I came home to find my wife crying over THAT article.

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  • jschwehm

    When I first started the process of leaving the JWs and becoming inactive my JW mother would say to others, "Jeff WAS such a good boy!"

    When I made it clear that I was leaving the JWs and not coming back but I emphasized to my JW parents that I wanted a relationship with them, the response was 'if you leave Jehovah it will be difficult for us to have a relationship with you.'

    The fascinating thing is that over the years, my folks have lightened up signficantly over this issue. Heck, they even call me every once in a while which is something that has not happened before.

    I think what helps is that I am in Wisconsin and they are in Louisiana so their new elders do not know about me too much since I left that area in 1994. My parents can just say we are going on vacation but they do not have to tell them that they are going to visit or see me. Funny how I have to stay so far away from home to have a closer relationship with my folks. I would imagine that if I lived in Louisiana near the area where I grew up it would be more difficult for them to hang with me as they would get more pressure from the elders to cut me off.

    Jeff S.


  • 95stormfront

    Evidently my wife was reading that article in bed a couple of days ago. She kept remarking out loud about how good that article was trying to spur my interest in reading it.

    I turned my back to her, shut off my nightlight and went to sleep.

  • Grace

    Jambon, I can really relate! When I married my JW husband (I was 30 and childless and a non-JW), I became instant full-time mother to his anorexic 11-year old daughter (who had been badly neglected by her Pioneer mother). Her mother remarried two weeks after my husband and I were married...she married an MS but they refused to have anything at all to do with the daughter. I could not even get a dime from the mom for child support because, as my lawyer said, "She chooses not to work, therefore she cannot pay." So here I was full-time mother and breadwinner for my new husband and child (I've always made much more money than my husband). I would rush home from work to make dinners, clothe the daughter (her mother did not even let the daughter bring a toothbrush to live with us, therefore I had to start from scratch), get her registered in a new school, get her well...and everything else a parent does I would do. Then she started getting healthier and started developing and I had to teach her all the woman-related stuff. She lived with me for eight years.

    All I heard is that I didn't have the truth! I was unbelieving! "Wouldn't it be great if Grace got the truth someday," I would frequently hear.

    You're right...it's enough to make you crack up. I was tired and I caved and I signed up. Silly, weak me! The good news is this - that every day you're out brings joy and surprises. Leave your emotional windows open but keep doing right by them anyway. What you're doing takes much more courage than they will ever know.

    You truly DO have God's spirit.


  • Crumpet

    Does anyone have a scan of "that" article? When did it come out? I'd like to read that and then I'd like to ring the necks of everyone responsible for it!!!!!

  • mrsjones5
  • jgnat

    From Schne-Belly http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/10/117401/1.ashx

    Midget-Sasquatch found it first: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/116080/2041357/post.ashx#2041357

    Scully's Parody http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/116463/1.ashx

    We might have to get Lady Lee to build a "Best of" thread for THAT article.

  • AlmostAtheist
    Boy, its hard. Its hard being a good dad and husband and yet in their eyes, I am a dead man. This is what hurts the most. Despit all my good points, I deserve to die an abrupt & violent death.

    Hey J,

    One of the things that began to crack my shell towards the truth was when my 5-year-old son asked me, speaking of his friends in the neighborhood, "Will Jehovah kill Jasmine and Justin?"

    I gave him the standard cop-out answer: "Jehovah will decide who survives, we don't know who it will be." But the truth of course is that the JW's as an organization DO think they know, and yes, little Jasmine is in line for having her eyes pecked out with the rest of us.

    Hopefully your family will allow themselves to wonder if a loving God could justify killing you, when you don't seem like a guy deserving of death.


  • Wolfgirl

    When I saw that article posted, I just knew what it would do to my sister. Any chance I had of her slowly coming around got set back several years again. I am sure that's why they wrote the article in the first place...to remind people that shunning is such a 'loving provision from Jehovah' and to keep them in line so they don't start thinking it's OK to talk to us. *gag*

  • LisaRose

    I think you need to cut your wife some slack. She has some feeling over all this that the article stirred up, it's probably good for her to cry a bit, it hasn't been that long, and she is still coming to terms with it all. I'm sure it's painfull for you to have her think these things, but you know it just comes from the brainwashing and BS, so just keep being the good man that you are, that is your best defence. Reassure her that you love her no matter what.

  • Quandry

    Lisa Rose, you are right. I would have read that article and cried not too long ago. Things change. Kindness can change people. We all at one time were right in line with "correct and healthful teaching" but we see things differently now. Patience is called for.Patience and some fun times as a family away from the meetings, maybe on vacation or a beautiful natural place near you for a picnic.

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