Confess and you won't be DF'd!!! Puke alert!!!!

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  • nelly136
    These faithful and warm hearted men wil pray over him and grease him with oil in Jehovah's name. Like soothing oil, their Bible cousnel will prove to be comforting to anyone who is truly repentant.

    you gotta ask what kind of material this writer was reading just prior to writing this, i'm crackin up here

  • ButtLight

    You know when your in the "back room" and they ask you to step out into the hall while they make their decision? All they do is flip a coin! Heads, your repentant, tails your df'd! Of course I got tails!

    I confessed, crying my eyeballs out and still got the boot!

  • puck

    my little brother just went to the elders to confess something that he did some time ago, and they told him (after a few meetings with them) that he wasn't "repentant enough", and df'd him. there was no oil involved. you'd think they could at least grease him up to make his exit a bit more smooth...

  • restrangled
    'clearly, then , a sinner must be repentant if he is to receive mercy. However, neither shame nor fear of exposure is repentance. 'To repnet' meant 'to change one's mind' with regard to bad conduct, because of regret. A repentant person has 'a hear broken and crushed' and wants to 'right the wrong' if possible.

    And they'll make sure to break and crush your heart if in their expert opinion it hasn't happened yet!

    I get the feeling they are trying to woo current members who are on forums like this one into confessing because it's about the only way they'll catch em. I


  • dobbie

    I know of two people who committed gross sins (separately) and both were repentant and were allowed to continue, although i think they couldn't answer up for a while or join the school then again who's to say someone's repentant anyway they could just say that to stay in and the elders wouldn't know.It's all a lot of tripe anyway and from my experience the elders only act like 'loving shepherds' when you are toeing the line and agreeing with every little thing they say.

  • juni

    During our son's meeting w/the BOE the scriptures were not used as soothing oil. They used the good book to beat him on the head and they had their own self-rightous denunciations to add to it.

    This all sounds soooooo good. But in reality it's a lie. For those who have never been in on a judicial hearing this sounds so fair, but it's just the opposite.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I guess one of the dangers for anyone relatively new to the religion is if they read this crap, they would get a distorted idea of how they would expect to be treated if anything goes wrong. This article makes the elders sound like saints, when we all know how so - called wrongdoers are really treated.

    This article is a complete fairy tale. It tells it how it ought to be, according to the scriptures. No one reading this would have any idea how it really is. The wts are such deceitful bstds, it's sickening.

  • Gill

    Like Restrangled, I suspect this is some kind of ploy to guilt trip those on the edge of the org to 'Confess.'

    Paragraphs 10 - 13 of this article are one long superstitious guilt trip of what will happen to you if you don't confess.

    I am also thinking of some JWs that I know, including an Elders daughter, my son had a sexual relationship with for a year. Both her uncle and aunt killed themselves a couple of weeks after being DF'd. I am worried she may be guilt tripped into confessing to those window and toilet cleaners and getting the boot. Her brother has already, at 16 been kicked out of their fathers house for refusing to go to meetings anymore. I'm relieved the boy has good 'worldly' friends who took him in IMMEADIATELY. However, I feel concerned for this girl that an article like this may 'catch' her!

    Articles like this can have catastrophic outcomes to those who take them seriously!!

  • fokyc

    I can't wait for Blondie to cover this one!! Could we ask her to do an early preview?

    What a load of manure!!


  • restrangled

    The separating of the sheep and goats has now officially begun. Perhaps they better set up some confessionals like the Catholic Church in order to handle the mass exodus of guilt ridden members that they will find unrepentant.

    In order to save money just rent some porta potties and set them out in the parking lots get em in get em out.


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