Our PO just confess to one of us: He doesn't believe anymore

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  • R.F.
    first off, your not out of line. i respect what you are saying, i'm just saying that it's hard for ME to believe a group of witnesses, become apostate, get vocal, have a group, and then has a p.o. confide in them. am i alone on this? if they are real, i think it's great. and i love when newbies show up. i am just questioning this.

    I agree with you BigD when it comes to portion I hightlighted. I want it to be so true but knowing JWs like we do, i'm finding it kind of hard. IF it is true, I hope they proceed with caution. It most certainly is sounding very fishy right now.

  • The-Borg

    "We are talking here about one of the most loved and respected members of our congregation"

    Not for much longer if he carries on like that..... peace out

  • outofthebox

    to eclipse: I guess he trust us because he knows us for a long time. He's a nice guy.

    to bigdreaux: Yes. It is true and it is incredible, isn't it? We went out to celebrate after the ministry! We couldn't believe it ourselves.

    to freetosee: I guess he has so many years as PO that he knows there is a guy behind the puppet. He stays because he is used to it. He won't change his life now. But his mind is free.

    to journey-on: Yes. We are trying to be careful. Did you notice one of us didn't talk much? The PO was the one doing all the talking!

    to sweetface2233: Yes. JWD has been a great help. You are awesome. Some of you are crazy too. LOL.

    We never expected this will happen a day after we become JWD ex-lurkers. Coincidence?

    Thanks for the advice guys. We will try to be veeery carful.


  • jaguarbass

    Thats good news. I cant see how it could be any other way. If you were a witnoid 40 years ago and your brain was still working, it would not allow you to be a witnoid today.

  • tfjw

    It does sound a bit incredible. I would use caution as the others in the posts above have said. These type of statements have been used in the past to fish out publishers who may be suspected of being weak in their allegiance or going to the apostates. Be careful.

  • hurricane

    About 10 years ago the PO of a congregation in UK left his wife, resigned from his congregation, resigned as Assembly Hall overseer and admitted he had not believed it was the ' truth ' for some years. The new woman ( not a JW ) was probably the catalyst for his action.

    There must be many who just stay around rather than rock the boat and pay lip service to the org. The investment of the years requires a new investment of greater perceived value, to allow for such a life altering change ? The principle way you fall out of love with a person is when you fall inlove with someone else.

    The above story is true as the guy involved was my wifes, sisters husband, I know the overwhelming sorrow and shock it caused at the time.None of his family remained in the org.

  • NewYork44M

    Amazing. This PO is at a very significant crossroad. He could go one of at least two different directions.

    Direction One: you will see him here and deciding if he is going to do a slow fade, or just in a single decision, cut himself off from the organization.

    Direction Two: Realizing that this is all crap he could go into a power trip and make everyone's lives miserable.

    He could also just flounder for years and waste his life, afraid of making a decision.

    Good luck to him. I have no good ideas for you. Anything you do at this point may be counterproductive.

  • Phil

    out of the box has only four posts. He has not replied to the critisism so far. Is this a mole? Look out people.

  • sspo

    Many are doubting nowdays.

    Just found out about another respected elder, one loved by many in the congr. just came out and confessed to his best friend,

    he does not beleive in 1914 anymore.

    If they know about 1914 most likely they know the rest about the "truth".

    As time goes on, anyone with some thinking ability will realize that the GB is full of it.

  • oompa

    I don't think anybody comes OUT like that. It is baby steps, mentioning little things. This sounds wierd.


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