Our PO just confess to one of us: He doesn't believe anymore

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    Sometimes while we learn more and more about the truth about the Truth, we have those feelings: "Maybe the JWs are right after all". Maybe we are the crazy ones!

    But, after a chat with the PO of our congo, we felt a little better with the knowledge that we are not alone on the inside. Let us explain ...

    Today we went to the ministry as every Saturday :(. One of us was with our PO. And this is what happened...

    One of us: ... Yes. I think there is much to learn yet.

    PO: You know what? This may sound apostate... but I want to tell you something. Ok?

    One of us: (eyes wide open) Yes. No problem. Tell me.

    PO: We always used to say the Pope thinks he is infallible, and now we are saying the same thing about the GB.

    One of us: (Thinking: Wow! Hearsay! LOL). That's right. We have several popes. LOL.

    PO: You know what? I am not really sure about the 1914 date.

    One of us: (Thinking: What?!!! O-M-G!!)

    PO: We have changed that date so many times! If this system stays for another 70 years we will need to change that date. I don't really believe in it.

    One of us: Yes. I thin...

    PO: (Interrupting. He was on a confessing rol. LOL) I think about the Universe and there are so many galaxies and planets, billions!, I can't believe there is nobody else beside us out there.

    One of us: (Thinking: Damn! I need a recorder)

    PO: That's why you will never hear me saying the 'Truth' but the 'Organization'. Because what we believe now maybe we won't tomorrow. So, Truth is a relative thing.

    One of us: (Happy and relieved) I agree. Actually we don't even know if we are going to heaven or earth.

    PO: (Puzzled?)

    One of us: Here. Look. (I showed him Rev. 19:1 and the Heb. 11:16)

    PO: (A little shocked and relieved, since now he was sure I wasn't going to tell on him). All I know is I am going to die and maybe God will give me some reward. Where? I don't know. Maybe he won't give me anything... I don't know...

    There you go. We are talking here about one of the most loved and respected members of our congregation. A man that has been for more than 40 years in the 'Truth' and he does not believe it any more. Who knows for how long. We were so happy to discover that other JWs have splinters in their minds too. They just don't talk about it. This conversation was so honest and refreshing that I had to tell you about guys.

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  • V

    Slip a note under his wiper "Google Jehovah's Witnesses"...

    Light the fuse and walk away.

  • eclipse

    What made him decide to trust you?

    Does he sense some apostate leanings with you?

    How many of you are there? Surely you can share that piece of info?

  • bigdreaux

    this would be awesome if it was true. i'm finding your posts very hard to believe. sorry.

  • freetosee

    Wow!! Could be he has been doing some research himself. As PO he is the main person the org communicates with. I'd love to hear how that continues!

    Too sad he has already lost 40 years to the WT cult!

  • badboy

    O MAN


  • journey-on

    Be careful. That's very out of the ordinary for a PO to do even if he's having his own doubts. Something smells fishy here.

  • lavendar


  • oldflame
    Be careful. That's very out of the ordinary for a PO to do even if he's having his own doubts. Something smells fishy here.

    DITTO !!!!!!!!!

  • stillajwexelder

    he maybe genuine or he maybe fishing

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