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    The tract was in a plastic bag and stuffed in my gate also...OUTLAW


    Arrogant jackass! Moving along now....

    Re. the tract campaign. Much ado about nothing. I am convinced that the JWs are now relegated by most people as those funny people that don't celebrate birthdays and holidays. They are no longer the percieved threat they once were. WIth the internet they will no longer have the recruiting success. I have had people in the church I attend ask me about them, mainly because a family member is recieving visits from the Dubs. I go and meet that family member, and they cut off the visits.

  • Mary
    I have had people in the church I attend ask me about them, mainly because a family member is recieving visits from the Dubs. I go and meet that family member, and they cut off the visits.

    Excellent! I've been talking alot to the pastor of the church I've been attending about the Witnesses. It's funny, but no one seems to think anything of Witnesses beyond "they let their children die because they won't take blood" and "they won't salute the flag". I've been filling him in on some of the more bizarre doctrines and I think I've genuinely shocked him. I can't imagine what his reaction will be when I get to Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

    Like robots and zombies they covered the territory and felt so good about themselves

    Exactly what happened.... robots and then everyone clapped in my cong when the service overseer announced that our territory was done..

  • juni

    I agree with you Mary. I and my daughter never got one of those special tracts. Last week they were at her door long after the tract campaign, but her white german shepherd growled and frightened the sister off the porch and lunged at the bro who was holding out his hand for her to smell. She must've had bad "spirit" vibes. lol

    Just like the 1975 debacle, they are very careful. Nothing in print; they make it out that some numbskull walked around in a psychotic daze and bellowed out "THE END IS NYE". They will not accept responsibility for what they say to the "flock". It's all hype to keep them hanging in there.

    People want it so bad they'll believe anything and hang on to it w/their life. It's sad, but it's a cult. What do we expect.


  • Clam

    LOL There's a big gulf between -

    "The tract will kick start the Great Tribulation"


    "It will get some people quite interested in joining our MLM Publishing Corporation/Cult"

    The tract has become a sheep/goat sorting tool.

  • bluesapphire

    My MIL told my husband the same BS, "They are saying it's HERE NOW!" when she gave him the tract. He said, "You mean like RIGHT RIGHT NOW? Really? , because I remember passing out quite a few tracts over the year that implied it was here RIGHT RIGHT NOW." Stupid look on her face then, "Well, look at the title of THIS ONE. They are getting bold now. If you don't get out of false religion RIGHT NOW, you're toast." My husband, "Ohhhhhh, I see. So it's coming RIGHT NOW...." LOL and she knew he was mocking her.


  • Gregor

    XJW refers to Chas Sinutko as an arrogant jackass. As a former So Cal JW I recall the Sinutko clan back in the '60s and '70s. Arrogant would also be my choice of adjective to describe them. Funny how Sinutko was bragging about turning his back on show biz because the end was so near, his family were all very involved in trying to get into TV and movies and his grandson(?) Shane Sinutko appeared in several commercials and TV shows.

  • Gregor

    This tract thing is nothing new. I remember the big build up for a "Resolution" that was supposed to be the fullfilment of the story of Jerichos fall after Joshuas army marched around the city seven times and blew their trumpets. The resolution was printed on the cheapest newsprint and was a single page folded in half to create four pages. The back had the standard offer of a free home BS, etc.

    We all got excited about it, we could almost taste the New World! That was about 45 years ago.

  • NanaR
    I wondered about comments on JWD about how the end was nearer than near until I started getting pressured by my JW family that the end was nearer than near

    The special pioneer that came to my door with the tract wouldn't leave until I answered her as to whether I understood that the end is "upon us". I replied that I wasn't sure about that.

    Funny thing, too. She took the tract with her (after I told her that someone had already left one in the door a week before).

    So I guess no 2 per customer *hah*

    Also, we had had NO visitors at our home for some time, then about the 1st of October I started finding literature in my door every single week (I'm not home very much *wink*).

    So I believe the impetus was coming from above that "the end is near".


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