I freaking mean never let yourself get caught up in the mystery of it all... because you don't know squat and never will about that subject... just enjoy the good times, hope you and your lady have bliss and things go smooth, do the best you can... but don't freaking worry about it... to your own self be true, know that you've done your best and realize that if you do those things and your lady leaves you... she was going to leave you anyway.

    The man that wrote the book "Man are from Mars and Women are from Venus"(John Grey)... you guessed it, he's divorced from the lady he was married to when he wrote that book... dumb bastard thought he had women figured out. What a laugh.

  • flipper

    KURT BETHEL- Yeah - I agree with you to stay away from " drama queens and Jezebels " . We all, male and female just have to learn to communicate.

    FLYING HIGH NOW- I agree with what you say. It is important for guys and gals to be sure they are ready for a relationship emotionally, mentally, sexually, and physically . It's good to be over a former relationship before moving on to a new one. By doing that it's not as confusing to our emotions andmental health . Just my humble opinion - and from what I've learned in my own experiences in life.

    DAWG- Yeah, bro, I agree relationships are a crap shoot or roll of the dice . I was in enough relationships before I met my current wife- God knows. But every once in awhile you get lucky , as we did .As you said , all you can do is do your best, give your wife or girlfriend your best shot ( in more ways than one ) LOL! and enjoy each others company , dream together , have fun growing together. Enjoy the journey of life ! One thing I have found is women love a man with a good sense of humor ! That's great because my wife and my humor is exactly alike ! We are both quirky as hell in our humor ! We like off the wall humor. So, keep each other laughing at least once or twice a day , it really helps ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    So, what you’re trying to say then Dawg, is……. NO…….! men don’t know what women want in a relationship. JK was correct right at the beginning.

    Well I’m glad that’s sorted……

    How’s the women thread going……???

    P.S. John Grey……..Hmmmm…….."Women are like waves and men go back to their caves"……… WTF was he on about

  • flipper

    MR. MAJESTIC- I think some of us men have figured out " some " or " most " of the things women want in a relationship. But it takes trial and error to figure it out. It may take years , but hey I'm still always going to learn new things continually. It is a learning process ongoing ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • mrsjones5

    I don't really know what I want right now. I'm in therapy with my hubby...I got pulled in, it was really supposed to be just him but he puts on such a happy face about everything I think the therapist wants me there for a sense of reality of whats going on in my husband's life. I think I need some one on one time with a therapist to sort my head out cuz I'm just not such what I want.

  • flipper

    MRS. JONES - I'm sorry to hear you are having some challenging times right now . Life is a challenge , isn't it ? Just want you to know my wife and I care about ya sis ! I hope the counseling helps you and hubbies situation. Been there done that in my past in relationships before - it's tough. I'm PMing you something

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