Our PO just confess to one of us: He doesn't believe anymore

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  • yesidid

    Sorry double post.


  • yesidid

    Unlike JWs, we are generally....generally, I said, not a judgemental group.

    Yer jokin Snakes?

  • sweetface2233
    I think many of you are being very harsh.

    All the poster needs to do is come back and address the question as to whether or not he/she/they are trolls. Just address the question!

  • SnakesInTheTower

    maybe I should say... less judgemental.... I have found many here have been very unjudgemental to me personally.

    Now there are a few who get all over my case about the way I am conducting my fade... but that is their opinion...

    and what I just said... my opinion...

    Snakes ()

  • moshe

    The PO sounds like a weak person- he wants to be found out, but can't just come out publicly and admit he squandered 40 years of his life.

  • Gretchen956

    I'm not taking a position on this, cool if true, not sure the motives if not. BUT OTB cannot tell you if they are a troll if they don't know what that is. You all ask them but no one defined it for them. I've been on here a long time and have run in to one or two but I still don't know if I could explain it to someone. Please, someone have a stab at it. Not sure they would admit to it but at least they'll know what they're accused of.


  • R6Laser

    Be very careful this might be an ex CIA hacker the WTS has sent to spy on the forum. lol

  • changeling

    You have not yet earned my trust. I find your whole "group thing" fishy and now your PO "comes out" to you in FS...come on now, who do you think you're kidding???


  • The Oracle
    The Oracle


    On the one hand I think this news from OTB is no big deal. It's not exactly a rarity that a JW, even an elder (), comes to realize that the entire thing is a sham. These kinds of conversations are happening all over the place right now, among JWs at every level.

    On the other hand, there are aspects to the story that sound a bit weird. I agree with Mary when she points out the oddity of the line "this may sound apostate, but I want to tell you something". I doubt that would be the opening line for a discussion while out in the service. Anyway, it could just be a flaw in the way the conversation was recounted....

    OTB - are you a troll(s)? I don't think you are by the way. But. tell us more about your situation ....

  • Bryan

    Okay, I haven't read them all, but I would like to say...

    We went out to celebrate after the ministry!

    When I was a dub, The cultic words were.. "After service". "After the ministry" just sounds fake to, me.


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