Well, I think my apartment is haunted.

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  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    Yep, that’s right, haunted. I have never had a dwelling place with so many unexplained noise and goings on. Lights that have been turned off, magically turn back on and visa versa. Mostly though, its sound related. Ya know the kind of sounds you hear when you're in one room, and someone else in another room moving about? It’s like that. There's no mistaking it. The other day my little girl was over and we were alone in the apartment. We were in the living room area when all of a sudden it just sounded like there was someone else in the apartment with us, down the hall and in the bedroom, moving about. My little girl who is 10, quickly looked at me scared as hell that someone had sneaked into the apartment, but of course no one had. I deflected her concern by saying that it was just "apartment" noise coming through the walls, and she calmed down. But it wasn’t like that at all. You would have thought someone would have come walking out of the bedroom with all the noise going on in there. It doesn’t really bother me all that much, but it can be a bit unnerving. Like the morning I got up to pray, and I was sitting in my easy chair in the living and it sounded like someone was making toast or something for breakfast in the kitchen. Really weird. Nothing ever seems to be misplaced, but there’s no mistaking the sound of movement. Anyone ever had to deal with something like this? It’s kinda funny really, but it’s kinda weird too. Booga Booga!

  • Scully

    Is it an older building? Sometimes the soundproofing is sorely lacking and noises from upper or lower apartments can sound like it's right there in your dwelling.

  • MsMcDucket

    My mother is from Little Rock, Arkansas. Man, did she believe in that stuff. She told us stories about poltergeists. She would say poltergeists liked to bother children. She, also, believed in protective spirits. So, you'd have to talk to my mom to find out what you got there!

    You don't see dead people, do you?

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    It’s a fairly new building, but its not building noise. I'm fifty and I have had many places and I know all about settling noises and weird sounds homes/apartments make. This isn't like anything I have ever encountered before. I expect to look up and see someone moving about, a few feet from me but the is no one there of course. I have real sensitive hearing (I’m musician) and there's no mistaking what I'm hearing with that which would be noises from another apartment. Its in there with me, whatever it is making the sounds. I do believe in the spirit realm, just maybe not the way the JW's believe in it. I don't look for spooks under every rock or blame "demons: for this and that. I don't see dead people, but I have communicated with the other side in my past. I don't know what exactly that it is, but THAT it is, I am sure.

  • parakeet

    The back door to my house makes a distinctive sound when it's opened. A few years ago, while I was upstairs and alone in the house, I heard the back door open. I ran downstairs but no one was there. This happened frequently over the next week--I'd hear the back door open, but when I went downstairs, no one there. I was getting frantic; I didn't know if it was a neighbor kid playing practical jokes or something more sinister.
    The riddle was solved a few weeks later as I sat in the kitchen drinking coffee. My parrot sat on his perch next to me and was going through his morning repertoire of whistles, songs, and phrases, when suddenly he exactly duplicated the sound of the back door opening! I started laughing me head off. Every time I had run downstairs in response to this sound, I had inadvertently been giving the parrot a positive reinforcement for making the sound. Sound = attention from owner. When I stopped responding to the sound, he soon stopped making it.
    I hope your problem is as easy to solve.

  • Balsam

    You need Ghost Hunters TAPS team to come investigate. LOL

    Kinda odd its in an apartment and one that isn't all that old. Check and see who has lived in the apartment before, could be it has some history. Its not good your daughter is feeling frightened by the noise and happenings. Perhaps residual energy?

  • Jourles

    Have you bought any used items from a garage sale recently? Ask the elders to come over - I'm sure they could help you find the cause of the distubances.

  • ButtLight
    The back door to my house makes a distinctive sound when it's opened.

    Mine too. And when someone opens it, you can see the light in the hallway there. Mine does it all the time. Alot of people hear it here. (we dont have a bird)lmao. Everytime I go look, only a few feet from where Im sitting, never anyone there. I wont go into all my encounters, too many.

    The other night I got up to smoke. I was in the living room, and so were my 2 cats. I, and the cats, heard a noise in the dining room. I watched the cats heads move slowly as if they were following something, into the living room, and "it" stopped right above my head. I of course didnt see anything. Then the cats heads started moving again slowly up the wall and back into the dining room. A bit weird.

  • PrimateDave

    While I have personally never had a 'supernatural' experience, I have spoken with quite a few, including a family member, who claim that they have. I am honestly not sure just how I would react if I did have 'contact' with a non-human intelligence. Maybe, I would just say 'hello' and try to make conversation. I might ask it if it has a purpose in making noise or whatever. There is no point in believing what the WTS says about spirits, since they haven't told us the truth about other things. Still, I wish that there was a scientific explanation to what has happened in your apartment. How long have you lived there?

  • daystar

    More squirrels, Buttlight?

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