Gregg Stafford returning to the Big O

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  • Oroborus21


    here's my two cents....

    From what I gather from the statement, all he is really saying is that he is going to be attending meetings ("limited basis" = infrequently or perhaps Sundays only) again. Big whoop!

    Please note that nothing is said about him being "welcomed" by the WT; or if he is DF'd or DA'd (I don't know his status) that he is actually seeking reinstatement. In fact, if he is DF'd or DA'd, he doesn't say explicitly that he will be seeking reinstatement but is deliberately ambiguous about both his intentions and his stance regarding the WTBTS/JWs.

    So it isn't quite like he is actually "returning" to the WTBTS (and besides, frankly I am not sure that they would have him back. :-)

    To Greg I would say....

    Ok, Good for you Greg. Enjoy your occassional meeting. Keep doing whatever you are doing and let the negativity slide off your back. Whatever ulterior motives you may or may not have, I give you kudos for doing SOMETHING whether with your writing, your books, your website or whatever you do. I have the feeling you are going to "revisit" some of that anti-JW material and issues again someday -- and that's alright.


  • sass_my_frass

    Great, another loon who thinks that god's going to guide their choices.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    It seems to me that Stafford's words have the sound of someone carefully backing away from a confrontation with a snorting 800-pound gorilla to whom he's thrown his last banana.

  • magoo

    to iw, it's not "wrong or anybodies business" if he returns....of coarse.......but.....he has made it EVERYBODIES business by going online & writing a full page stating: "yes, i, myself, the great greg, author, stater of facts, debater, returning to the little bit of good that's in the organisation, overlooking the bad on MY terms....whenever i feel like going"

    now.....if he wasn't phishing for attention....why would he have to post this nonsense at all. why not just go back "quitely, modestly,repentfully & beg.....beg....plead to be accepted back into "mama's" semi good, semi bad little organization ?


  • Amazing

    Hi Big Tex / Chris,

    I like your analogy about the abusive husband better than my analogy. Even if Greg is only going back to a few meetings for a few months, his ratioinale suggests that he has never really left the Watchtower organization. I hope that he wakes up and decides to get out of the JWs, and move on to something healthy and workable for him.

    Jim Whitney

  • juni

    Has anyone here posted:


    a very good publicity ploy - he must have a marketing degree in his background


  • Dogpatch

    Yes, Island Woman, you silly goose, of course I have a place for him to come!

    Also. Hope Chapel locally is very good. Have you ever even met Greg? Do you know what he is like? Or are you just trolling today?


  • BizzyBee
    My only point here is that Stafford should be allowed the dignity of his own conscience and his own decision making. Who are we to find fault?

    IW: As magoo alluded to, Mr. Stafford has compromised his own dignity and conscience already - and he has made himself a 'public figure' - therefore he, his motives, his marketing techniques, his mental status, etc., are all fair game for discussion. I believe that is why we are all here - d i s c u s s i o n.

  • Stephanus
    Also. Hope Chapel locally is very good. Have you ever even met Greg? Do you know what he is like? Or are you just trolling today?


    At least some of the old trolls, like Fred Hall, were fun - Island Woman never was, and changing her nick doesn't make her any different.

  • kazar


    All the posts here are good, but yours is exceptional. You described exactly how I felt and what I went through emotionally. Occasionally, I still get a longing to go back to the Kingdom Hall, but I don't because I know how it will end. I tried reinstatement so many times and failed because "the congregations look good only from a distance".

    Thank you.

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