Big announcement after all DC have ended?

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  • PrimateDave

    Warlock, I'm sure you're just probably joking, right? After all the effort they made to put the whole 607BCE based timeline in their brand new book, do you really think they will ever acknowledge 587BCE as the correct date for the destruction of the temple? Which, of course, is really sad considering how even the Jews say that the first temple was destroyed in 587BCE. In fact, I was just looking at the web site to see if I can understand the Hebrew language a bit better, and they have it right there on one of their web pages. I just got a new Hebrew/English Tanakh and a Lexicon so I can play translator for fun.
    Anyway, I think the 'big announcement' is just a ploy to start rumor and speculation among the R&F. Yes, I'm sure they do that on purpose, too.

  • Balsam

    I remember so many times when I attended conventions they would say there is going to be new information to listen closely. Well we'd go through the whole convention and say what the heck was the new information. It was never made clear just what the new information was. I think it is just ploy to get jw's excited about going to conventions. And its just pure nothing.

  • kid-A

    "Its just pure nothing"

    Amen. I think this about the 30th thread discussing this purported "big announcement". I actually spoke with my fader sister who attended the DC this year and she heard nothing of the sort. In addition, my gung-ho JW parents would have surely mentioned something about this to me had they heard anything. So, these rumours seem to be geographically localized.

    Its fun to speculate about what wacky thing the WTS will come up with next, but honestly, the WTS has been running on "auto-pilot" for years now, and I see no reason why the old brooklyn farts would be motivated to change anything radically. They know they are bleeding members and I sincerely doubt they would want to harm their profit margins even more by doing something that cause a larger exodus of members. If anything comes, it will be a re-hash of the same old crap.

  • justsomedude

    Someone already asked, but I didnt see an answer. Which book did that first picture come from?

  • karen96

    I thought is was the Revelation book, but I could be wrong.


  • silentWatcher

    I'd be shocked if they don't formally get rid of DFing / DAing, and broaden the application of "bad associations spoil useful habits." No formal announcements of even marking. Just the viral "smear" campaigns.

    The judicial committees and the S-77 will end up going the way of the dodo.


  • observador

    "I suspect the "big announcement" will be the earth shattering news that the Society is once again sponsoring...


    tract distributuon campaign!"

    Oh man!!! Please tell me you're not kidding.... my mother will be absolutely thrilled; will jump up and down, and rejoice for ever and ever with the prospect of participating in such a wonderful/never to be repeated campaign.

    She'll get totally wild with the prospect of bringing to the local slums' uninterested people what they need the least: a colorful and eye-popping religious sales pitch!


  • troucul

    I GOT IT! The people who died in Sodom and Gomorrah will NOT be resurrected....Oh wait a minute, this just in, yes THEY WILL...

  • misanthropic
    Any "new light" is nothing more than a reiteration of old lies.



  • restrangled

    I do think they are up to something......

    My mother after 30 years was told to stop associating or speaking to me by the DO during is latest visit. (About 6 weeks ago). I have been gone since about 17, showed up a few times since then, you know, memorials, special talks, or occaisionally an assembly, etc. but never actively pursued going back. Not Da'd or Dfd.

    Always supported and listened to her stories, concerns, latest enlightening, yadda yadda.

    He made it clear to her that her softness had not produced any results, so she must shun me to start producing some results. As you many of you may realize, it had the opposite affect. (Thats why I'm here on this board)

    I think slowly but surely they are getting reved up for (YOUR IN OR YOUR OUT) no riding the fence.

    Just my opinion.


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