Gregg Stafford returning to the Big O

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  • Stephanus

    I think Mr Stafford is about to become part of that small elite of witnesses that can get away with their eccentricities due to their fame on the outside, as with Prince and the Williams sisters.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I've always wondered how anyone as "smart" as Stafford was able to analyze the gnat while swallowing the camel dung.

    I will trust in Jehovah that he will take this act of faith on my part as a sign to either correct me and show me where I can find peace in the organization and keep me from despair as I proclaim the truths unique to it, or by answering the deep concerns that I came know in that same place. I will trust in Jehovah that he will correct whomever needs correction and that he will adjust whomever needs adjusting, not for my sake, or for the sake of the organization, but for the sake of his holy and glorious name:

    Apparently Greg has bought in on the whole boogey-man & sock puppet show.

    Sweet dreams, Greg!

  • Quandry

    Stephanus, you make an excellent point. He seems to think he can follow his own agenda. He can have reservations about the Society while attending meetings and still writing his book. Could you or I make some arrangement under those terms of agreement with the local elders? I don't think so.

    Along the lines of the Williams sisters-I was so shocked when I found out they claimed to be witnesses. I thought those who were into sports would give up the traveling and big money. Also, their outfits were definetely NOT modest wear. How do they get by with it?

  • wannaexit

    He has his own agenda in going back.

  • kid-A

    Clearly a publicity stunt to sell more books. In a few months he will very publicly leave the borg again, and start hawking another book.

    He's just some joker with a prophet complex trying to make a buck.

  • willyloman

    As a writer, Stafford should have no trouble constructing a compete sentence using three simple words: dog, returns, vomit.

  • TD

    If Greg can pull off the tightrope act and enjoy the company and fellowship of his friends and family without violating his conscience or harming others through his actions, (directly or indirectly) then more power to him.

    The organization of JW's however has a long and distinguished history of demanding all or nothing from its members; effectively preventing this and thoroughly ostracizing people who would take the route Greg apparently wants to take.

  • TheListener

    Perhaps, like so many of us, he is just confused and isn't sure how to best proceed with his life?

    Perhaps he is doing this for family relationships?

    In any event, it is good to finally get confirmation from him that he was indeed not associating with Jehovah's witnesses for the last several years.

  • Dogpatch

    Regardless of what "hidden reasons" Greg has for returning, the obvious ones are:

    1) He has lost most of his fan base, leaving him a nobody in the JWs, falling from a position of "authority and respectablility"

    2) He has lost many of his friends and associations, meaning his life is obviously emptier as a result

    It is perhaps more complex and devious than that, but keep in mind he is like Dan Rather losing all the years of kudos from his job. Smells like a personal power play to me. Why else, other than the above reasons, would anyone return to such vomit? Time will tell!


    Net Soup!

  • minimus

    RANDY's right on!! Plus, he may WANT to believe!

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