Gregg Stafford returning to the Big O

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  • Amazing

    Greg Stafford posted on July 1, 2006 that he is returning to the Organization. You can read his article at:

    His rationale and logic are most interesting. This is truly a fascinating twist in the world of ex-JWs.

    Jim Whitney

  • Gary1914

    I respect and admire Mr. Stafford. I have read his books and they have made me think and helped me to come to terms with my own crises of conscience.

    However, the article yopu referred to smacks of self-importance and egoism.

    Mr. Stafford is allowed to attend meetings "on a limited basis" just by talking to the elders? He is able to come and go as he pleases. He can criticize the Witnesses but still is able to be one of them when he chooses to? My, my, isn't that grand.

    It also seems that he believes that his opinions are the only ones that matter and the exJW's that have legitimate questions and thoughts are too petty to be dealth with.

    Excuse me please if I am offending anyone, but his article reeks of someone who believes his own publicity, puffs out his chest and proclaims that he is the greatest.

  • proplog2

    Just like Ray Franz he has been overtaken by the seduction of the transcendental.

    He needs to grow up. Quit thinking that some divine entity gives a damn about him or anybody else.

    I get suspicious anytime someone says there are "good" and "bad" in the organization. Who decides?

    I think the bad are the ones who say there are "good" and "bad" . And the "good" are the ones who quit making distinctions.

    Damn - that makes ME bad.

  • Siddhashunyata

    "I left the organization before because of the “bad”; I am returning now for the sake of the “good.” I do not expect that either will be missing, but I want to see them both again ".

    Reading between the lines.........

    In my opinion this is the continuation of the personal religious crisis brought on by Mr. Stafford's original disillusionment. I think many here have been through this, I know I have. It took several returns before I was able to understand why I kept going back. Likewise it took several returns before I realized that the Congregations are only attractive at a great distance where the myth can have full sway over my emotions. Certainly one has to reach the point of being willing to take the indictment of the Organization to God Himself and indignantly leave it there. This willingness comes when, again, the "bad' is not content wjth your freedom of conscience.

  • slimboyfat

    This is part of a long running plan. He set himself up as "Elihu" years ago, and believes he has worthy counsel to relay to the "old comforters" in Brooklyn...

    I will trust in Jehovah that he will correct whomever needs correction and that he will adjust whomever needs adjusting, not for my sake, or for the sake of the organization, but for the sake of his holy and glorious name

    Then again, maybe the creator of the Universe (if he does exist) is not particularly interested in the minute doctrinal distinctions on the periphary of a small insignificant sectarian religion.


  • Confession

    This is so interesting to me. Such an unusual situation he is apparently in. Perhaps his former apologist position is getting him a little leeway with the organization/congregation.

    I cannot imagine an intelligent person (not primarily controlled by emotion) who can, after considering all of the facts, still conclude there is anything of great value in the Watchtower Society. Neither can I understand how the extraordinary "bad" may be rationalized. Of course it's reasoning like this that used to keep me IN the organization too, didn't it?

    So I think reading his thoughts and conclusions is a good thing, as challenging your own beliefs is healthy. Think I'll do just that.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I haven't read any of his stuff and don't intend to. If he wants to play yo yo with his stand on where he's at, go for it. In my life it has no effect. I didn't leave because of anything he wrote and I wont return due to anything he writes.


  • Highlander

    Likewise it took several returns before I realized that the Congregations are only attractive at a great distance

    That reminds me of earlier this morning. I'm crossing the street and about a block away I notice a woman in a nice dress and hot body.

    I continue walking down the street, drawing every closer to her. At this time I wasn't paying much attention, kinda looking at the ground, walking

    and thinking. I look back up, see the woman just a few feet from me and I just about fall on my face. She wasn't even close to being a hot woman!

    The dress was nice, but that was about it. I guess it would take great distance or a good pair of beer goggles to make her look good.

    Kinda like the j-dub congregations.

  • sandy

    I don't get it either . . . how this guy can go back to the org after learning the real truth behind it all. Maybe this is just a ploy. Maybe he is going undercover to try and get people out.

  • heathen

    I notice he never mentioned what good he actually saw in the org. I know it couldn't be the constant changes in dogma , It sure couldn't be the pedophiles or the fact they let their children die over blood transfusions , perhaps it was the control over his life that he missed or maybe he had a lobotomy .......

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