Confess and you won't be DF'd!!! Puke alert!!!!

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  • daystar

    To all you active Witnesses reading this thread, these are all real experiences, by people who used to be your spiritual brothers and sisters. If they sound bitter, they are with reason. If you think they're all lies, well, think again.

    If you keep your eyes open, you will see it for what it is. These are people from across the states and across the globe with such similar experiences. How can that be? How can it be that so many were treated so unkindly by so-called servants of Jehovah? These are not isolated cases.

    Open your eyes. Please...

  • awol

    I have a friend who is a publisher. She is my best friend. She can do no wrong in my eyes. She has had a rough time in her life, and she has committed fornication 3 times.... well not just three times only.... three times she had relationships with guys and slept with them over a short period of time. When she felt sufficiently guilty (because of the religion) she would pack em in and go to the elders. She has NEVER been df'd!

    I would never try to convince her not to go because she has many friends there and I think it keeps her going (not the religion but the social side!).

    Poor her... she has been abandoned by her husband and craves to be with a man.... she has fallen for someone ( a MS... !!) and he "plays" with her emotions. She has told him how she feels and yet he flirts and upsets her! She gets soooo frustrated. The Elders have told her that although abadoned (4.5 yrs now!) by her husband... she is free to divorce him (if only that simple) but she may never re marry!!!! FFS she is a 37 yr old beautiful woman who has needs and wants to be loved. They will tell her to wait for the GT and she will be rewarded!!!!

    Oh, and in her reproval meetings they wanted to know EVERYTHING she had done. Oh "I slept with someone over the last month or two" was not good enough! It was "When, where, how many times. Did you have oral sex" FFS they are complete perverts! probably fantasising about what my freind might be "up for" so they can "think" about it later!

    I have been PR'd a long time ago.... and let me tell you it was the worst thing ever.... again I was asked too many personal questions - which I told them!!!! ha ha. Cos I was shitting myself. My best friend was NOT allowed to come in with me and hold my hand.

    Rubbish. Mind controlling.

  • Lady Liberty
  • BlackPearl

    Ya, I wanna know if it's the warming kind of oil?

  • rich5678

    i done this foolish thing months ago not knowing about what i was about to face. I committed fornication one time with a guy. i went to the elders with this guilt that jehovah wouldn't forgive me for hiding it. i remember some publications that state "yeah you are hiding your sins but jehovah sees it and it will come to the light at the end" why the hell did i believe that? this experience made me truly see that being a member of this organization is not for me and i saw that the WTS is not really the truth.

  • rich5678

    i forgot to add that i am privately reproved and still am under restrictions. this elder lied and said 31 days. months response

  • rich5678

    i am thinking about becoming inactive when i move out of my parent's house to go off to school in another town...

  • out4good3

    You say that you're going to go inactive when you move out of your parent's house like you'll be needing permission to do so.

    You will not.

  • clearlyenlight

    If you were raised as a witness you need to detach from your family and live a life of non-attachment. It is the only way and you will be much happier.

  • nugget

    Right just a minute I think I need to confess all to my local body of elders, oh wait I'll be df'd as a raging apostate. Whatever they print it is a load of manure. Evidence suggests that this is disingenuous at best and deceitful.

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