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  • Fleur

    (((((((Ian))))))))))) I am sorry to hear that they think it's back.

    I have to tell you, as a mother this scares the living **** out of me. I have done a lot of work with children's charities that work with kids with cancer and it's terrifying. Really makes me think that I should maybe listen to my mother, pitch my microwave...but like you said it's just everywhere, what can you do?

    I read a really sad thing online awhile back about a little boy who died of cancer, they believed he got it because his mother had repeatedly used anti-lice shampoos on him containing pesticides. He had been exposed once and then she took to using it whenever there was a 'scare' at school or whatever...not so many times but more than once and he did die of it.

    Scares me beyond reason.

    Thinking of you...



  • nelly136

    this lists all the e numbers, i dont know if the rules have changed but if some things contained amounts of them that were below the recognised government standard amount they used to be left off the labels altogether.

    which used to make things very difficult when you were trying to keep specific ones out of diets

  • skyking

    Fleur said

    they believed he got it because his mother had repeatedly used anti-lice shampoos on him containing pesticides.

    Just something to talk about, think about fungicides when the man that spray's fungicides spray's it he dresses in a totally enclosed suit with a respirator on. I know I have a licenced to do but I do not doing pesticide spraying but have to maintain my licenses for my job in Agriculture. The same person gets Jock itch he goes home and generously lathers on the same exsact fungicide as he was spraying on the field that is diluted to the 1000's per cent but lather the same product on to his manlies that is diluted down to only 100'th percent or less depending on the strength,.

    It all perception most people don't even think about spraying his or her feet for athletic feet do they but doing that only a few times will give you more exposure to the same fungicide than the spray guy will get in a his whole life time of spraying as long as he don't go home and lather the stuff on his manlies or spray his feet for athletic feet.

    Be smart don't be fanatic. Buy only range feed meat. Never buy anything other than this. Buy regular produce form your local store. Don't dink any water that has Fluoride in it. Don't eat anything with MSG in it. Eat when possible only sugar cane foods no high corn sugar products and eat a balance diet. Avoid black pepper, avoid any margarine or other lard. You get the point.

    Live smart not out of ignorance, take charg to do real research and not what others tell you is true.

  • Dansk

    Hi Katie:

    I eat about 75% organic (as much as possible while juggling a full time job). I thought I was avoiding most chemicals. But if you say even healthy organic families are toxic then we stand no chance.

    I, too, eat mainly organic produce. I'm not saying ALL people who eat organic products are taking in toxic chemicals, only the family in the programme. Skyking mentioned that in the USA (or at least, in some parts) human excreta can be sprayed onto fields where there are crops for human consumption - but I don't think that's allowed in the UK. Remember, the programme stated that children in the USA were at double the risk than those in the UK, so perhaps our laws are more stringent (?).

    Country File, a programme on every Sunday morning at 11.00, actually covered organic produce only a few weeks ago and I can assure you that the farms referred to didn't use any chemicals what-so-ever. Also, free-range chickens were not exposed to antibiotics. I also know that Unicorn, in Chorlton, Manchester, stocks a wonderful array of organic and vegan products and would never consider stocking organic produce if it had been anywhere near chemicals.

    What the Trevor McDonald programme was emphasising is that toxic chemicals are all around us, even in the atmosphere, so no matter what we do they are still difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. And remember Chernobyl! The nuclear fall-out was blown over into western Europe and some landed in North Wales. Even today sheep in certain areas there are not allowed to be eaten because they are contaminated.

    To everyone who sends me their best wishes and support regarding my recent set-back (only found out last night) I am profoundly grateful. As the haematologist told me over the 'phone (he kindly rang me out of hours) they have a number of options to consider. First of all, however, I have to go for another bone marrow biopsy - a week next Thursday. I've had it performed at least twice before (a needle is inserted into the pelvic region under local anaesthetic) and it's a real toe curler! Once the condition of my marrow is ascertained the doctors will offer me treatment. I really don't want any more chemo, so I'm hoping for something less toxic

    Thanks again,


  • Mutz

    If you sell food that kills or makes someone ill the following day you get prosecuted. If you sell food laced with toxins that does the same in 30 or 40 years time it's called 'good business'.

  • DevonMcBride

    When my Mother was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, the doctor believed the increase in cancer related illness was due to chenicals in the environment.

  • aniron

    There was this article in todays Daily Mail 30/9/2006

    "Lifestyles blamed for 80% rise in breast cancer"

    The number of cases of breast cancer has almost doubled in a generation, driven up by changes in lifestyle and diet. Almost 37,000 women in England and Wales were diagnosed with the disease in 2004 - 10% more than in previous year and 80% more than 1971.One in nine British women now develops breast cancer at some point in her life. More than 1,000 die of the disease each month.

    Cancer experts blame the ageing population and changes in lifestyle and diet for the surge, and warned the figures are likely to continue to rise.If the trend documented by the Office for National Statistics, does continue there could be more than 50,000 new breast cancer patients a year by the end of the decade. However improved detection rates and treatments mean more victims survive. The rise in the number of cases can be partly explained by the ageing population with the cancer being most common in the elderly.

    However modern-day lifestyles in which financial independence has allowed women to delay motherhood., until their 30's 0r 40's, while they pursued a career has played a large part.

    Dr. Lesley Walker of Cancer Research UK, said "The steady increase in the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK over the past 30 years is most likely to be linked to the growing trend of women having fewer children, breast feeding for a short time and starting families later. Also, average body weight for women has risen in the past three decades and in post-menopausal women this is contributing to the increasing in breast cancer risk-as are some forms of hormone replacement therapy if taken over long periods."

    It is thought pregnancy and breast feeding lead to changes in the breast tissue which protect against cancer.Becoming pregnant for the first time early in life has been shown to be particularly protective. Todays trend towards smaller families. late motherhood and bottle feeding means women have less natural protection.

    The introduction of mammograms for the over-50's has also contributed to the increased caseload because it means the disease is being detected more often. Better nutrition means girls start their periods earlier and go through menopause later, increasing their exposure to the female sex hormone oestrogen which is thought to be a factor in breast cancer. Oestrogen is also a key component of HRT, so those undergoing HRT have the hormone on their systems longer. Currently 3.5 million women in the UK take the Pill, with most using a type which contains oestrogen and progesterone. Those who take it face a 25% higher risk of breast cancer.

    The rising tide of obesity and binge-drinking has also played a part, with fatty foods and alcohol both increasing the chances of contracting breast cancer. Drinking only a single glass of wine a day increases a womans risk of developing cancer by 6%. The threat grows with each additional glass. Women drinking more than a bottle of wine a day are up to 50% more likely to develop breast cancer. It is estimated that around one in 20 cases, around 2,000-can be blamed on drinking.

    There are also worries that modern pesticides and industrial chemicals are triggering the cancer.

    Death rates though have been falling because of advances in treatment and regular screening. Two thirds of women diagnosed with breast cancer today will still be alive in 20 years time, compared with a 50% survival rate in the early 1990’s.

  • yaddayadda

    to get rid of cancer take: vitamin b17 (can get from a type of apricot kernal, often available from health shops, or injected), eat some Brazil nuts daily (for organic selenium), and stop drinking all hot drinks but just mainly fresh water, and get lots of fresh air, to oxygenate your cells again.

  • oldflame


    Here in the states, I don't know if you all get it there but out of New Mexico is a talk show host on am radio. The host name is Art Bell. Art talks about things that are considered classified information if you get my drift. Like UFO's and secrets the government keeps from the public.

    Anyway one night he had a guest on his show. She held a position in the government and was whistle blowing on them on his show. She said that whenever you see the jet smopke patterns in the sky that cris cross themselves are from jets that are spraying chemicals on us to see how we react to certain chemicals for instance a flue virus. Then they get people sick and when they go to the doctor they are given antibotics which are usually new to combat the virus they sprayed on us. She said that Northern California is where they do it most and of course guess where I live ? I can't help but notice everytime I see those cris cross patterns in the sky that a huge influx of people start getting sick.

    So it was odd that you started this thread when I had just noticed the other day a cris cross pattern in the sky and guess what people are getting sick all around me. Thank Goodness I have a healthy immune system as I take a herbal remedy that keeps it healthy. Infact you should think about using it as it was found to kill cancer cells as well and also builds whits blood cells. It is called Esiac and you can look it up on the net, You can buy it at a health food store and make it yourself.


  • skyking

    oldflame you start a new thread about the chemtrails and see the posts come out in groves that will call you crazy and mentally impaired. I too see these patterns and I too have been doing research about them. I know most people never see what is right before their eyes and yet they claim to be thinking humans. All anyone has to do is look up, see a blue sky turn cloudy from the chemtrails, not from normal clouds and then think for themselves. But the human condition does not let them believe their government could do this. Even though history proves the Government has done things like this in the past even worse than this.

    How blind we are when we refuse to see what is hiding in plain sight .

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