But what if they're right............still the Truth?

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  • mouthy

    VM I will tell you what they got right>>>>The identified themself as the anti christ

  • Quandry


    Are you looking for someone that feels a bit like you do? Here I am. I did not leave the organization because of doctrinal disagreements. In fact,

    I never beleived in the Trinity even before I became a witness.

    I do not want to worship someone who would roast people in hellfire for eternity.

    I beleive that Jesus resurrected people and clearly has the power to do so.

    I want to see the earth cleaned of pollution and wickedness. I detest that so many want to hurt others, take what they have, and murder.

    I hate that so many innocent children are killed in wars. I don't want to go and kill anyone for oil, territory or political reasons. I do not think that a true christian would do that, either.

    However, I want to hear the whole truth. I do not to have withheld from me the fact that the UN and the WT were in any way connected, and that a person could be df'd for merely repeating this true fact.

    I do not think that any organization that df's people because they expose a child molester is doing what Jesus wanted.

    I do not think any organization that demands that people die without taking any blood products and than changes the view that some components can now be acceptable were correct in the first place.

    I do think that if you don't really know if the people of Sodom will be resurrected, don't say they will/they won't/they will. Just be honest enough to admit you don't know and can't say.

    I do not think that any of us can live up to perfection in this system. That is why Jesus died for us-and he realized that we could not.

    I do not agree with completely shunning anyone. Especially impressionable young people.

    I do not beleive that this organization should have given exact dates of the end, then when the end didn't come, blamed the belief on the rank and file.

    I do beleive that those in responsible positions should be there to HELP people, offering practical suggestions for how to overcome sinful tendencies, not condemn, as they have no right to do that.

    So, yes, I do still believe some of the core beliefs. But I have these issues which cannot be overcome.

    Therein lies my name on this post, and my sometimes deep depression, and my urge to search for the True Religion. As they said on the X Files, is THE TRUTH OUT THERE?


    I would love to live on a paradise and never die.

  • JWdaughter

    Hi Scooby, I think you were brave to come here and admit your feelings about the teachings of the organization. And your sexuality.

    Don't forget what the Bible says about 'true religion" James 2:27 speaks of caring for widows and orphans in their need and keeping w/o spot from the world. The first one they ignore and the second they really manipulate. Their idea of not being worldly goes beyond what the Bible says in a way that, of course, only includes THEM. I think we have established that JWs are as flawed as a group as any other. There are nice people, loving people, jerks, users, abusers and hangers on. Just like at every religious group you will find. Some take what the Bible says very seriously (regarding morals and treating other people properly) and some are quite casual about it. So then you need to look at who is leading you, what they encourage and tell you is important. Did JESUS ever tell that the most critical and in fact determining factor of their Christianity was formally going door to door and turning in their hours? Attending all those meetings? Would Jesus have cast out anything BUT a demon (like his child, sister or mother?) Would Jesus have said that the idea of life was more important than actual life?(blood issue) Did he ever say that only 144000 would be born again? You can pick out all the actual doctrine you think is or might be true and NONE of it requires near worship of the WT organization or the GB or 144K. Nothing even indicates such a thing. I think that whatever truths you COULD find in 'the organization' could be found in other, less controlling venues that don't suck the life and spirit out of you.

  • heathen

    Well even they say it's only true until they say otherwise .LOL I can say I do agree with some stuff they say but think they are wrong on alot of other stuff . They do go beyond what is written and even lie about that . Christians preached the good news of the kingdom not the good news of paradise earth so even the apostles say that accursed is anybody preaching a different good news than they . I think mainstream religion is way too political minded instead of concerning itself souly with the kingdom message . It sounds to me like you are only torturing yourself thinking about it scooby since you do enjoy an immoral life style as blondie mentioned .


    Scoob..As much as I like you,you still make me shake my head.If you were serious you would be an active dub..But your not..If you were active,you`d be disfellowshipped because your "Actively Gay"..Can you change who you are?Would you want to?..I doubt it,your just too spirited..Scoob,they just would`nt accept you,thats just how it is..Have a good day Scoob,and have a beer for me..Oh dam,have 2,I`m thirsty..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • JamesThomas


    ...Truth/Jehovah whatever you want to call it...I can and will not rubbish it

    Scoob, it is simply your beliefs that are causing you problems. It seems you embrace so tightly the diminutive biblical concept of the divine, that you can not see what is infinitely greater than that. So, you fear that you will some how dishonor God by not being a member of it's favorite little group or belief system.

    Certainly the true Source of an INFINITE universe, must be greater still. With this in mind, how is accrediting a limited tribal man-god for this endless expression of life and universe, not rubbishing it? How is belittling and shrinking the boundless and endless Source and Sustenance of all life and existence down to a desert war deity, not disparaging or dishonoring? Are you in fact doing what you said early you would not do? Little wonder you have a problem.

    The only separation from the Divine that exists is an illusion within the tiny confines of your little doggy mind. Your true Source is not so small as to be absent, no matter what the tribal "holy" book you cherish says. If I were you I would bury the damn book with your next bone. I would make a decision right now to no longer accept anything which belittled or minimized the Divine. Then, you may start seeing in a different way.


  • BizzyBee
    BizzyBee........My, how wonderful to be just like you it must be. Chucking a "Poor Soul" out here and there, pittying from the sidelines on us poor un-enlightened souls in the darkness. I read all the replies to my post, and self righteous twats like you on ex JW boards always make me laugh. Oh and before I go, I have a scripture for you, Isn't it "Pity the twatacus amongst us, who knoweth so much, but speaketh such crap. Woe! to them"

    Okay, Scoob, that hurt. Especially that twat bit.

    Seriously, however, why wouldn't I feel compassion for someone who still believes that the WTS might have the truth? Most of us did not go from a completely black to a completely white persepective, but spent some time in the gray area. It is an uncomfortable feeling.

    I have my problems, too, but doubting the stand I've taken on the WTS is not one of them.

    Glad you had a laugh anyway.

  • Gill

    'They' have NEVER been right about anything! 'They' are not about to start now!

  • avengers
  • Mary
    I still think that as a core belief system the JW's have it right, even if their delivery isn't always right. Thoughts please? Scoob

    Scooby, if there was any chance that the JWs were right, I would not have left. I looked at the doctrines from every angle. I rehashed it in my mind a thousand times. While there may be a couple of things that they have right (I for one, do not believe in the Trinity), the vast majority of their doctrines are erroneous; in other words, they're false. To me, it's one thing teaching something in error. It's another thing when they KNOW that a doctrine is false (like the 607 BCE date), yet they continue to promote it as "God's truth", because they don't want to upset the apple cart.

    Yes, it can be tough coming to the conclusion that we were conned, but there's no doubt that we were. The Witnesses have got a whole system set up that would put the Pharisees to shame. We were taught that if we doubted this was "the Truth" that it must be that Satan got control of our minds. We were taught that Independent thinking is really, really bad and leads to 'apostasy'. We were taught that the Governing Body members are the sole channel of communication between humans and God. All of these things are easy to disprove.

    If you believe that their "core belief system" is right, then maybe you should go back. I for one, won't because I know it's a crock.

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