Well, I think my apartment is haunted.

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  • Robdar

    I also haven't noticed any strange pools of water. (Don't know if that was a serious question or not?)
    It was a serious question even though Daystar found it amusing. I am speaking from experience--you wouldn't believe what all happened at a house I used to live in. I was an unbeliever when I moved there but after living there for 8 months, I decided that I was wrong--I don't really know anything and decided to keep an open mind.

    For more on water poltergeists: http://www.prsne.com/pics17.htm (pictures included) http://paranormal.about.com/od/earthmysteries/a/aa070306.htm http://www.anomalist.com/reports/water.html http://www.mindreader.com/opi/poltergeists/

  • daystar
    Daystar, you said, "True hauntings, ghosts, etc., are nowhere nearly as common as popular opinion and entertainment media would have you believe."

    This statement implies that you believe or you at least are open to the possibility of genuine a haunting existing, but just not as common as what popular opinion holds. Is this the thought you wish to convey? Do you believe that there is such a thing as a genuine haunting or such a supernatural paranormal occurrence? I’m not trying to corner you, I just wanna know what you believe. Is there a kind of litmus test you would use to verify such an occurrence as outside the realm of ‘normal’ explanation?

    Yes, I am open to the possibility. I have had a number of experiences that many people would immediately assume to be some sort of paranormal or supernatural experience, including a deal of experience with Ouija boards (since you hinted in another post that you suspected I had no experience with such).

    Now to me, it seems a remarkable feat, that my young friend’s subconscious mind could in that short amount of time, view and scan the entire Ouija board with all its letter and number assignments, commit that all to memory including their precise locations on the Board, physically direct the planchette to those exact assignments (which he could not see) quickly answering my question, and do all that within just a few seconds time! WOW! I wanna believe in science of the mind, but that seems a bit much to believe. This seems plausible to you?

    Absolutely plausible. Our conscious minds have immediate access to only a minute fraction of the information that the mind actually records. Are you familiar with the practice of therapists using hypnosis to uncover details of patient's experience that they can't seem to recall consciously? I think you greatly underestimate the power of the mind.

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy..
    Certainly. It is as true today as ever and will always be true. We are never nearly as "advanced" as we think we are.
  • Sadie Masokissdick
    Sadie Masokissdick

    Robdar: If possible, could you kindly give some details as to the age and location of the house (state and/or city)? What occurrences transpired there? What experiences did you have? Are you still living at that same location? If it is something that you feel you cannot talk about, or don't want to talk about, that would be understable. It's just that you piqued my curiosity.

  • daystar
    It was a serious question even though Daystar found it amusing.

    I'm sorry. I found it amusing because of the recent trend of using water themes in recent horror films such as the Ring, Grudge, and Dark Water.

  • PrimateDave

    Steve, this has been a most interesting topic! By any chance do you or have you played any video games? For several years now I have enjoyed playing the Silent Hill series of video games. (Yes, even while I was supposed to be a Witness, I was playing 'demonic' video games! LOL) The last game in the series, Silent Hill 4, has the main character trapped in his apartment which is haunted. Some of the 'manifestations' are quite unnerving. Hopefully, you'll never experience anything quite like that! The atmosphere of Silent Hill 2 was IMO the best of the series.
    As a Witness, I accepted the fact that paranormal phenomenon occured, and I accepted the WTS explanation that it was caused by rebellious wicked spirits that had once been angels in heaven. Now I know that the JW's are just a cultlike sect of Christianity. I have carefully studied the Bible and found it to be the evolving work of men. I understand the theory of Universal Common Descent for human origins. I've become pretty agnostic on the religious front, but I don't have a problem believing in non human intelligences. Also, to classify things (spirits) as either 'good' or 'bad' is very immature thinking, very subjective and limiting. Perhaps our approach to these 'phenomenon' is largely colored by our 'education' and background. Ignorance has often fueled fear. Still, never having personally experienced unexplainable phenomenon, I am reluctant to open the door, as it were, by attempting contact. I must admit that I have been looking at various talking boards for sale on the internet, so who knows.

  • Warlock


    Read my experience on page 3 and tell me what you think.


  • PrimateDave

    Warlock, I read the one about your cousin and also the one about the key. Personally, I do believe you. I think it is something 'other' than human. I have heard similar things from people that I personally know/knew face to face. It can't just be all in one's mind, though our perceptions certainly play a part, like Brigid said.
    Why do some have negative experiences that generate fear, while others, like Brigid, apparently have neutral or even beneficial experiences?
    If I remember correctly, Warlock, you said that a spirit/entity that you contacted told you that god's name is Jehovah, right? I really hope that 'it' was pulling your leg, because Jehovah has to be the most murderous and insecure being that I have ever read about (just from reading the Bible).

  • Warlock

    No, the board saying Gods name never happened to me. That must have been someone else. It was mainly the story about the key.

    Since you brought it up, I did have a friend who DID ask the board what God's name was, and Jehovah WAS the answer, plus it also said "I hate".

    Dave, I know what you said about Jehovah, but I do not feel the same way about him that you do. I always remember the story of Job and who REALLY was the one who brought him misery? Satan. Of course, that is if you believe the Bible.


  • 10daywoo

    Hi, been a million years since I last posted, (under a different name then)...hang out here often, just to keep up. Just had to add my experience : Concerning an animal's reaction to "perceived" spirits. I had just moved into a new house, been there approx. 3 weeks. One night around midnight, I was in the kitchen getting some thing to eat, when I noticed my little dog acting strange. Only he and I were there, I was at the counter, he by my foot when he started growling and looking toward the entrance into the kitchen..(which I had my back to). I thought it odd and spoke to him with No effect... he growled deeper and then backed himself into the corner between the dishwasher and kit. cabinet... so much so that he was raised on his back legs, his back firmly into the corner.......all teeth were showing and still growling. His eyes were focused towards the entrance with his hair standing on end. I was terrified to turn around, just knowing something was there...but for survival sake, had to. There was nothing, I walked around, then went and calmed the dog, slowly he returned to normal. I checked all windows and doors, all were secure. I felt "IF" it had been a Person, he would have lunged towards them, this "Whatever" it was... he was backing away from. I totally believe he saw something, he was terrified. We still have odd things happen in this house, especially when we tear out a wall, or any other major remodeling. Nothing fearful,usually just a pat on the shoulder... Do I believe, would have to say “I Do”.

  • itsallgoodnow

    I used to have these feelings someone was in bed with me, the bed moved or it felt like something sat down on the bed. Of course, I had also barely fallen asleep, which is the prime time for these sorts of thoughts to seem real, which they are not.

    The reason I have trouble believing about all the ghost or spirit stuff is the spirit doesn't seem to come out for a scientific experiment. Instead, we hear these stories and anecdotes, and that's the only information we have, which I cannot accept as true evidence of anything.

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