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  • greendawn

    No wonder why some people become like hippies abandon "civilisation" and go to live in nature a life as natural as can be given the way the environment has been flooded by ma made chemicals. Growing food without pesticides and living in houses made of stone and wood, and no car exhaust fumes.

  • solo

    I saw a snippet of that programme. I think there will always be a pay off for the way we live now, there is a constant stream of new magic products to use on ourselves and in our houses and the food we buy at the supermarket - what do we actually know about what happened to it before we put it into our mouths, what are the effects of all these things on our bodies and our lives? Will we ever really know. Is there a contradiction today between the medical world and all the advances they have made in helping us live longer and recover from illness and the industrial world with all their new better improved products, cleaning goods, foods, creams, drinks that may be killing us?

  • skyking

    Like I said Organic is not better. This is why the Organic Food is not better, Organic growers do not use man made fertilizers, but use natural fertilizers. Let say you are a Organic Grower and you have a Cattle ranch next door, You buy his shit that is full of harmon's and drugs he uses for the sick cattle the list goes on and on. Most of the chemicals pass through the cattle and is concentrated is its shit then the Organic grower uses it as fertilizer instead of buying man made fertilizer. WALL LA your organic food just recieved more chemicals from the fertilizer than the rest of the growers use that are not organic growers.

    Were I live Organic growers use Human shit which is perfectly legal to use and still sell as Organic. Now think about this for a bit, How many human takes medicine everyday? Most of what we take as medicine is passed through and now it is put down as fertilizers then we eat the chemicals from the drugs found in the shit.

    All of us need to eat healthier but if you live in the CITY stay the hell away from Organic food you are puting more chemicals in your body and paying a higher price to poison your self at the same time.

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    Elsewhere... That's not nice. I'm sure that Dansk is being serious. No reason to add fuel, albeit natural, to the fire.


    Ian..I was talking to the Penguins..They said the polar bears have started a Tiny Nuts Club! Crazy Eyes..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • dido

    Sorry to hear of your illness Ian, i`ve been worried for years about all the chemicals and sprays that they use on our foods, and it is responsible for the increase in cancer. Reading about organic food is also an eyeopener, i didn`t know that it was worse, nor do i suspect does most of the British public. I saw a little of that programme, and was shocked at the results.

  • JWdaughter

    I have certain things I am 'freaky' about to my family, and I think that when all is said and done, keeping your food clean, fresh and at the proper temperature is as important to health as all the chemical concerns. Food served at improper temperatures or after being improperly stored accounts for a lot of illness. OTOH, feeding kids food that is so far from the source that they don't know what cheese is if it doesn't come in a single serve slice in a plastic sleeve-thats messed up. Fruit 'drinks' that have no fruit. McDonalds several times a week, mac and cheese for all the other meals-except the chocopuffs for breakfast. Some people use those things occasionally-others serve such things at every single meal. If your kids don't know that chicken nuggets have their source in actual chickens, you need to educate. I have had visiting kids watch me slice up cheese and not know it was CHEESE. I think fretting about chemicals in our food has its place, but teaching our kids about what REAL food is is most important. Most kids aren't dying from toxic chemical overload, they are getting unhealthy on generally bad food and too much of it.

    That being said, we could all make more informed choices if we had a clue-What is reality and what is someone's hype? It is so hard to know, so hard to trust anyone or their motivations anymore. We have a local radio 'health' show that I realized was really pushing a few 'therapies' by a certain doctor-who seems to be some sort of quack. But listening for only one or two shows wouldn't tell you that. So I just use my common sense-for whats its worth and try to learn from unbiased(uh huh!) sources.

    Dansk, I am sad to hear of what you have been going through. I know your family hurts to see you suffer. Take care of yourself.


  • banished1

    Ian, my aunt who is 91 and who just returned from a vacation in Hawaii has battled and won breast cancer and now is fighting bladder cancer. She has had many rounds of chemo and so far is in remission.
    She is a brave woman who does not give up easily.

    When she was 14 she saved the life of a five year old boy in Santa Monica Beach on the California Coast.
    For this she received the Carnegie award for heroism given out at the time.
    She got as a reward Life Time Scholarship. This meant she could study at any institution of her choice and get a career all paid for by the Carnegie Institute.

    This opportunity and its rewards took her all over the world! She has been to every continent and practically every country. She decided not to marry and instead poured herself into her career and travelling life. When she was 50 she came down with breast cancer. She took the radical treatment offered and survived just fine! Then about five years ago she came down with this insidious bladder cancer.
    She fights it and fights it. She is not Japanese but likes to eat that way she says. At 91 that old white lady loves shushi and fish broth with seaweed. Last year she visited Ireland to do some research at Trinity College---all paid for by the Carnegie Institute.

    Needless to say she is amazing! She accepts her cancer but is determine to outlive it!

    Hope this story gives you courage Ian.

  • Beardo

    There are other things beyond food to concern ourselves about as well (he says sitting before two monitors!) - like the magnetic fields we have cast around ourselves creating a harmonic imbalance.

    We are creatures who exist within vibratory energy fields and sadly, even at that level we are being affected daily (mainly in cities).

    We are out of balance and the world we are constructing around us is the outworking of the collective consciousness and it's diseased state. Something will eventually give. Either the source of all things will say 'enough' or we will cast ourselves into another destructive downwards spiral (which I can already see taking place).

    Civilization will fragment again. We appear, as humans, to exist within cycles that always end in destruction and then rebirth.

  • katiekitten

    This is truly worrying.

    I eat about 75% organic (as much as possible while juggling a full time job). I thought I was avoiding most chemicals. But if you say even healthy organic families are toxic then we stand no chance.

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