Confess and you won't be DF'd!!! Puke alert!!!!

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  • Lapuce

    They gotta be joking with this BS, and of course alot of Dubs will see this as a loving jesture... Give me a break....!!! Talk about control.

  • Gill

    Sirona! Hi! I hope you're feeling better.

    The problem with Watchtower 'forgiveness' is that it doesn't really exist. They keep a record on the publishers record card, recording the sin. How is that forgiveness!?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    They seem to be bringing quite a few articles like this out at the moment, like that "when a loved one leaves jehovah" bs a few weeks ago. It seems to me that these are designed to induce guilt into the thoughts of faders or inactive dubs who still attend, faders in paricular, to get them to go to the elders so they can be dealt with. That "...leaves jehovah" article was pure blackmail, while this one is a bit more subtle, like saying "come and see us, if you haven't done anything bad, we will welcome you", and some might fall for it, only to find themselves getting hammerred in the back room.

  • garybuss

    It's pretty stupid for any religion to advertise it has a dark side and it's incredibly stupid to highlight the inequities within that dark side. These articles are good because they will make the new recruits question whether they want to be involved with this group. The Witness kids know they can dodge this disfellowship bullet if they don't get baptized.

    This portion of the article didn't mention shunning in connection with disfellowshipping. It sounded like disfellowshipping was just not answering at meetings, like answering is communion.

    I read paragraph 20 over 4 times and I still can't figure out what it's saying. There is sin, announcement and then say the sinner is like a injured person and "very likely" he should listen at meetings and not comment, and "someone" could have a Bible study with the announced sinner?

    Did they switch from disfellowshipped sinners to publicly reproved sinners as the topic of the paragraph? Or what?

  • candidlynuts
    Repentance is a very important factor in connection with reinstatement into the Christian congregation. A disfellowshipped person is not automatically accepted back into the congregation after a certain amount of time has passed. Before he can be reinstated his heart condition muyst undergo a great change. He must come to realise the gravity of his sin and the reproach he brought upon Jehovah and the congregation. The sinner must repent, pray earnestly for forgiveness and conform to God's righteous requirements. When requesting reinstatement, he should be able to give evidence that he has repented and is producing works that befit repentence.'

    this is baloney, when my ex was df'd he started requesting reinstatement after a year, they said no because the gossip about what he'd done hadnt cooled down enough.... took 4 years and he told me at the reinstatment meeting they had with him they said that the gossip had settled down enough for him to be reinstated.

    its all about appearance

  • Gill

    Garybuss - If you found para 20 confusing, you might find 21 equally so.

    'Elder can provide sppiritual help in various ways. For instance, suppose a brother who in the past had a drinking problem drank too much once or twice when home alone. Or perhaps, one who long ago abandoned the use of tobacco smoked privately a time or two in a moment of weakness. Although he has prayed and believes that God has forgiven him, he should see the help of an elder so that such a sin does not become habitual. An elder or two might handle the situation. However, the elder9s) would inform the presiding over seer, as there may be other factors involved!'


  • sass_my_frass

    This article will probably get a lot of coverage here, for perfectly valid reasons. I don't even know where to start.

    I know of at least 5 cases where the person went to the elders to confess, and got the boot.

    Make that six. I fell for these lies too, and trusted the men with the oil. Good grief. I just don't know if I can ever have confidence in my beliefs for the rest of my life, after having believed this.

  • garybuss

    I think when a "brother" turns into a "situation", love starts to look like hate.

  • Gill

    In a shocking way this article reminds me of the horrors endured by some women after the Tsunami.

    A few men went around in boats rescuing women from the water. The women were relieved to be rescued but were then raped by their 'rescuers'.

    Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly!

    Ring any bells here?

    I think this is a Watchtower trap for their vulnerable members who are not fully obeying every bit of crap coming from Crooklyn.

    They're after lurkers and many who post on internet sites. There are many with 'vices' that the bOrg would like to punish. I know of some who smoke, gamble and more but still identify themselves as active witnesses.

    The article is full of 'moral blackmail'. It's quite sickening, especially as you know the 'Spider WILL eat the fly!'

  • Gill

    Garybuss - I can see this 'situation' going on some poor sap's record card, and never being forgotten or forgiven!!

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