My mother was 18 and unmarried when she was baptized with me on board. I was the little model child who could parrot all the familiar scriptures, fruits of the spirit, apostles, etc. When I was five my mom married a monster who quickly climbed the ranks in the congregation. He was extremely physically abusive to me. I begged for help from the elders. No response. They had four children of their own. The household was VERY legalistic and cold. Tolerance was unheard of. All of us kids went a little nuts as teens. All of us left home before we turned 18. Two sibs still remain in the organization. My youngest sister was raped when she was 16. The elders determined that since she was drinking and didn't scream, that it was consentual sex and disfellowshipped her. She bore tremendous guilt over the ordeal, and ended up with post traumatic stress disorder. Not only the assault by her assailant, but the assault by her judicial committee was just too much for her. They wanted graphic details pertaining to what body part was touched, level of arousal, and other outrageously inappropriate questions. Instead of making sure that she received the psychological and medical help that she needed, she was labeled as a fornicator. She ended her own life three years ago. I have chosen a path, not of spewing venom back at the witnesses, but instead, of trying to see them as misguided people who haven't yet experienced UNCONDITIONAL love. Hopefully, as more and more people wake up and start thinking, then healing will take place. I am grateful for this forum as a place to learn what others have similarly gone though, and hopefully, at some point, I will have kind words that can help them. Peace to all