Men - Do You Know What Women Really Want in a Relationship ?

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  • flipper

    I heard a woman being interviewed on a radio station this morning and thought this would be an interesting subject to discuss ! In the interview this woman stated that , " Men many times only hug you or touch when they want to have sex . If more men saw that holding hands in public, or the need to reach out to touch a woman affectionately outside of the bedroom , put your arm around her casually- without any expectations , more men would end up in the bedroom later with a woman who feels she has been loved throughout the day ! " She continued saying that , " Women want to feel protected in an emotional way , and know they can trust their partner to be there for them in that way as well. "

    So, women want to feel safe with a man. They don't necessarily want a man to solve their problems for them , or even give " unsolicited advice " , but just want him to empathize and listen so as to understand totally what they are going through. Be a best friend, as well as a lover. I learned that in some relationship books I read years ago. So , what do you men think ? What do you women think ? I welcome your opinions and comments on this subject dealing with communication between the sexes ! It should be fun, entertaining , and maybe we will all learn from each other ! So , have at it my friends !Look forward to your comments ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Elsewhere

    Women are attracted to men who they perceive as having greater value than themselves.

    Women are not attracted to men who they perceive as having less value than themselves.

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  • loosie

    This is what women want

  • ninja

    they don't even know....what chance do we have?

  • free2think

    LOL i agree with Loosie.

  • flipper

    ELSEWHERE- By women looking for someone who is " greater value than themselves ", do you mean just materially or in other ways ? Do you mean emotionally and mentally as well ? Please clarify.

    JK - Now I know you are a pretty shrewd guy buddy. You are a " heart throb lothario " and you know it ! LOL! You have dropped some " pearls of wisdom " to me about women before ! You're short changing yourself.

    LOOSIE- Wow ! A housecleaning man ! Well, I guess Mrs. Flipper is lucky, I'm in the cleaning business ! But she's the one who usually cleans the house, as I'm so exhausted from cleaning everyone else's offices at night ! LOL!

    NINJA- Well, yeah it's true some women don't know what they want in a relationship - but I think all men and women want happiness !

    FREE 2 THINK- You want a cleaning man too, like Loosie ? Wow. Sorry , I'm already taken. Calling all Janitorial men out there , here is your cue to catch a good woman ! They need you for cleaning and polishing purposes ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    The question should be, do women know what they really want in a relationship? Somehow, I don’t think so……

    Uh oh. Now I’m in trouble…..

    but I think all men and women want happiness !

    Ha!…… Make women happy. Keep chasing the rainbow my friend…….

  • serendipity

    Hi Flipper,
    You touched on something: woman want a man who is their best friend. Here's a quiz on what women commonly expect from their friends. I think the more a man can do these things, the better:

    To address Elsewhere's assertion: I want a man who is a partner and equal to me. A man is equal to me if he brings at least as much to the relationship as I do, with an emphasis on practical things.

    The best thing for men to do is to ask this question of the women in their lives. Different women have different expectations. The expectations will change over time as a woman grows and matures, and as life events occur.

  • flipper

    MR. MAJESTIC- Do I notice a touch of bitterness in your comments ? LOL! I think some women know what they want, some don't. It is a mixed bag for men as well ! It just takes time to find a good match is all

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