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    Thank you Mistress, may I have another?

    Er...sorry WLG, I thought that was you talking about a sex change.

  • Gadget
    Recently we seem to have had a few different dramas and subsequent fallout on the fourm which I feel has detracted from its purpose. With this in mind we have decided that we need to bring the forum back on track and as such we will be clamping down on a lot of the aggressive / insulting posts which have begun to become the norm for a few people.

    I think this is badly needed. I know there has been a few cases on here of people trying to con people, but I'd hate to think that a person who needed genuine help was accused of being a con artist on top of all the other things they were going through. For me the costs of being wrong in a public accusation would outweigh the benefits of being right, especially when the only information I have to go on is just whats written on here.

    We will also be clamping down on the paranoid assusation type of comments against newbies, if someone joins the fourm and you do not believe everything they post - so what, why do we need to hound them away with shouts of troll and fake etc, just ignore them if you dont beleive them. Just because someone may not express themselves well doesn't automatically mean they are fake.

    The thing that upset me when I read those threads was that one of the people who seemed to be doing exactly that was a mod, one of the people charged with making sure things like that don't happen.


  • VoidEater

    Thank you, Simon. It's been tough to ignore some of the more abusive comments.

  • Bryan

    I have an idea that I feel would curb the abuse on this board tremendously....

    How about a little room at the top of the page. Whenever someone posts BS, etc., their avitars will be put into virtual, medieval, stockade located in this area.

    Then we all can laugh and throw virtual tomotoes at them!

    Just a thought,


  • hillary_step


    Then we all can laugh and throw virtual tomotoes at them!

    Meet abuse with abuse, that is the spirit. ;)


  • BFD

    I've always wanted to do this....


    I feel better now.


  • Bryan

    Alas, my true colors have shown me guilty.

    Let me be the first, I say, but which of you, with no guilt, shall throw the first tomato!?


  • MsMcDucket

    nosoliciting-21.gif no soliciting picture by Milkshakesrtasti Unless you're ____________

  • Hope4Others

    I'm very new and have been concerned by many comments. After all most of us have been burdened by doubts; what ifs, are we doing the right thing by leaving? Especially if all family

    & relatives are Jw's. Finding the support and experiences of others, as to how they have over come these feelings are needed by many others who are also visiting this site. Allowing for

    for a few flaws and mistakes in statements as you say should not be taken personally. We all go through phases in this journey. The "5 stages of grief" what if your at stage 5 and I'm at

    stage 1? LOVE would dictate making allowances for this!

    Thanks for your timely words of wisdom


  • yesidid

    Lady Lee,

    But going through dozens of topics of "what color is your car?" is very discouraging to me.

    Amen and Amen.

    Surely if it's not to do with JW's or their influence on your life or that of others, why post it on this board?

    There must be plenty of boards that specialize in twaddle.


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