Our PO just confess to one of us: He doesn't believe anymore

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  • JK666

    Whats the trouble with trolls?

    We will always have them, so why worry? There is no point to running them off, unless they become a problem. And why waste time trying to judge new posters? Most trolls just read, and don't post.

    Everybody chill!


  • WT=watchtrouble

    I Give OTB the benefit of the doubt

  • vitty

    Actually I always used the phrase "on the, or in the ministry" when I was in. It may be a UK term.

    I used to think it strange when our US friends talk about "4 door cars" this was never an issue in the UK. I hope he hasnt been run off this site.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    I am still in and I think use of the term ministry and service are about 50/50 now.

    The term service is a throw-back to the Rutherford years that went along with all the army type terminonology. Tems like Service and Company Servant created a sense of order and duty that kept everyone in line. There has been a shift away from those kind of terms, especially in the last 30 years but "service" is still widely used. However, the term ministry is also widely used. I guess it depends on your area as many posters have already indicated.

    Alligator....aha! I will look at that message!

  • BrentR

    I Give OTB the benefit of the doubt

    If would be nice if a few more here would do the same. The worst thing you can do to a troll is just ignore thier post. And the worst thing you can do to a new member is call them a liar or troll.

    It will be very revealing to see who actually apologizes. We do have moderators here don't we? I have heard rumors of such.

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