But what if they're right............still the Truth?

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    Scooby, really picture it, the future. The picture the WTS paints of the future is a lie and they know it.
    They have no intention of building you a big beautiful home so you can sit in it and enjoy your life up on your remote mountain!

    Oh and as for exploring the earths natural beauty, do you really think they are going to let you do that?
    "Get back to work!" Do you think you will have the time and resources to explore the universe and study the fauna and flora? (things you would like to do now, but have given up for the meetings and field service)
    What about outer space? Have an interest in those things? What if the elders decide you should concentrate on the cleanup project and removing the garbage and refuse left after the big destruction? You better listen to them -----or else! Want to explore the planets on the internet? Forget about it. Conscription of all men and women and children will be the order of the day in the paradise for many years.

    For the first few hundred years or so your life will be a slave's hell! Think regimented Bethel Life!
    You think the elders now are arrogant! Wait until the paradise! They will have total control over your life and your family's life. You think the elders wives are nosy busybodies? Wait until everyone is a nosy busy body into your affairs! Remember you can still die in the paradise! You will be zapped for even a naughty thought!!

    The Rank and File are being fed a load of nonsense and paying for it with their lives.
    When do they think the Society will release them from their slave condition and allow them to do what they want, they and their families?

    I am not afraid of Armageddon. If it comes, fine. But I do not want to live in slavery anymore and be told what to do, when to do it, and to record my time doing it---- or else.


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    But I think their is one true religion

    I have to disagree with you on that thought.... I believe JWS had this right >"Religion is a snare & a racket..". But God >the Creator> Jesus Christ!!!! ( Colossians 1: 15 NOT FROM THEIR TWISTED BIBLE!!!!) It is relationships that are revealing. In Their Bible they say to take in KNOWLEDGE!!!! But Jesus said to KNOW!!! there is a differance. I took in knowledge about you. But let me talk to some one who LIVES with you ( Boy I bet I would find a few things I didnt know >maybe not nice things ) Jesus LIVES!!!! & You too can really KNOW him, Just invite Him in>>. Tell him you dont believe in Him, tell him you want proof, not by your reading of Scripture by introducing you to these folks.>"this is how you will know them by their love !!!! Do you really think they teach LOVE???? Be honest. Scripture tells us to recognise them by their Fruits ( Mathew 17-22) The only fruitage I see with them NOW!!! (I didnt see it when I was blind-but now I see!!!! )is HATE!!!!!(>>>>> apostates,divide families, judge everyone( we were told to hate the preists,nuns, Churches,govenments, the only love we were taught were CONDITIONAL,,,,, Sorry for the lengthy post but I am Mouthy,

  • JWdaughter

    Theyoungone: Welcome to the board. I don't know why you were expelled from congregation, but was it joy that led you to the transgression?

    My experience with JWs as a small child were not horrible-other than being told to expect the 'end' imminently, and expecting that I would be put in a concentration camp and regularly abused and persecuted. But the folks in my cong. seemed nice enough.

    Then I grew up. No longer a JW (never baptised, so officially you can read this)and come to find out that there was abuse in many of the homes in our cong. My mother is a JW and so 'happy' that she is alcoholic, depressed, takes sleeping meds so she can sleep and while physically healthy, is perfectly content to die today. She is not even waiting for armageddon anymore. Her brother is alcoholic, lost one child because of cancer/blood issues, one to suicide and the other is extrememly mentally ill. Youngest daughter married an abusive(non JW man). A cousin killed her husband and his mistress, her son killed her younger son in a hunting 'accident'. My best childhood friend married an abusive mentally ill man whose JW family sent him far from his home to find a wife that didn't know his history. A friend married the son of an elder and found the whole family to be alcoholic and abusive to women. Most of the others I know left the org. soon after HS (I thought they were all so "strong" in the "truth".) Most knew it was hooey. So do you. You think it is better hooey than the rest. It is the same, only more self righteous and obnoxious.

    Morality is taught in all churches that I am aware of and have attended. JWs may think they are the only ones that push it, but that is not true. JWs did not invent that promise to wait club-I think it was southern baptists or a interdenom. group. JWs, as you know sin as much as any other group. They are just in denial that it happens. They are no happier than any other group. I personally think LESS so from the JWs I know and know of. And as my entire maternal family is mostly JW or formerly JW, I know of what I speak.

    I hope you will really examine your own beliefs, and see where they really fall in line with the WT and which things you just try to ignore and pretend don't exist so that you don't have to admit it isn't all perfect. I bet that you, like many of us, have a huge section of JW things that you just put out of your pretty little head, cause you don't want to rock your faith. Remember that the organization is NOT God, not Jehovah, NOT Jesus. It is an organization made up of MEN. The org wants you to remember that when they have falsely taught, but when they want you to follow the rules, they are God's voice on earth and expect you to jump. You are not to question, you are not to doubt-cause to doubt the org is to doubt Jehovah God. I am here to tell you now that you are not doubting Jehovah God if you don't believe everything the Watchtower is teaching you. You are only doubting fallible men. And that is totally allowed!

  • gadfly

    Leaving -- or not attending, or not being a "regular publisher," or being inactive -- activates fear and guilt. We were told forever that fear is what fuels false religion. Hellfire? Fear. Limbo? Fear. Yet, how is the fear of Armaggedon any different?

    I used to say that, with JW's, all the pieces were there. Everything fits -- it MUST be the truth. Prophecies, answers to all questions . . . I also asked myself if I would have become a JW if it had been offered to me. If someone had come to my door, would I have invited them in? I thought that since my mother had found "the truth" for me, perhaps I didn't count. After all, I was just raised as a JW -- what would I have done if my mother wasn't so inclined? Was it a mistake that I was "in the truth" ?

    Your musings sound very similar to what still echoes in my brain from time to time, like a whisper of a hint of an echo -- what if they're right?

    Then I'm reminded of Nostredamus' (sp?) prophecies -- a bunch of them were amazing and right on cue, enough to make you believe -- until you hear about the others that were WAY off. Same is true of the many "prophecies" quoted by the society; 1975? Didn't happen. On and on . . . what it comes down to is whether we live true and authentic lives. If you believe in a higher power -- a power that actually cares what goes on down here in Smallsville -- then leave it to that power to decide. That power is the one that you can rely on -- why do you need a prescription? Do this, do that, step sideways, walk forward -- you'll have eternal life if you do. How about just doing the right thing -- treating your fellow man with kindness and compassion, and stop worrying about your fate. No matter what your beliefs, all we have is now.




    Scotty,you`ve created a monster..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • BluesBrother

    Great thread, exactly what this board is all about.

    Is not this the argument put forth by the witnesses, "supposing we are right - you better stay on the winning side just to be sure"...

    In fact it is moral blackmail , like unscrupolous insurance salesmen tell you how many people die young , but fail to put the facts into perspective .

    Being "In the truth" is not all about surviving Armageddon and living under a vine and fig tree. It is about a love of Jehovah God, as he is depicted by the WTS and it is a total and utter acceptance of that Society as the only channel between God and man . If you believe that then of course you must do what the Org says .

    Question 1) How could I love and serve a God who was threatening to kill me and millions of others? For decades I believed "worldly people" to be deceitful liars and their women to be wanton hussies who would ............................[well you know what I mean.} Without giving away too much , lets say that , just like you, I came to realise that people can also be good, and most are just normal who want just to live alongside their neighbours and get on with caring for their families.

    I realised then that the WT teaching was an insult to God . I know him from scripture I do not believe that he would ever do such a wicked act as the Armageddon doctrine says he will do. So the WT cannot, in any way be right??

    Question 2) If the WTS were right, how come they get all wrong, ie changing beliefs , debacle re. the U N scandal, child abuse et? I know that even the apostles were flawed individually, but what they taught and wrote was correct. If an individual , even high in the WTS made a mistake , that would not matter, so did apostle Peter, but that is very different to the whole organization teaching wrong things for decades.

    So, I have rambled perhaps, but my conclusion is NO. Since the penny dropped I have never thought that they could possibly be right after all.

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