Well, I think my apartment is haunted.

by Steve Lowry 106 Replies latest jw friends

  • Calliope

    you should write them a note and leave a pen behind.
    in the morning, see if they've answered the note.

    hmmm, perhaps they're not english though.


  • PrimateDave

    Thanks for the link. I'm checking out the Thelemapedia at the moment. Some of it looks quite Lovecraftian.
    I guess this is kind of like the final frontier for me.
    First I allowed myself to be convinced that Evolution is a Fact of Biology.
    Then I allowed myself to disprove the Flood of Noah.
    Then I said, "What the heck", and jumped on the apostate bandwagon.
    Now I'm getting curious about the occult.
    It must all be a trap of Satan (cue spooky music) so that I die at Armageddon which is coming this very October (Yahve Elohim always likes to exterminate in October.)

  • daystar


    We're getting a bit off-topic here, but as you found the Thelemapedia on your own, you might also take a look/listen at the Thelema Coast to Coast Podcast on myspace, here - http://www.myspace.com/thelemacoasttocoast

  • ButtLight

    I always love topics like this, cause I have had so much stuff happen to me for the last 20 years. I am a magnet to spirits, ghosts, or whatever you wish to call "them"

  • Warlock


    Have you ever checked your Genealogy?


  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    Hey, thanks for all the reply’s.

    Personally speaking, I don't have a problem believing there may be something that exists, even though I can't visibly perceive it. Astronomers for instance, believe that there is a completely opposite /negative Universe that exists to the one we know of to our existence. IMHO, its somewhat short sighted to say that such occurrences (as what I am experiencing in my apartment) must NOT be of a spiritual nature or something that does not exist but on a different plain. The question for me, is just what is it? Maybe we find out these kind of answers when we die? Maybe we never find out? When I was a kid I discovered the Ouija Board and I could tell y’all stories about that thing that would raise the hair on the back of your neck. I don’t think I ever really believed in the spirit realm before that experience, but I have ever since.

    As to how old is my apartment building? Less than Five years old.

    Could I learn something by doing a genealogy check regarding my ‘spook’ experience?

    Uh, I wish I had a parrot! ;u)

    Leave "them" a note and see if "they" reply? Interesting, but kinda creepy.

    I’ve thought about asking about previous renters in the apartment, but if I found out someone had been murdered or something like that, that might unnerve me a bit.

    I did buy some items at a garage sail a few moths ago. It was about the time the weird things began to happen. I bought some very old Watchtower and Awake magazines! If there ever were something a ‘demon’ would like to ‘possess’ that would be it! LOL

  • Satanus

    Lol about primitivedave.


  • Robdar

    I agree with Daystar:

    Only in rare cases would a move be necessary. Someone with a modest banishing skill should be able to handle most issues.

    That being said, I doubt Steve is dealing with a haunting here. Question for Steve: Does this happen more when your little girl comes to visit?

  • AudeSapere

    I've got some similar things happening.

    The light on my ceiling fan downstairs will suddenly turn on in the middle of the night. The first 2 or 3 times it happened I thought that maybe I just forgot to turn it off. (I always leave 3 lights on in my house at night but that's not one of them.) Then early one morning about 3 months ago I woke up and saw that it was on again. I KNEW that it was off when I went to bed.

    Also, Everynight I heard sounds of something hitting the side of my house. I live on a golfcourse and often get hit during the day. I hear those same sounds at 10/11/12 at night. I've looked to see if someone is playing in the dark but noone's there.

    As far as the light is concerned, while my first thought was 'intruder' or ghost, my second thought was that perhaps my neighbor has a remote control devise that's on the same frequency as my fan. (I'm in a townhouse so we have a common wall.) Then I heard from the previous owner that the ceiling fan light did that for them, too. He was an electrician and said that it seems to be triggered by power surges - which we get quite frequently here.

    As for the sounds outside everynight, nobody knows.


  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    " Does this happen more when your little girl comes to visit? "

    I've been in the apartment for about 18 months and the occurrences started almost from the beginning. My little girl has visited all that time but this is first time I was aware of an "event" while she was actually here.

    One morning I got up to pray at about 5:00 am. I have my pc setup in the kitchen, and I noticed I had left the monitor on from the night before. When the monitor is on and it’s dark outside, it illuminates the whole kitchen easily and can be distracting while in the living room if praying and stuff. So, before I went to sit down and pray in the living room, I physically turned off the monitor. I had been praying for about 5 minutes in the living room I guess, when I started hearing sounds like what someone would make if in the kitchen preparing food or something. When I looked over to the kitchen, I noticed my monitor was on even though I had just turned it off! Well, I just figured I must not have actually turned off the switch on the monitor and it simply it went into power saver mode coincidentally when I touched it. Well, I didn't feel like getting up to turn it off, so I just kept praying. When I finished praying I looked up and the kitchen was dark again. I went to the monitor expecting it to be in power saver mode. It was turned off.

    Strange goins’ on . . .

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