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  • Gill

    Ian! I know you're still up for the fight whatever happens. Grandpas DON'T give up!

  • Dansk


    Ian, I wonder if in addition to the increase of chemical contaminants in our foods, clothing, etc., the fact that humans live longer nowadays is also a factor. The incidence of cancer increases with age, and we're now living longer than ever. Did the program you watched mention this possibility?

    As I stated from the outset, I didn't see all the programme, so would love to hear from those who did. However, somehow I just cannot see the programme mentioning any relationship between old age and cancer as it was about the very young amongst us having toxic chemicals in their bodies.

    I got struck with cancer (a rare lymphoma) when I was 50. I don't consider that old. However, I count myself fortunate to have reached the age of 52 because what I saw in the cancer hospital was heartbreaking. Small children are not spared from this evil insidious disease and I know they'd give anything to reach my age. It puts it all in perspective.

    What really shocked me was the fact that while British children are considered at risk, those in the USA are considered moreso (50% more)!


  • crazyblondeb
    my haematologist told me yesterday he thinks the cancer has come back.

    Ian, I'm ssooo sorry. You are going to fight it, right??!!

    We love you!!


  • fullofdoubtnow
    Unfortunately, my haematologist told me yesterday he thinks the cancer has come back.

    Oh Ian, I am so sorry to hear that.

    I do hope he is mistaken.


  • skyking

    But yet we are the healthiest generation that has ever lived on the Earth and the longest living one to beat. So let the results speak for themselves.

  • Dansk


    I have followed your case, dansk. I'm sorry to hear that. But, it doesn't surprise me. I have seen that happen so many times, in the majority of cases, i think. I have pretty well concluded that, if i get the big c, i will take my chances dealing w it in nonchemo ways, die w dignity, if it comes to that.

    You will know, then, that I tried to be chemo-free for 18 months. I wouldn't touch any main-stream medicine (they all involved chemotherapy). I tried all the alternative therapies I could get my hands on; paid so much money out in the process. I even went to a homeopath, to faith healers and to a Reiki specialist. Nothing worked!

    I lost over 28lbs in weight, my left lung was filled with 10 pints of fluid, I couldn't breath and I was having panic attacks (if you've ever had to gasp for breath you'll understand why!). I, too, wanted to die with dignity, but this was painful and heart-breaking for my family to watch. My wife called in a specialist nurse who directed me to a wonderful doctor. I was informed that if I left it any longer I would be refused treatment as the treatment would kill me I was so weak (I had around six weeks to live).

    I had no alternative but to take the chemo! I hated the thought, it made me violently sick and suicidal. But I gained my life back! While there's life there's hope and, apart from two swollen lymph nodes in my groin which ache at times, I am living an almost normal life again. All this week I've been painting my older son's bedroom (now that he's gone to university).

    My disease is considered terminal. However, with the advent of stem cell research (not from foetuses) a number of people have shown remarkable recoveries. One gentleman has gone 10 years cancer free. Chemotherapy is part of the treatment.

    Yes, I utterly detest chemotherapy. It is barabric and should really have no place in modern medicine - but until recently there has been very little else to use (or if there has been it has been covered up). We're getting closer to cures every day, so my philosophy is to stay alive for as long as possible in the hope that a cure may be found. In the cold light of day it is easy to refuse chemotherapy - but when one is dreadfully ill and one sees one's family suffering through watching you die slowly it isn't so easy to refuse.


  • skyking

    I have been going to College lectures about the very problems addressed on this forum. I attended one at Spokane Washington at that lecture a top environmentalist was the guest speaker form a college Florida. What I bothered me he spoke about all the natural foods we eat that are much more poison than the artificial additives. For example black pepper is the worst known carcinogen we can eat that we add to our foods. But as he was stating no-one seems to care because it is natural. He spoken in depth about Organic Foods which scare the HELL out of me. Organic Foods can be grown using Organic shit yes Human, Cattle, Pigs... you get the picture. He stated more deaths occur in the industrialised nations from Organic eaten foods than all the other non organic foods combined.

    I eat home grown food that I kill and grow a lot of my own produce but if you think you are eating healthier by eating Organic YOU ARE NOT you are just deceiving yourself.

  • Dansk


    But yet we are the healthiest generation that has ever lived on the Earth and the longest living one to beat. So let the results speak for themselves.

    The programme has undermined your statement. I don't think the present generation of young children having extremely high traces of toxic chemicals in their bodies bodes well for their future! And I emphasise again, American children have it even worse!! While people may be living longer TODAY, statistics may well show a reverse in that trend TOMORROW. Ian

  • Satanus

    Ok, i see how tough it must have been, how it affected your family. In my case, however, there are few other people to consider, beside myself, at this time.



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