Our PO just confess to one of us: He doesn't believe anymore

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  • Gordy

    Long before I left, which is 6 years ago now.

    I had two Elders unbeknown to each other show me from scripture that Jesus was God. One said he wasn't sure about the Holy Spirit yet.

    Both were in their 70's at the time. One had been a JW for about 50 years, the other had been brought up a JW, his parents had both been of the anointed from the 1920's on.

    On both occasions it was in private at their homes. At the time I never said a word just sort of nodded my head. I wasn't going to admit to thinking along same lines. I wasn't that stupid. Also if I said anything who would believe me no "two witnesses" and both were highly respected Elders.

    I think what held them back was both of their familes their wives and children were all strong JW's and they didn't want to hurt them.

    Both died not long afterwards one from a brain tumour, the other from cancer.

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    I'm with yesidid on this one.When I was a Jdub we used to say "going out on the work or out in the field." That is in the Uk by the way.So there is different terminology for going on the door to door work.My Dad used to say "are you going Jehovering?" as if I was going hoovering.He wasn't a Witless by the way."Are you going canvassing ?," that was another expression he used.

    I have heard a Witness say "if armageddon doesn't arrive in the next five years I'm out of it".A few times I have heard witnesses expressing doubts and thinking out loud .I've even known of a seventy year old who was around in 1914 saying he no longer believed he was of the annointed and stopped taking the emblems.That was in the sixties in case you wonder.

    It is important to give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes. Better to keep somebody on board but tread warily than frighten the innocent away.I thought some of you were galloping off to the hanging tree for a minute there.

    Maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong.



  • Warlock

    We ALL had doubts and here we are at JWD.

    Why is it hard to believe that a P.O. would have doubts and express them to someone they have known for a long time?

    Do I doubt any of you or why you are here?

    Do you doubt me or why I'm here?


  • BluesBrother

    When I was an elder who had realised the truth about "The Truth" , I was desperately trying to fade fast . I thought I was dropping bombshells by telling the P.O that I was no longer sure of what the Society taught, and had questions that could not be answered .

    Our P.O, of many decades experience just nodded, sighed and said that he agreed with me... and would I please keep conducting the Watchtower Study...

    Years later he is still the PO , right now conducting the group study down the road, and I am here...

  • Honesty

    I think the "DO MORE, DO MORE, DO MORE" cattle prod is causing some of the Jw's to crack.

    Yesterday, my JW son said that he knows I attend church because I really belive Jesus was worshipped and that he knows I worship Jesus there.

    Mybe one day he'll realise the truth about the JW's/WTBTS and will escape out of their chains of bondage.

  • BrentR

    The last cong I was with always referred to either "field service or service" and the older ones would say "ministry". After all is that not the purpose of the kingdom ministry school?

  • Angharad

    He/she probably left after the "warm welcome" everyone gave him. What is wrong with giving a new member the benefit of the doubt? I would rather have 50 trolls on the forum then have one legitimate new member ran out of town by a torch carrying mob. Trolls can be banned but how do you get someone back that right out of the chute was crapped on?

    If given enough rope a BS'er will hang themselves.

    If OTB was a troll nobody has been harmed or hurt in any way. If they were legite then I don't blame him/her for going elswhere.

    I think this post is spot on - the label troll is tossed around far too much, just because someone posts something that is unusual or uses a term that may not be used regularly "IN YOUR AREA' this is no proof at all that someone is a troll and posting stupid pictures and definitions of trolls just because you dont like what has been said is pathetic.

    Trolls usually show themselves up eventually but there is no way you can decide for certain after someone has made 4 posts, if you dont believe them fine dont say anything, but there is no need to try and run them off the forum or demand that they explain themselves. I have often heard people use the term 'in the ministry'
  • hillary_step
    Has anyone noticed, additionally, how many old-timers here are saying "good-bye" lately?

    My own feeling is that when the Forum is used as a substitute for 'chat' its descent into banality is rapid and ongoing.

    Though the chat function was abused when installed, it did have the benefit of drawing to it day to day conversations that were about as interesting as a hairdressers convention in Small-Town Idaho and kept the more interesting threads current.


  • bikerchic

    Though the chat function was abused when installed, it did have the benefit of drawing to it day to day conversations that were about as interesting as a hairdressers convention in Small-Town Idaho and kept the more interesting threads current.

    Good point H_S! Now where are my curlers?

    Different parts of the world still use WTS™ terms that here in the US have not been used for years. It just might be that this group of posters outofthebox are from a different part of the world. Let's not be so skeptical and give them a chance to show us if they are genuine posters.

    I must admit it is weird having a group post as one.....but hey maybe soon they will all feel comfortable to each have their own accounts and I am really interested to hear the member names they choose coming out of the box and all.

  • stillajwexelder

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/141985/1.ashx here vare some answers - the original posters gives some clarification

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