I came home to find my wife crying over THAT article.

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  • Anitar

    I know it hurts when your family is trapped in a cult. No matter how much you try, they will never ever listen, and they put you through living hell, yet somehow, you know it's not their fault because they've been brainwashed. God knows I've tried for five long years with my mom. You can't imagine giving up because you think if the situation were reversed, you would want her to help you.

    But did anyone ever consider this: maybe they wanted it that way? Think about it. All of our realitives have very similar characteristics that are impossible to penetrate. Humans, by our design, reject enslavement, or persecution or brainwashing. But here's something I've never thought of before: maybe we don't all think that way. It sounds elementary to say it out loud, as if it's too obvious. But when your OWN MOTHER actually becomes the very monster she warned you about your whole life, it makes you reconsider everything you previously thought was true. I cannot imagane anything more maddening.

    The truth is, some people want to be enslaved, persecuted, or brainwashed. People like my mom can only feel comfortable when they're being dominated by someone else. They are only truly happy when they are destroying themselves and their family. And that is what it means to be a Jehovah'a Witness.

    I want everyone to stop a minute and think. I know, I may sound arrogant, but just hear me out. Think about the loved ones we are trying so desperately to save. What else would they be doing if they were not JW's? Would you instead be fighting the moonies, or scientologists, or any other cult? I can see now that my mom would be a mental slave no matter where or who she was with in life. She chose this path, no one else. It is not our fault, we have done nothing wrong.

    Perhaps if we can accept this, we can take our lives back. We can finally let them go.


  • Arthur
    Boy, its hard. Its hard being a good dad and husband and yet in their eyes, I am a dead man. This is what hurts the most. Despit all my good points, I deserve to die an abrupt & violent death.

    Yes, isn't it unbelievable that in the minds of JWs, anyone who simply disagrees with the org, or has different spiritual beliefs deserves to die. No matter how kind, compassionate, loving, and benevolent a person may be; they and their children deserve to be "eliminated" at Armageddon just because they are a Baptist, a Lutheran, or a Buddhist.

    Yet, I can never forget that I too, used to think this way. This makes me feel a sense of guilt and shame. How could I have held beliefs like this? How could I have been so blinded by dogma? I don't know. But hopefully, it will move me to be more compassionate to those who still hold this ideology.

  • jgnat

    People remain or join for different reasons. Look at my husband. He yearns for acceptance. The WTS, big on promises and short on delivery, keep him huntin' for that elusive carrot month after month.

    I think he'd be MUCH happier as a leather-clad biker dude. Rebel and accepted at the same time. A perfect combination for him.

    Edited to add: leather-clad CHRISTIAN biker dude.

  • JapanBoy

    WOW! I never realized the bitterness that some have towards being truly shunned. I fell that way too...but at least my parents are fairly liberal JW's and my Mom says nothing could stop her from calling me all the time because 'I am her son' that made me feel better.

    It is amazing that the teachings indoctrinate JW's so much that they really do believe that jeehovah will detroy any who are not part of the society.....df's da'd etc...

    One [also DF'd] friend of mine said to me " it's actually worse than a life sentence in prison to be df'd....you actually get less time for murder in Canada"

    He's been out 20 years, to my 1.5 years and I'm ashamed I ever shunned him....but that's just what I did. Anyway when we meet up now it's like I never stopped seeing him...we have some laughs, good times, except he still cheats at cards.

    Sorry...off topic. It is sad that the society still chooses to print this type of drivel. All it does is cause pain, more family divisions, and generally promoted hatred.


  • ozziepost

    G'day JapanBoy:

    It is sad that the society still chooses to print this type of drivel. All it does is cause pain, more family divisions, and generally promoted hatred.

    I feel the Society is actually leaning in the other direction (as opposed to 'liberalism') and putting the clamps on ("Battening down the hatches") . It's become markedly a "them" and "us" situation for Borgmeisters.

    BTW glad you've got your friend in Canada.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • jayhawk1

    I've read most of the replies on this thread and all I can say is, wow the emotional scars can run deep. I have a new hate for this cult that I never had before. You have all opened me up to a new aspect I never thought of. Thanks...

    I am so glad my extended family never bought into the Watchtower Society's crap.

  • grey matters
    grey matters

    My therapist says that the reason they go along with stuff like this is that they are trying to reassure themselves that they don't want to leave. Leaving is hard. Leaving is scary. Not everyone has the guts to do it. I'm glad I did.

  • serendipity

    Welcome grey matters!

  • bubble

    I'm just waiting for some comments from my family over this article.

    It's bound to make my mum cry. Why do the stiffs in Brooklyn keep doing it, do they like causing pain?

    I wish they would all go to hell (not my family - the stiffs).

  • grey matters
    grey matters

    Thanks Serendipity! I'm enjoying being here.

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