Big announcement after all DC have ended?

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  • DannyBloem

    Do not see the connection of importance to the end of the DC.

    by the way, there are some DC's even until january

  • mavie

    alt I always thought that was Will Smith in the lower right corner, and John Lithgow in the lower left.

  • Warlock

    Actually, without the fire, the gun, and the other stuff, it looks like the last J.W. wedding I attended.


  • Check_Your_Premises
    and John Lithgow in the lower left.

    Imagine you are a brainwashed propaganda artist for a creepy cult, who would you want to kill more? John Lithgow or Ray Franz?

    I am surprised there isn't a flaming rock smashing, and simultaneously obscuring the full title of Crisis of Conscience.


  • orangefatcat

    I bet the announcement will be there will no longer be large DC anymore the Society feels it is better to keep them smaller so they can get to know the brother and sisters in their circuits more intimately.

    Or they are going to stop disfellowshipping all together because the society is going broke will all the law suits inflicted upon them.

    Or they are going to close the world headquaters and elimanite the factories and all future discussions will be based soley on the scriptures with out any bible aids because printing is to expensive.

    Or they are going out of business because they are a snare and a racket...


  • under_believer
  • gymbob

    It still amazes me that the rank and file dub thinks that the old geezers in Brooklyn actually get to 'communicate' something with Jehovah FIRST before it gets passed down to the congregations.......something new, something special, ooooohhh!! Maybe a new tract!!! (I just won't be able to sleep tonight!)

    This is probably just some business arrangement change, that more than likely will save them some $$............ if anything at all. GYMBB

  • Iforget

    OMG Danny...I totally forgot about that picture until you posted it. How awful that it what I was exposed to all of my life. No wonder I was so phucked up for so long!!! Damn them ... it's child abuse.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    The announcement is scheduled for the week of September 18 (after the DCs are over), the tracts will be distributed over 4 weeks in October - November.

    Has the BOE letter ever been scanned and posted on this yet? I just love spoiling thier surprises with one posted to the KH door.


  • justsomedude
    YUP, that's Ray Franz and Gregory Hines across from him---all wide eyed and dead and all.

    So what did Gregory Hines do to incur the wrath of the brooklyn oracles?

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