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  • Norm

    Well folks, I have read through this thread and naturally people has a right to be upset about all the strange chemicals and additives we get into our systems.

    I do think however that we might try to have a little more perspective and take a few steps back and look at history. As recent as 150-200 years back most people all over the world did not live as long as we do today. If we go further back it was even worse.
    People died of diseases that's considered mere banalities today. I certinly would much prefer to live now instead of back then.

    Many in the "alternative medicine" business use the word "natural" as it is some kind of miracle. Nature is full of extremely dangerous substances that will kill you in seconds so arguing that something is "natural" in the sense that it is healthier then a "man made" chemicals is pretty meaningless. E-coli, viruses, bacteria, yeah even dogshit is natural, it just ain't healthy.

    Apart from what has been pointed out already so-called organically grown vegetables and other such produce may be contamineted by certain funguses which are the most dangerous imaginable and which cases cancer. Life is indeed dangeous and I can guarantee that you will die from it.


  • skyking

    Norm Very well said.

    Like I have mentioned I work in the bussiness of Horticulture and it amazes me people buy into this Organic crap when it is with out a doubt more toxic on an average unless it is grown correctly, people if thehy are selling it too big bussiness then it is not grown correctly. For example one farm which we would love to shut down is using 100's of Geese to fend off insects instead of use chemicals and guess what Geese shit on the produce and then we eat it and get sick. This same farm uses shit from the local dairy farm for fertalizer, because of this it has way more toxic chemicals than other farmers using man made fertilizers. It totally amazes me how deceived you the public is. Remember toad slim is natural bet yet it is one of the quickest killing chemicals known to man.

    If you want good produce grow your own don't deceive yourself by buying Organic unless you know the grower and know what he is using for his fertilizer.

  • Dansk
    to get rid of cancer take: vitamin b17 (can get from a type of apricot kernal, often available from health shops, or injected), eat some Brazil nuts daily (for organic selenium), and stop drinking all hot drinks but just mainly fresh water, and get lots of fresh air, to oxygenate your cells again.

    If only it were that simple! I've tried all of these so-called cancer cures and they certainly didn't work for me. I even tried Essiac tea! Believe me, when you have cancer you realise just how many businesses out there are out to make a fast buck. They play on the fears and sickness of others. It's always those who don't have cancer who espouse how good such and such a product is, but for many who do have cancer they just don't work.

    I'll tell you exaactly what my problem is. My immune system has been compromised in some way. In most healthy normal people (I was extremely fit and had never seen a doctor in years before my condition) cancer cells are in their body every day but their immune system takes care of them. In my case my immune system doesn't recognise the cancer as being a threat and it grows. Somehow I need to be able to "switch on" my immune system again, but how? That's the dilemma facing scientists. There have been some great strides, especially with regards to monoclonal antibodies which target specific cells, and stem cell research, which can virtually make one's system "new" in order to combat disease. I have read many conspiracy theories regarding the cancer industry and how the big pharmacuticals don't want any cures to be marketed as that would damage their profits. But how true is it? Every conspiracy theory journalist I've read states how dangerous chemotherapy is and how it is doing more harm than good - yet their stories always end the same. They cannot recommend a viable alternative! Don't you think that people like me would do anything to get that elucive cancer cure? I'd probably even remortgage my house if I could be SURE a product would work! We've all seen pictures of young children with tubes up their noses, their bald pates and sickly grey palour! Are the conspiracy theorists telling me that EVERY cancer doctor is in cahoots with them and that they don't care about the untold suffering that goes on and would rather have a fat pay cheque than see such children cured?! Well, if that's true I'll step off the world right now, thank you very much, because there's no point living - sorry, existing! - if we cannot rely on our fellow men! I'll be perfectly frank. If I don't get cured soon - or, at the very least get a good remission - I'm dead! Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL) is the deadliest of all lymphomas and the one I have. It is insidious and tenacious. It is known to be immune to chemo (though it can be shrunk) and always returns. However, people have beaten terminal cancer before and I'm going to do my utmost to beat this one. But the alternative therapies have not had any striking results against this disease. Many of us have taken them, believe me! Nobody really wants to die, especially in their 40s and 50s, so we try anything and everything - but NOTHING has yet been proven to work effectively against MCL other than an allo stem cell transplant! I had an auto stem cell transplant, which means my own stem cells were used. In an allo stem cell transplant a sibling's stem cells or a non-related donor's are used. If one's sibling isn't an exact match (mine isn't) one has to use a non-related donor. The mortality figures are 10%, down from 30% but still risky. The problem is Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) where one's immune system starts attacking the donor stem cells. There are drugs to combat this, but if they don't work it's fatal. Remember, I went 18 months trying to survive on virtually every alternative therapy out there. They are all extremely costly. Right now I'm using RM10, a mushroom-based product that builds one's immune system up. Perhaps nothing will work and it's just my time to die. In the meantime, I'll give it my best shot Ian
  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident


    I'm so sorry your cancer is back.



  • darinwilson

    Just to highlight what others have been saying about so-called natural products. This book is highly recommended. It is very recent and scientifically sound. The book is called "The March of Unreason" by Lord Dick Taverne. It is very well written, puts everything into perspective. Regards Darin

  • confusedjw

    Ian said: "Perhaps nothing will work and it's just my time to die. In the meantime, I'll give it my best shot"

    I really hope not Ian. I really really hope something starts working. I found the tv show you were referencing very disturbing especially now that I've had a tussle with cancer.

    But what about my kids? What's happening to them?

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