When will people "stop" relying on "churches and religions" for happiness?

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  • OpenFireGlass
    Obviously I hit a nerve.

    yeah, kinda like if i refered to Christians as "human debris", I'm sure it would hit a nerve in a lot of people...

    You seem to be unable to let this go. Why are you obsessing over this one statement? Are you that starved for acceptance? Is your self-esteem so low that one negative comment about your use of drugs causes you to interject it into every conversation I am involved in?

    I humble myself... don't we all look for acceptance? I mean this thread is about people relying on church/religion for happieness ("some" people do use church and religion as a means of gaining acceptance)

    I guess we all have to live on this planet and tolerate one another...

    would Jesus have refered to any particular person or group of people as human debris?



    And the obession continues.

  • OpenFireGlass

    And the obession continues.

    yeah, I was over it until you sent me that really nice PM.

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