But what if they're right............still the Truth?

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  • ScoobySnax

    Actually I was listening and digesting everyones comments here. Nothing more. Thankyou to everyone that responded, and I know, I must seem like a broken record. Someone said...."Scooby, you do this every year.....why torture yourself?" God knows. It's just part of me and how I feel I guess. Anyway, I'll shut it now. Scoob


    Hey Scoob..I know it`s tough for DubKids who haven`t participated in the religion as adults..It`s a different ballgame when you get older..At your age you won`t believe what will be expected of you and for what?..I think they would tear you and your life apart..Theres no room for any life style but the one your ordered to live..That would kill the Scooby we know..At least you got the stones to ask questions and think about it..Have a good weekend Scoob...OUTLAW

  • kazar


    I do not believe because I am out of the Witnesses that they don't have the truth or at least some of it. I feel much the way you do. Although I have divorced myself intellectually from "the truth", as yet, I have not been able to completely break away from the emotional hold it had on me. And, regardless of my worthiness or unworthiness which troubles me at times, I do know I hated much of the religion when I was in it. I am still working my way out of the dilemma. I have covered much ground since I came here. Sometimes I think I chose the easy way out and just didn't want to do all that Jehovah expected of me. Fortunately, these are only passing thoughts. What we experience is relevant to most people inculcated in a belief system. My best friend is a Seventh Day Adventist. I listen to her rantings about the Rapture and the Sabbath at least once a week along with other concepts which are very similar to the Witnesses. I don't argue with her because she is my friend. The more I listen to her, the more I see myself as I was when I was with the Witnesses. So, I don't hold the bible as a sacred text anymore. Too many interpretations can be gleaned from it. Who is to say the bible is right just because we once believed it?

  • thepackage

    Focus on being a good person. Dub’s are just another cult.

  • loli

    Hi Scooby! Didn't Jesus say that love would be the identifying mark of his followers? How can you pull your love away from someone just because the object of their affection happens to be of the same gender? Puh-leeeez! Wherever any one of us can find another person to share companionship, love, or even hot swinginging-from-the-rafters sex, why is that a bad thing as long as all involved are consenting? Why would the supposed supreme diety of all eternity care about such things? Homophobia is not a loving attitude in my opinion. Good luck!

  • littlerockguy

    Scooby: I haven't read all the posts on this thread yet but what do you think of their teaching as your sexuality, homosexuality, is learned instead of innate? Do you believe it was your fault that you have the sexual orientation of being gay? You may have come from a "loving and supportive" congregation but I couldn't help but think if I told anybody in my congregation I was gay (sexually active or not) I would have just as well have been disfellowshipped and judged because of their teachings concerning homosexuality. I can probably go as far as to say if I wasn't gay I probably wouldn't have left at all and I never would have found out a lot of the skeletons in the WTS closet. One thing I know they are not right on is that I or anybody else do have to go through them to get to God and Jesus didn't appoint them over shit!

  • sass_my_frass

    I used to get that feeling, it's the only thing that kept me a witness for at least ten years. I didn't actually believe it, I knew that it was all illogical and embarassingly stupid, but I stayed because I'd been indoctrinated all my life to believe that 'even though they are imperfect men and sometimes make mistakes, it's the 'most right thing''.

    It just isn't though... it just isn't true.

  • LongHairGal

    Surely they are right about a few things but does that justify all the other things that are wrong? I literally could not exist there and play the game knowing what I know. I couldn't go door to door because I don't believe everything they say is true or correct and I couldn't inflict all the wrong I know about them on an unsuspecting householder, etc. Does this make me a bad person? With them it is ALL or NOTHING. There is NO In-Between. Because I refuse to have people micro-manage my life about things that are clearly none of their business, does this make me a bad person? Because I refuse to be disrespected and allow myself to be victimized by all the users, con-artists and whathaveyou that abound there, does this make me a bad person? Because I will not twist my brain into a pretzel until I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown, does this make me a bad person??? I could go on and on. If God is cutting them slack for being imperfect, why isn't he cutting slack to other religions too? Aren't they all wrong in varying degrees?? LHG

  • jgnat

    Me, I'd hate to live on a tightrope. But if that's where you'd rather stay, you'll have to live with the result. It will be resolved when you do some deep thinking.

  • daystar

    I've become accustomed to uncertainty in my life. I may have ideas about what may be regarding things based upon my experiences. But at any point in time, mankind as a whole has been wrong about 90% of what it has believed about it's world, at very least in the details.

    The JW religion claims to be "The Truth", not just about one thing, but all things. If they are wrong about even one thing, they cannot be "The Truth" in the way that they proclaim. If they subscribe to such a thing as "New Light" which replaces "Old Light", they can not now, or ever, be "The Truth".

    How can one expect to guide their life in "The Truth" when it is such an uncertain truth, to be blown this way and that way at the whim of foul winds emanating from Brooklyn?

    They're no more right than anyone else. But the fact that they claim otherwise makes them charlatans of the worst kind.

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