Our PO just confess to one of us: He doesn't believe anymore

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  • yesidid
    We went out to celebrate after the ministry!

    I know, or should I say knew lots of Witnesses who called the door to door work "ministry".

    Doesn't mean the said poster is not a "troll", but neither that or other aspects of the story

    would make them so in my experience.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I cry shenanigan's! No way in hell a PO would talk about that in that way. Sure, I can see one having those doubts, but not expressing them. Maybe in a personal setting or some other confidential situation, but NOT in service. What is this New World Society coming to? If true, whoopie. If not? It's the thought that counts... Troll? Can't say. At least he's a sympathetic one... for a reason? To be watched closely. W.Once

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear outofthebox,

    That was quite an experience!! I bet we see this happen more and more!! You ought to send a copy of Captives of a Concept by Don Cameron to his work address anonymously!!! I am on page 44 and WOW! this is a perfect book for someone like him and it isn't too thick of a book to read either, so it may not be so overwhelming.

    Anyhow... Thank you for posting such a great story!


    Lady Liberty

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Several weeks ago, a sister in the congregation I have attended for over 20 years told me she doesn't really believe in "1914." I was STUNNED to hear those words come from this woman's mouth!


  • fresia
    Elders discuss who among them are potential apostates and you may have been chosen. Who knows

    I would be very causious, I myself have been the targot of silly inuendos and questions from my book study overseer, he obvioulsy mistrusted me, because some rat must have told him something I said, like not offering litriture and only using the bible. I was asked about 1975 and my view also he said one thing that will never change in 1914 waiting for a reply form me, and other things like did you know someone from the GB turned apostate and wrote a book, whats his name, I said I never heard of it.

    Someone has told them something you have said and he is on youre tail, I don't believe what he said about his doubts, its smells like a trap, why you ?

  • JWdaughter

    I spoke to a (obviously) faithful and long standing JW about a year ago. She was visiting with a brother (elder?) from her cong. We were in a waiting room. I discussed this in an earlier post--but she told me that she had doubts and questions about certain things (non specific) right in front of the elder. Ultimately for her (and my mom) it came down to the fact that she thinks that the JWs have the MOST truth. So the elder could deal with the 1914 issue the same way JWs do with others-they figure the org. will come along with them eventually-they just don't want to get ahead of Jehovah's Organization. So, I am probably not as skeptical as many here. The OP will stick around-or not. I would be interested to know who the 'we' was. Did he confess to the whole car group? Did anyone say anything? Did you think that the PO was playing you? Or for real? Why do you think he felt comfortable in opening up?

    One thing I have noticed as I grew up and away from the org. Not everyone in it is 100%. Some are very committed, heart and soul. Many are just faithful churchgoers, the same as the local Catholic, Lutherans and Baptists have. EVERY church has the hardcore and the heartfelt. I think it is easier for the disillusioned hardcore person to give it all up than it is for the one who knows there is some BS but thinks that overall the brothers/sisters are more diligent in their service and that it makes up for some of the lacks in theology. Most JWs will think they are the most sincere religious people. . .or at least that all the other JWs are. And they feel inadequate and are wondering what magical ingredient of faith is missing in them. If it IS the closest thing to truth, then they had best stick with it. Warts and all. Being sure that Jah loves the JWs the most (that is the main lie they need to get them to believe-the others are incidental) is the surest way to keep them loyal and close. Talk down ALL the other religions, demonize them (and the WT is great at that, both writing and orally) and theirs looks good by comparison. Just my opinion.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I know I don't know you, and I hope beyond all hope that I am wrong...but, this just doesn't sound right. Something is wrong with this story as I find it hard to believe that your PO would just come out and say these things to you.

    Sorry for being skepticle, but I something doesn't feel right about this!

  • erandir

    Someone suggested we define "troll" in case outofthebox doesn't know what it means. I'll take a crack at it.

    From my understanding, a troll is someone who is pretending to be something s/he is not. Specifically, a troll is pretending to be an ex-JW, a fader, an apostate, whatever you want to call us here. The troll is basically a witness in good standing and perhaps being used by his/her congregation to report on apostates using this site or is just trying to mess with us by infiltrating and planting "seeds of truth" (from his/her point of view). One possible role of a troll is that of the mole. (Nice rhyming, eh? )


    Ok, so as for the topic on hand. I find this story about a PO talking to a group of suspected apostate-like individuals in a field service car group to be somewhat plausible. The PO probably had a good idea of which group of witnesses think the same way he does and then formed a car group with them and decided to test the waters and take a risk.

    This PO probably felt like a lot of witnesses who don't believe everything and just had to do something so that he wouldn't go crazy. Holding onto a "secret" like that will make you do risky things. I know, I've been there. Sometimes you have to just open up to another friend and hope that your initial instincts about them are right.

    In my case, I am good friends with a family who moved away from our congregation. I knew the reason they moved, too. I knew that this elder would be a good one to talk to about my questions without getting in trouble, too. I based that on listening to things he hinted at in the past such as his manner of speaking out against certain other elders without actually naming names. Sometimes you just know who is a good one to confide in.

    Also, my wife is good friends with a "sister" who is the wife of an elder. This sister expresses that she doesn't believe everything, especially not at first and not without a good deal of thinking and personal research. She openly says things like this during her family study, to the shock of her husband and kids. She is a critical thinker and is open about it. She defends the need to be like this in front of various people in the congregation, too. I wish more witnesses had her attitude not to gulp down doctrines without thinking and would challenge things like the Sept KM question box.


    Ok, that said, I have to weigh in on this outofthebox group entity and say that firstly, get separate accounts. Don't share one account with a group of people. Especially if you want credibility here. It can be confusing and doesn't seem as personal.

    Visit often, respond to your posts and your own topic often. If you are going to make a claim of something fantastic happening (such as this topic), back it up with evidence. Some of us like to think of ourselves as critical thinkers here and not ready to believe everything at first glance.

    Erandir (not a Legion-like entity, but one individual )

  • GermanXJW

    I also had our Secretary and people from the Public Affairs Desk at Bethel telling me that they have doubts. But it is strange if this was the first approach of this PO and you do not have a special relationship with him.

  • Locutus of Borg
    Locutus of Borg

    wow, some of you are a harsh lot, aren't you? "Let's stone 'im, methinks 'es a troll"

    After reading all the posts I come down on otb's side here.

    Why? Because these things happen. I had a very similar conversation with a CO back in the 90's while in service after we found out that we had both recently read some of the same books. "Fingerprints of the Gods" in particular. He's still in, I'm not..

    I also had a similar conversation with an elder around the same time.

    And Bryan, we used terms like"the ministry" and "the service" all the time. Regional dialect differences ya know . . :o\

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