Called JR Brown regarding Cano Pedophile situation

by LDH 350 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Scully
  • Emma

    Thanks, Scully.

    He looks like someone we had as a district overseer briefly in the detroit area but I've been told he didn't serve in the area.

  • DannyHaszard

    J. R. Brown The "Bagdad Bob" of WT Policy on child abuse-JR Brown JRbrown.jpg

  • poppers

    "The "Bagdad Bob" of WT Policy"
    Good one Danny!

  • karen96

    I'm wondering why the national networks (NBC, CNN, FoxNews) haven't picked up this story, yet Star and Barbara are talked about ad naseau?


  • freetosee
    Nice work Lisa. You did a great job. I'm not sure I understand how his rhetoric is any different from what every jw hears at each meeting though.

    tall penguin

    Lisa, I enjoyed the interview, thank you.

    I think he avoided to say JW are the only true religion, because he wanted to avoid sounding judgmental towards the other religions (never mind the WT teaching and judgment on Babylon the Great). But as a whole I think you could play this interview at the KH and not many would get stumbled. He used the same rhetoric that was used in my active years. He got out of the fruit-identity by illustrating Judas.

    Brown used expressions somewhat like "we are imperfect, we are not inspired like Moses, etc. we follow the truth we find in the bible, we not cover up, and we follow Cesar’s law, Armageddon? We can’t look into people’s hearts and leave judgment to Jehovah…" he didn’t say clearly JW are not the only true religion or other religions are also used by God. I mean we know he is lying about the cover-ups, but the average JW doesn’t know this.

    JW’s speaking to any interested person are not as judgmental towards religion as they would be to second the door closes. I was out with an old sister once and she told the not-interested person "You love Satan and will die at Armageddon!" but this was not what she learned recently at the TMS.

    To me Brown used this opportunity to prove JW’s keep their organisation clean. He said nothing clearly to get himself or the WTS in trouble. Without me knowing what I now know about the WTS this is just an ordinary defence or explanation of the JW faith using a little "theocratic warfare", IMO.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    RevMalk has graciously agreed to host LDH's interview with J.R. Brown.

    Here are the links:

  • Emma

    He said they were only human and can't read hearts. My question is that they say elders are spirit appointed so what happened here? And for how many years?! You can only have it one way!

    Everyone doesn't live up to their calling? They have a "calling?"

    He said if you were a wrongdoer, "in a few months we'd" catch up with you, that's why we keep the congregations small; we keep up with everyone." (probably not exact quotes) So what happened here; it was going on for more than a few months?

    He talked about "pastorial" help, used the not-real-work unequivocably, we're not "adverse" to... As a spokesman, the wts should at least find someone with a command of the language; geez...

  • LDH
    I was out with an old sister once and she told the not-interested person "You love Satan and will die at Armageddon!" but this was not what she learned recently at the TMS.

    Was that Maybelle stevens by any chance, wife of Arthur Stevens, CO? I was present when she told a black dude in Malone Village (Sec 8 housing) that asked whether we used the KJ version of the bible something similar.

    Anyhow THE POINT IS. If the end is so close, why is not JR Brown using the one opportunity (for all he knows) to put the smack down on me if he really wants to save my life?!?!?

    Why all the wiggle room???

    What happened to that resolution he just adopted at the "Deliverance at Hand" convention?

    Emma, also good points.

  • LDH

    PS, notice also he says they will do doubt catch up with a perpetrator within a few months if they change congregations...the question begs to be asked, how long will it take to catch up if they *don't * change congregations like Cano....

    My friends, the answer is 16 FREAKIN YEARS--and *they* didn't catch up with him, the LAW did.

    He was living in headquarters for 16 years, with a roommate, and a personal network in his apartment with 4, count 'em 4 computers hooked up. He drew no salary except for a small stipend, yet he could afford a network of 4 computers?????

    He was living right under Jehovah's nose, in Bethel, which, excuse me, house of GOD. July 15 Watchtower tells us Jehovah knows EVERYTHING that is happening in his organization.

    Apparently, he's too busy printing Convention Invitations to care.

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