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  • DanTheMan

    sspo said it best - it's all in their heads. And a lot of them know it.

    Is that you Mary?

    What a fine fine looking lady :)

  • Mulan

    The first tract campaign I remember participating in was back in about 1972 or 1973. When they explained it at the District Convention, we had just had the Joshua drama about the march around Jericho. The speaker said the tract was going to be like the first march around the city of Jericho.

    Naturally we all assumed that we would have 7 tracts over the years and then the end would come.

    No such luck. It was sure hyped though. We were all so excited.

    When we got our tract this year, I left it on the counter in the kitchen for a few days and the threw it away. Neither of us ever opened it. and definitely didn't read it. I think most people immediately put it in the trash.

    I asked my JW friend what it was about, and she said "who reads those things?"

  • Mary

    Sorry hon, that ain't me......I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that.

    This is me:

    Take a good look, cause I'm takin' it down in 5 mintues.

    Mulan said: Naturally we all assumed that we would have 7 tracts over the years and then the end would come.

    Maybe that's where they're getting the bizarre idea that Jesus will come "7 times" before The End. The same person who got the letter that I quoted at the beginning mentioned this. Here is what the letter said:

    ".....We found it interesting on Sunday he spoke about Jesus coming in seven
    different senses. We had never heard that before. For example his first
    coming was in 1914 as King. His second coming was in 1917-1919 to purify the
    priestly class and his third was in 1918 to resurrect the anointed and so
    on. He still has to come in three more ways in the future!
    He said we need to be prepared because when Babylon the Great is destroyed
    there will be a lot of blood spilled. After her destruction we can also
    expect great economic problems. We will need to encourage one another and
    we will need patience during this time. Governments will take on a
    dictatorial stance in order to try to control the general world situation.

    With regard to what Jesus said about not completing the circuit of the
    cities in referring to the preaching he mentioned that we currently do not
    have a single publisher in Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan.

    After Armagedon there will be much work to be done. We will need to
    cultivate food and build houses for the billions who will be resurrected.
    We don't know how long the resurrection will last but it could possibly last
    200 or 300 years! Those were some of the highlights. It's always exciting to hear these details directly from a member of the governing body. They have such insight and can see things much more clearly than we can.

  • Junction-Guy

    Back peddling-- If the Olympics held this event, the JW's would win the gold medal,

  • DanTheMan
  • Warlock

    Hey Mary, just as beautiful.


  • Honesty

    Back on topic:

    The Watchtower Society's tract campaigns prove that history does repeat itself.

  • Mary
    branch droned: This will hold TRUE

    Ya.......just like it held true for everybody back in the 1920s?

  • Mary
    The words highlighted in red will occurr on a day to day basis as Jesus separates the sheep from the goats and will divide those that accept today as the end times from those that do not. It will not trigger a wrath against Christians in the west unless you think that your own government will turn against those in their own parties. So they not claim to be Christian also?

    Um, thank you so much for dropping by branch. Don't forget to count this as "time" on your Service Report.

  • Sunspot

    LOL There's a big gulf between -

    "The tract will kick start the Great Tribulation"


    "It will get some people quite interested in joining our MLM Publishing Corporation/Cult"

    The tract has become a sheep/goat sorting tool.

    Yup, it sure has! They know they can't come out and use the "sheep and the goats" routine any more, but they still have the same "join the WTS or God will kill you" attitude.

    Funny....WE didn't get a tract! (boohoo) I guess hubby and grandson weren't "worthy" to feast their eyes on the WTS claptrap (URGENT LIFESAVING MESSAGE) because they allow ME to continue to live here!

    Mulan.....I can't recall just what year either---it was that we were out hitting the streets in the early '70's to quickly thrust a tract at people and leave! And WE were SO SURE it WAS "right around the corner" back THEN!!! (sigh) What total crap, huh?

    Lots of today's JWs don't KNOW about these previous "URGENT MESSAGE" tracts----or have conveniently forgotten them.

    Does the story of THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF sound familiar?????

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