Goodbye and Swansongs

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  • HappyDad

    Amen LT...........AMEN

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey LT bro, long time no talk,

    ya, i agree. as long as simon has this server up, my account will be here. so even if i say "bye bye", i am still a member. but that is not really the point. the point is that i don't have to say bye, i can just be. whether i post much or not is beside the point.

    plus, i generally like this board because it seems to have some good content, and it seems to be one of the places online where the lurkers finally comeout of the closet on. and that is always entertaining. **PLUS** you're here, aren't you? ;)

    jolly-up old sport! cheerio then!


  • ozziepost


    read my post again, or have your keeper read it, the little t i refered to was LITTLE TOE. how would you know what i have to offer? you have made a BIG ASS of yourself. the fact that you could write this entire rant without realizing that i was calling LITTLE TOE little t says more about you than i ever could. not everything is about you , you BIG JERK. and that is the last word.

    This is not on! It violates Posting Guidelines as well as insults a poster who has earned considserable respect.

    Please comply with Posting Guidelines.

  • just2sheep


    if you knew i wouldn't get it why post it that way? as for my pm could you point out some of the kind people i've been unkind to? as far as pms are concerned, i feel they are too much like the backroom at the kh and prefer not to use them, especially when there is a dispute involved. this is an open forum and i think any thing said should be said openly. after all you wouldn't have wanted bigtex's rant to have gone unnoticed because it was in the backroom. if he is one of the kind people you think i have been unkind to then i would have to respectfully disagree with your definition of kind people. with that said, and because you asked nicely, i'll leave this discussion for another day.


  • AuldSoul
    ...with that said...

    Couldn't j2s just...leave the discussion...without saying that? Hm.

    Well, I suppose some tiny percentage of the people will just keep stabbing themselves in the eye with a blazing hot poker no matter how many times you encourage them to stop, eh?

  • just2sheep


    did you read bt's post?

  • Sparkplug
    some of your threads; what kind of kisser are you?, how gay are you?, would you wear your underwear..., etc. hold no interest for me so i don't read them

    LittleToe! Now these are very important issues to discuss.

    Little Toe! Now you know you do too read them, and furthermore the no comment comes from your lack of underdrawers! lol How you doing mate?

    Es- Bad little toe messing with the mommas like that!

    Auld soul- You gave credit to Six and LT? I say you are a graduate now!

  • SixofNine

    Why can I not see the title to this thread w/o hearing Ronnie Frickin' Milsap?

    nobody likes swansongs,
    the ones about goodbye....

    I haven't read the thread, but my take on the "big g'byes" is to let them have a little dignity with their exit. I'm sure most are well motivated by simple social preferences, but we all know the biggest motivation: you find yourself helpless to tear yourself away from the computer screen, and you figure you can make yourself do so by posting a big goodbye thread, cuz then you'll look stupid if people see you posting the next day.

    Damn! Now I've eliminated that option for myself, and I really need it.

  • joe_black

    A friend of mine once owned an ol hound dog. When I would visit his house and walk up to the door the hound dog was just as loveable as can be, jumping up on me, tail wagging, barkin to let my friend know I was there. But........when I left, I had to leave in a hurry, cuz he didn't like goodbyes, he'd turn on me, growling, almost to the point of attackin me once as I narrowly escaped out of the front gate. Never did understand why he was that way and neither did my friend. Reading this thread reminded me of that hound dog, lol.

  • darkuncle29

    I think most of those are just attempts at contriving drama and attention getting; I refuse to be a part of that dance. It's alot like Trolls, Why...why....why.......respond?

    As for people that aren't here or aren't visible, I think of some of them fondly, and am thankfull that I interacted, or mostly in my case, witnessed in action.

    Good night Mon-go-rians, whatch out for the Sweet-sour-pork!

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