Gregg Stafford returning to the Big O

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  • Highlander

    I'll go with the lobotomy theory

  • heathen

    I for one think they need some serious changes once again to even be taken seriously . My experience with this cult was most disturbing to say the least . They jump down your throat and try to publicly humiliate people over such petty nonsense . I get the creeps whenever I visit for the sake of investigating rumors on the board . I don't hate them for the times they were wrong it's just the way they treat dissent . They are spiritual bullies .

  • Gary1914
    It is time for another look at the organization that in many ways uniquely reflects the fruits of Christianity.

    I think he must have fallen on his head!

  • skeptic2

    Let's take bets on how long before he leaves again.

  • slimboyfat

    He links his return with the release of his new book. Maybe he hopes it will sell better among Witnesses if he spreads word that he is going back to the congregation. If that is the case he may start drifting again soon after the publicity phase of its release sometime in the Autumn. (this assumes his book will be released on time, which they never are)


  • skeptic2

    When did this guy ever stop being a Jehovah's Witness? In the linked article he calls the WTS 'the organization bearing Gods name', he writes books like 'Jehovahs Witnesses Defended'. Sounds like a J-dub to me, whether or not he attends the meetings.

  • truthseeker

    I wish Mr. Stafford all the best as he tries to overcome cognitive dissonance.

    He has already spoken (not murmured) against the "earthly part of Jehovah's organzation" (July 15, WT) and I find it hard how you can be a part time witness in good standing and remain optimistic.

    There's no way you can just brush everything aside and see "the goodness of Jehovah's organization" without thinking to yourself, "there's something not right about this."

    Assuming that Greg had been away for a while, what will he expect to see?

    The glorification of the Governing Body

    The increasing idolization of the Society

    The almost complete removal of Jesus Christ from everyday talk, other than prayer and Matthew 24:14

    It won't be easy for him. He is an intelligent thinker, and intelligent people often have the ability to look below the surface.

  • Pistoff
    Likewise it took several returns before I realized that the Congregations are only attractive at a great distance where the myth can have full sway over my emotions

    I have a young relative who has not been at a meeting for 15 years; he swears it is the truth, and gets angry when someone talks about the scandals there.


  • mjarka911

    Of course the idea of fellowship with gentle people, old friends and possibly family is enticing. So is the routine of something you used to do. But will he:

    1. "Actively preach with urgency" spending all his time door to door?

    2. When faced with a tragedy, will he forego accepting whatever the current incarnation of forbidden blood products is?

    3. If he became aware of a child molester still in a position to hurt children, will he keep silent so as not to "detract from Jehovah's organization"?

    4. If placed in a teaching position, will he toe the line on 607 - while knowing the facts?

    In the end - the organization still requires you to take it or leave it "as is". I wish everyone happiness and peace, but his nature and the organizations' seem mutually exclusive.

  • undercover

    He's a freaking fruitcake.

    Or, he's very shrewd. Maybe he's hoping to play both sides so he can increase book sales.


    ...he's a freaking fruitcake...

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