Saturday District Convention notes: Don't research JW's online!!!!

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  • MidwichCuckoo
    Why advertise negative talk on the GB in an Internet demo?

    Ah! maybe the GB were mentioned specifically to give one of their 'subliminal messages' (concerning the 'End').....I cannot recall any Scripture/WT to back up, but I'm sure someone will.....

    As mentioned all FALSE Religion is 'destroyed' first, and that will just leave the attention then will be turned TOWARD the WTBTS. God will only allow this until the 'Apple of His Eye' is touched/attacked (the Remnant) and THEN HE will act.

  • blondie
  • mcsemike

    To Blondie: I loved the seals, but I think you insulted them. Aren't they smarter than JW's??

  • blondie

    Seals at least do their tricks for a fish or two. They get their reward immediately as well as commendation.

    Poor JWs do their tricks for an elusive reward they never see in their lifetime, and get the proverbial DO MORE kick in the ass.


  • Anitar

    Blondie, I love your seal metaphor! The vacant expressions in the eyes are exactly the same as the JWs look!

  • Leolaia

    LOL, you gotta check this out....Someone is selling a copy of this el cheapo book on eBay for a BuyitNow price of $50.00!

  • MsMcDucket
    Quote of the day: "Wise young people do not allow Higher Education to govern their thinking!"

    I hope my twin daughters didn't take this to heart! I'd be crushed. That organization is SO EVIL. Why would they teach young ones to not invest in their futures!

    I know. They believe that they will not have a future in "this system of things"; therefore, slave away at some low-paying job and give your life to the Watchtower. *&^%! That's so messed up!

  • spiritfinder

    Oh my God! Ooops shouldn't have said that.Sorry, some habits hard to break. LOL. I found this site because I was just arguing with my mother about this very convention just 5 min. ago! They are helping me,my wife and three toddlers in this $$ we are in. Don't get me wrong, I love them very much. It just hurts me though when a mother says her convention is more important than finding a way for us to get rid of our material possesions (using SUV for garage sale) so we can move out of their 1 bdrm. apt. This is after all the last time she will see us or the grandchildren for some time. We are moving out of state.

    It upsets me greatly. We are giving up PC, everything that meant something to us to take our kids somewhere we can start over financially. I don't feel sorry for our situation, as we are not the only ones facing these $$ circumstances. I could talk forever about our four layoffs, the bad areas we had to move away from,yadda,yadda, yadda. We all know the economy and it's crisis, and real life drama. But really now, when my dad was helping me move I see these [email protected]#!#!!! convention cards that say "Deliverance at hand!" Anger shot immediately through my heart! How many times will they keep saying the end of the world is at hand? Can we stop them? Seems impossible, because they are controlled like freakin' robots! My wife, never have been a JW was tripping out on my mom's reaction to all this and has seen this before when we were living with them 1 year ago.

    I can't tell you how many times I was told as a young child/teenager not to pursue college because everyone at my Kindom Hall was agreeing the end would be here before I reached 18. I am now 31 and paying for my previous faith with financial difficulties. I do take responsibility for my own decisions folks, but if your taught a certain way it's hard not to go by what you've previously learned of forced to learn.

    Iv'e even showed my dad quotes going back to the numerous books they collected and given to them dating from 1930 and beyond.(I found one , they threw away soon after showing them, that was sold by a sister for $150.00 back around 1950) he was startled but said "the light keeps getting brighter!". I think he knows at heart the "real truth" like the expensive cars and mansion "Beth Sarim" (supposed to be the resurrection site of the ancients including David) that Rutherford owned. While his followers gave up everything and had little substance to get by.

    Well, we have little time left to get rid of our dogs and sell our items to be able to sustain ourselves ,move out, and give them more space back, but could't help but post a few of my thoughts, although scattered. I would like to go deeper and more organized on this subject, rather than scattered like this post. It is my STRONG determination they gave me as a youth that will come back and help bring this destructive CULT to an end!

    Remember this, as I will not stop until I can bring this "CULT" to an end or lessen the amount of lives they destroy in the name of peace!!!!! THIS WILL BE MY ONLY GOAL AFTER TAKING CARE OF MY FAMILY FIRST! I HOPE THE ELDERS AND "GOVERNING (CONTROLLING)ORGANIZTION" SEE THIS TOO, BECAUSE I HAVE NO FEAR OF MAN, NOR YOU!

    I am not the only one!!! Your Jehovah is actually behind us, and like Hitler, your rule will end as well. Ironic as it might seem.......

    I know some of you would rather forget this religion(cult) and move on, but I will be there for the next bright young child who's future was changed permantely by these brain washing control freaks! There are others like me, we just got to get together and be smart about it. I will find a way for you young ones I promise......

  • OpenFireGlass

    welcome to the board, spiritfinder...

  • wednesday
    LOL, you gotta check this out....Someone is selling a copy of this el cheapo book on eBay for a BuyitNow price of $50.00!

    i have wondered if a jws could do this to make a few bucks off an xjws. knowing that many want some of the older boiks and the just released ones, I could see someone doing this.

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