Confess and you won't be DF'd!!! Puke alert!!!!

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  • Sirona


    The problem with Watchtower 'forgiveness' is that it doesn't really exist. They keep a record on the publishers record card, recording the sin. How is that forgiveness!?


    How is a sin "washed away in the blood of the lamb" if its indelibly marked on a publisher record card?

    The Watchtower Society thinks it is God. This is the whole reason for articles like this. They are not simply "directed" by God, they think they ARE God. The ordinary JWs on a local level can't seem to see this, but for those of us who know about cults, its blatantly obvious.


  • Gill

    Sirona! You remind me of a conversation with my mother. I said she aught to leave the Watchtower Society. She said, she would never leave Jehovah. I said that I wasn't asking her to leave Jehovah, just the Watchtower society. She looked at me blankly. Then after a few seconds she repeated, like a robot, 'I will never leave Jehovah.' I said, ' No, the Watchtower Society!' She still looked blank.

    This was the first time that I ever realised for certain that JWs really were under thought control. It was a few weeks after I first stumbled across sites like this one. She really seemed to understand the Watchtower Society and Jehovah as one!

  • ferret

    Where is the EPA when you need them. That is toxic , hazardous material.

  • dido

    That scripture, the one that says `let the older men pray over you and grease you, one elder took that as literal, and said `he`d love to grease me all over` the pervert! (the same one that d/f me)!

  • Gill

    Wow, Dido! That's just gross! I hope you reported him to his wife!!

  • jwcol

    I almost just want to just have a moment of silence over the accuracy of this thread and the sadness, destruction and damage that is involved in disfellowshipping.

    The statements about persons NOT BEING DISFELLOWSHIPPED if they are repentant are NOTHING but LIES!!!!!!!!!!! It infuriates me when I see it or hear it!!! Why not just be honest?! Why not just say "Listen, this is about cold, hard, discipline and there IS a SET PERIOD of time BASED on your this biblical? Not at all, but it makes us feel better....why? Because we aren't comfortable with the blood of Jesus being able to wash away our narrow minds, you MUST be punished appropriately and that has nothing to do with repentance, or the blood of Christ."

    I'll never forget what they told me: "we know you are repentant, but you can't be fully repentant unless you have been disfellowshipped, so that is our decision."

    Granted, I made some bad decisions, but my wife admitted deliberately driving me away so she could be scripturally free. What about CAUSING DIVISIONS? what about CONTENTIOUSNESS???????? Couldn't a person at least be REPROVED for those things? Nope, the only things that are enforced are apostasy, smoking, sex and other easily enforcible rules...has nothing to do with helping keep the congregation clean. If it did, then there would not be hardly any divorces because they would actually HELP people instead of CONDEMN them.

    Another thing I thought of just today....IF disfellowshipping is only a last resort so to speak, wouldn't you expect to see a LOT more public reproofs than disfellowshippings??????? Shouldn't PR be relatively common and then disfellowshippings be relatively rare? You would think that would be a big indicator.

    I think the BIGGEST REASON BEHIND DISFELLOWSHIPPING serves a more sinister purpose....the sole intent to scare people into behaving, and to make everyone feel that they are better than the people that are expelled.

  • tijkmo

    Disfellowshipping takes place only if a member of the congregation UNREPENTATNTLY engages in gross sin.

    phew i was worried there for a moment that some might get df-ed wrongly....i will be able to sleep soundly tonight

  • tijkmo

    i wrote a song this week that fits nicely with this but for some reason im not being allowed to post it...are there trigger words or phrases that would have that effect...that would be ironic considering what does get posted here..i will try and type the title and see what happens...s.h.o.o.t. the wounded

  • tijkmo

    well it must be that word then ....dont know why when there are often debates here about guns etc...

    anyhoo i recorded the song today so if anyone is interested i can send the song or the lyrics...just pm me

    the irony just knocks me out

  • headmath

    i like this quote

    "These faithful and warm hearted men wil pray over him and grease him with oil in Jehovah's name"

    end quote.

    So if you are caught master.bating in the KH bathroom the elders will grease you down with oil. Hey I'm going back to meetings!!

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