Big announcement after all DC have ended?

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  • Finally-Free

    You have to wonder what kind of wackos drew those pictures. In the top one it looks like a kid is being destroyed, along with her doll and a dog. In the bottom one it looks like a tiger is getting destroyed. What's he doing running loose in the city? Is that his sin, and is that why he's being destroyed?


  • under_believer

    The announcement is indeed something tract-related, it's already been covered here. As for the picture, what did the Fresh Prince of Bel Air ever do to deserve destruction?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I doubt it will be anything new, just the same old recycled bs.

  • Tuesday

    why is it always raining fire or the earth is opening up to kill people? Why can't it be something else, like a picture of Jehovah standing over a hundred people as they're tied down and a lazer is slowly making it's way to their bodies (a'la Goldfinger).

    Jesus "What why are you leaving?"
    Jehovah "I'm going to leave and assume everything has gone to plan."

    Jesus "What if they escape?"
    Jehovah "Look at this elaborate plan, it's got a lazer and an elaborate chair with many straps and so forth to hold them down. I must leave now and assume everything has gone to plan. One of the angels gave me a number of 144,001 people in heaven I have to go have that recounted. And I thought I made all Angels perfect."

  • Check_Your_Premises

    The guy in the lower left hand corner of the picture posted first looks suspiciously like Ray Franz.

    "ooooh is Jehovah going to send a flaming rock at his head when Armageddon comes!!!", thinks the artist drawing silly cult propaganda.


  • minimus

    YUP, that's Ray Franz and Gregory Hines across from him---all wide eyed and dead and all.

  • undercover

    God hates cars and animals as much as people....two cars are shown being destroyed and a dog and tiger(tiger?? what the hell's up with that?) get it in different pictures. By the way...that's me in the fedora and trenchcoat

  • core

    The announcement is indeed something tract-related
    now what a surprise - I thought it was the usual - plants are for sale and we need your money to pay for the assemblies so dont leave without making your credit card donation, and see you all again next year, same time, same place, same program,...and the next year....and the next....and...............

  • Frog

    Just keeping the R&F on their toes not doubt, that's how they do it, by dangling the never ending carrot...bloody shisters they are

  • Finally-Free
    plants are for sale and we need your money to pay for the assemblies

    I forgot about that. Selling plants for "donations" yet refusing to provide a receipt for the purchase/donation.


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